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    RP - Membership Interview of Johanes Beaumonte

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    RP - Membership Interview of Johanes Beaumonte

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:52 am


    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote knocks politely at the door of the main building.. gawking at his surroundings.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote flinches slightly as he swats an insect.
    Nicoletta Mithra > *A servant opens the door for Johanes, asking politely "G'day sir. How can I help you?"*
    Johanes Beaumonte > Err.. Hello. I am here at the invitation of Director Mithra.
    Johanes Beaumonte > I'm here to interview for the society if imperial skeptics or whatnot. *attempts to smile*
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote bows slightly.
    Nicoletta Mithra > *the servant gives a deeper bow in turn. "Good sir, you must have missed the mistress somehow. She's waiting for you in the gardens." He steps out, closing the door behind him. "You allow me to show you the way?"
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote responds stiffly "thank ye kindly. I will follow like a hound on a descent."
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote gestures slightly with his right hand in a moving fashion.
    Nicoletta Mithra > *the somewhat elderly servent gives a nod and then points into a direction. "This way good sir." He then leads on along the pond in front of the building and then onto a path through the sorrounding pomegranate trees. "I hope you had a good journey?"
    Johanes Beaumonte > Mercifully uneventful.. unlike me days in the Navy.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote reaches towards his pocket with his right hand as if grasping for something and then, pausing, decides better of it.
    Nicoletta Mithra > *the servant nods. "I'm glad to hear that. With age I have come to appreciate uneventful times more and more." he says as leading on further and the pomegranate trees change to pines.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote trudges on an follows the servant, glancing here and there to the sides of the path.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote mutters"a bit out of out of the way... reminds me of the nco meetings planetside where we attend , waddya call, secret crocuses"
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote looks up at how high the pines reach to the sky.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote involuntarily stumbles as he almost tips backwards.
    Nicoletta Mithra > *the servent blinks a bit. "Ah, I would know nothing of sec..." he says as he notices Johanes stumbling and extends a hand to gracefully balance him.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote mutters sheepishly "thank ye kindly."
    Nicoletta Mithra > * "Be careful, good sir, the ground isn't what it used to be sindce the bombardment." the servant smiles. "All the tree roots getting in the way."
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote grimaces slightly with the thought. "The minimitar will wear their shame like an albacore around their neck.. but I digress..."
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote steadies himself and is able to continue walking.
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote notices Johanes coming along with the servant, getting up from her place and closing in on the two, offering Johanes a bow. "Welcome to my humble estates, Cpt. Beaumonte. I hope your journey was a nice one?"
    Johanes Beaumonte > Ah, hello Director Mithra. Keeping things in the proper suspective, the trip was thankfully uneventful... these grounds are quite the site.
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote smiles and offers another traditional Sarumite bow. "Your words honor me. Would you like to join me over at the table?" Nico points over at the garden furniture and gives the servent a thankful nod, releasing him without a word to get back to his...
    Nicoletta Mithra > ...usual duties.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote nods and reflecting reaches down to his right pocket and, again, thinks better of it and goes over to the furniture.
    Nicoletta Mithra > "Please, have a seat. Do you want a drink or anything else?" Nico gives a smile. "Anything I can offer to make you feel at home?"
    Johanes Beaumonte > Err.. a brandy would be nice.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote takes a sit and looks solemnly at Nicoletta.
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote nods. "Brandy. Well, let me have a look." Nico goes over to the side, opening one of the boxes stanind ready a bit aside and goes through the bottles inside. "I fear I don't have a local brandy, but I can offer a Kadorite one?"
    Johanes Beaumonte > Ah! Well they know how to make them the traditional way.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote smiles.
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote gives a nod and takes the bottle with her, along with two glasses that are fit for drinking brandy from them. She sets both onto the table and pours the liquid from the bottle into them, pushing one over to Johanes. "There you go!"
    Johanes Beaumonte > thank ye kindly "sips"
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote nods and takes a sip as well. "You're quite welcome. So, you'd like to join the Societas?"
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote nods "my niece thought I might be of service."
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote nods and smiles. "And what kind of services can you provide?"
    Johanes Beaumonte > Well... I used to be in the Imperial Navy before I was a capsule person.
    Johanes Beaumonte > so I am familiar with combat wessels and their uses and I can fly them.
    Johanes Beaumonte > being the Chief of Boat in my last few postings.. I also was forced to do chaplain duties if the regular person wasn't available.
    Johanes Beaumonte > I have dabbled in.. whatcha call it, scamming.
    Johanes Beaumonte > err... scanning
    Johanes Beaumonte > My pardon.. my doctor says I have a communications disease.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote sips his brandy nervously.
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote nods, smiling warmly. "Don't worry, I see what you meant."
    Nicoletta Mithra > May I ask what you think what the Amarrian faith is about, in essence?
    Johanes Beaumonte > well.. not considering the other denumerations...
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote scowls "like the heretic blooders"
    Johanes Beaumonte > it lets us know who we are and what we are supposed to do.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote pauses in thought.
    Johanes Beaumonte > I much prefer having the council sort things out... not like those cults where the head guy..
    Johanes Beaumonte > tells everyone what to do.. like the Toasters.
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote nods and smiles.
    Johanes Beaumonte > I ain't got no respect for no religion where the head guy claims he can't make no mistakes. Like he's, waddya call, inflammable.
    Johanes Beaumonte > safety in numbers I figure..
    Nicoletta Mithra > Infallible.
    Johanes Beaumonte > ah.. thank you.
    Nicoletta Mithra > You're welcome.
    Nicoletta Mithra > So, what is then your stance on ethnicity? Is it more important to be of good Amarrian stock, or to live a righteous life in fear of God, our Lord?
    Johanes Beaumonte > Ma'am, I am Ni-Kunni.
    Nicoletta Mithra > I am aware. *Nico smiles.*
    Johanes Beaumonte > While... I might not be a religious phonetic.... I am faithful and I know my place.
    Johanes Beaumonte > hrm
    Johanes Beaumonte > One should always be right... ous.
    Johanes Beaumonte > for God, i think the latter is more important.
    Johanes Beaumonte > but for society.. well.. *shrugs*
    Johanes Beaumonte > I'd rather not say.. you never know who might be hoovering around.. even in these fine woods.
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote nods.
    Nicoletta Mithra > Do you have any questions about the Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque left?
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote sips his brandy and ponders.
    Johanes Beaumonte > err.. yes.
    Johanes Beaumonte > What does having a coronary have to do with the society?
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote flinches nervously.
    Nicoletta Mithra > Corona and coronary come from the same word. Corona means crown.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote nods.
    Nicoletta Mithra > The Societas is taking the mythical scepter and crown as it's symbols to remind ourselves that power - symbolized by the scepter - should come with the wisdom - as symbolized by the crown - to wield siad power wisely.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote nods "I see... and understand. Sort of... carry a big stick but tread lightly and carefully?"
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote laughs softly. "Kind of like that, yes."
    Johanes Beaumonte > that is all then.
    Johanes Beaumonte > for my questions.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote smiles slightly.
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote nods. "Well, if you put in a formal application, I will see to it that it will be processed swiftly."
    Johanes Beaumonte > thank ye kindly.
    Nicoletta Mithra > You're most welcome.
    Johanes Beaumonte > May I be executed ma'am?
    Johanes Beaumonte > err... ex-cu-sed.
    Nicoletta Mithra > You're excused, of course. *Nico smiles.*
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote empties her glass.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote drains his glass.
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote gets up from her seat, giving Johanes a nod.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote rises, glancing about at the pine woods around him.
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote offers Johanes another traditional bow.
    Nicoletta Mithra > The way to the landing platforms is this. *Nico points into the direction one of the pathways that're trailing off.*
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote nods "thank ye Ma'am"

    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote turns and starts to trudge along one trail.
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote shakes her head and smiles, settling down again.

    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote glances up at the tall pines and continues to trudge along.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote swats at the flying insects and stumbles over roots.
    Nicoletta Mithra > /emote gets her PDA out and orders a servant to look out for Johanes and to make sure he gets back to his shuttle, safely.
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote pauses as the path branches.
    Johanes Beaumonte > "Ah well.. my Momma always told me to take the path less traveled by..."
    Johanes Beaumonte > /emote takes the overgrown path.

    **before he got totally lost Nico had a servant rescue him**
    Nicoletta Mithra > (( Lol! I'm sorry, I'd love to RP a bit more, but I have to log off and get ready for bed. ))
    Johanes Beaumonte > (we'll assume your servant found me and dragged me to the shuttleport!))
    Nicoletta Mithra > (( I like Johanes! Smile And yes, eventually he will have done that. ))

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