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    RP - Membership Interview of Kisei

    Lunarisse Aspenstar
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    RP - Membership Interview of Kisei Empty RP - Membership Interview of Kisei

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Fri Feb 20, 2015 6:05 pm

    Location: SFRIM Offices. Bar. Nahyeen VII, Zoar & Sons Factory
    Setting: The main gathering area of the Society, the bar sports plush leather couches centered around a long coffee table. Low music plays songs from around the galaxy. The soft blue lighting is easy on the eyes, but still light enough to see what you're doing and where you're going. The shelves are filled haphazardly with bottles of spirits, clearly labeled. Luna's name is by the spiced wine and other vintages from around New Eden, with a few religious texts leaning against the bottles. The whiskeys shelf label has been taped over by Freya and Lucas, each bidding for ownership. There is a shelf with rum on it, with a fresh label reading 'Alexi'. Above that, is Nicoletta's shelf, with juice mixes and exotic wine, with a few bottles of absinthe here and there. Cocktail mixers and a jar of little umbrellas wrapped with a piece of tape reading 'Gottin's Dont Touch!!' is on her shelf. There is a shelf with a pair of bottles, one full of Absynth and the other full of Chocolate Irish Cream and etched "Lady Anise Tig'res of the Khanid Kingdom." A long line of bottles of Quafe are on a shelf with a "DON'T TOUCH!" sign by Rhoxy. Johanes has a shelf with brandies and cognac and a lone bottle of smurgleblaster. One shelf labeled "Lord Anderson's" has three bottles of brandy from Gallente space, along with other liquors. There are a few other shelves that hold overflow for now, waiting for new corp members to claim them.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:13:26 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote is not in the room yet. When and if Kisei arrives, he will be shown to this room.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:16:47 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote returns from the powder room. She is distracted looking into a small mirror and makeup kit trying to freshen up her face.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:17:48 ] Kisei > /emote arrives, dressed more than professional, as if likely overdressed for an interview in what appears to be a relaxed environment. His composure is stiff as he looks to identify his next move. He nods slightly, "Hello"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:18:34 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote startles and drops her mirror and brush. "Oh gosh! I'm sorry!" She bends down to collect her things.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:19:23 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote looks up and saysin a flustered voice has her face goes pink "Umm.. have a seat! At the bar if you want a drink or the chair if you want to be comfortable"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:21:11 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote is kneeling on the floor giving what she hopes is a salvaging the situtation force smile as she closes up her make-up mirror kit and slips the brush into its holder.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:22:12 ] Kisei > /emote regards Lunarisse, his brow furrowing in unoffensive contemplation. He none the less complies. "Water will do me well, thankyou" He approaches the bar. "Well met?"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:25:31 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote reaches up and inadvertantly grabs his arm to pull herself up. After brushing her legs off she looks up and realizes she is holding onto to his arm and looking right into his face. She blushes again and steps back quickly!
    [ 2015.02.21 03:26:53 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote says with forced natural cheeriness "Well met of course!" She gestures to a bar stool a bit awkwardly.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:28:33 ] Kisei > /emote seems about to speak as he's lead briefly to the bar. He sits, still stiffly. "Thankyou for having me here, this is not what I expected, but it is pleasing."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:30:20 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote blushes slightly "Really?" She pauses "Oh, I mean that is good, yes."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:30:36 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote slides onto a bar stool. "You are Kisei right? Cardinal Graelyn had lots of good things to say about you."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:31:26 ] Kisei > "Yes it is good. I suppose I might have expected a collection of elders in another monstrous hall where I would be forced to engage in predetermined questions. So far I don't exactly feel like I'll be interrogated."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:31:38 ] Kisei > /emote smiles slightly, though it doesn't fit his face.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:32:22 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote says lightly "Oh hardly. We're informal in these halls. Unlike out there, where certain matters must be observed."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:32:35 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Is Kisei your name or a call sign?"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:33:16 ] Kisei > "It is my given name. Credit to the Cardinal for deciding it."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:34:32 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods. "Well Kisie, here you can call me Luna When we are in a more formal setting, I do prefer to be called Ms. Aspenstar"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:35:22 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote startles as she realizes something "Oh gosh! Can I get you a drink before we start?" She mutters to herself "where are my manners."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:36:03 ] Kisei > "Please and thankyou."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:36:23 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote slides off the stool and makes her way behind the bar. She glances at the shelves "What is your preference?"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:37:22 ] Kisei > /emote watches Lunarisse, as if still trying to puzzle things out. It shows on his face though he seems more relaxed. "Water would be a fine start"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:38:06 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote looks slightly surprised "Alright." She fills a glass of ice and then some water. As she does, she says "Well the purpose of this interview is to get a sense of who you are and to answer any questions you have."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:39:03 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote slides the glass across the bar, with just enough force to get to Kisei but not enough to spill it or splash him. "Director Mithra has me ask everyone the same four questions"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:40:55 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote reaches up on her tippy toes to her shelf and selects a bottle of wine.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:41:16 ] Kisei > /emote takes the glass, he moves it around to stir the ice a bit. "Well, as I am the guest, Where would you like me to begin?"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:41:41 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Well, for starters, why are you interested in joining a corporation, in general and the Society in particular?"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:43:28 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote rummages below the bar for a corkscrew and reappears.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:45:50 ] Kisei > /emote sips from his glass. "We share a mutual ally in the Cardinal. To be honest my trust expensive, and so its kept my employment rare. But I trust Graelyn implicitly. He told me, word for word. 'they have the potential to do some heavy shit one day.'
    [ 2015.02.21 03:46:05 ] Kisei > /emote raises his drink to Lunarisse. "So here I am."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:47:03 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods. "Well i am flattered that the Cardinal feels that way. We are by and large a more loosely knit fellowship than a particularly organized group at present"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:47:49 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "We have managed to assist in a number of operations when the occasion calls for it"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:48:06 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "In that regard, can you fly a battleship?"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:49:08 ] Kisei > "At present, I am piloting a Kronos. It has served me well for quite a while."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:49:25 ] Kisei > /emote sips from his glass, and he shakes the glass again to stir the ice.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:49:36 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Good. There is the possibility we could use that if you wished to participate. it is never mandatory by the way"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:50:11 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote begins to struggle with the corkscrew. "There's another foul blooder facility PIE is talking to me about whether the Society can assist in taking out"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:50:58 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote lets out an exasperated sigh and gives Kisei a sheepish look "Can you open this for me.....?"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:53:09 ] Kisei > /emote 's brow furrows but he takes the bottle. His wrist twists with the cork and pulls with the added leverage as it pops slightly. He takes a brief sampling sniff and then offers it to Lunarisse. "Nasty business, them."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:53:38 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote smiles slightly "thank you." She takes the bottle and pours a glass.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:54:07 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "A number of us in the Society have reasons to have an even stronger dislike of them than is usual perhaps. We can discuss that later."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:54:38 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Umm.. Nico has 3 other questions she has me ask because besides being a capsuleer corporation we are of course a religious organization in that we strive to represent the Faith"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:54:55 ] Kisei > "I can appreciate operating an organization with alot of individual autonomy, I may be slow to take work at first. Starting simple perhaps."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:55:08 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods. She sips her wine.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:56:14 ] Kisei > "Is there a particular piloting specialty the Society needs?"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:56:58 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "At present more battleship pilots for when special ops occur. Other than that, we can make use of a wide range of talents"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:58:15 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote smiles.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:58:42 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Are you ready for some questions of a more theological bent?" She tilts her head and brushes a stray lock back hastily.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:58:55 ] Kisei > "In regards to the faith.. the Cardinal saw fit to 'get me young' he is almost a father to me. Oddly when he saw to much of my training and tutelage, he kept me out of religious doctrine. Though not without respect. I serve the Amarr interest, always."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:59:20 ] Kisei > /emote nods. "Please, go ahead."
    [ 2015.02.21 03:59:36 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > I see. What do you think the essence of the Amarr faith is then? I confess to being curious as to what one taught by the Cardinal will say.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:05:19 ] Kisei > "That is my point, Luna. He taught me philosophy, introspection, observation. All before he made it clear his place in the world..the politic.. and the faith. My genetics is Amarrian, but I can only discern he raised me to have an abstract thought to-
    [ 2015.02.21 04:06:20 ] Kisei > - his own To that end I have been a silent partnet in his agendas on occasion for many years."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:07:48 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote sips her wine silently. "I see then. What is your view of the essence the result of that formation process?"
    [ 2015.02.21 04:11:10 ] Kisei > "I have no conclusions, I accept that I never really know anything. But I believe that I exist to be divine. I do believe in divinity. That I have the potential to live forever... something Graelyn did not reveal to me until I was able to discern it -
    [ 2015.02.21 04:13:13 ] Kisei > -indirectly through my education. So I believe in the faith. I believe it is there, after that.. who am I to be any judge?
    [ 2015.02.21 04:13:51 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods slightly. "Moving to the next question, which in some ways addresses the core of the Society's mission..."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:14:15 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "is it more important in the eyes of God to simply be True Amarr or to live a rightous, God-fearing life in accord with his Word?"
    [ 2015.02.21 04:14:37 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote sips her wine and gives Kisei a level gaze with her blue eyes.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:18:01 ] Kisei > /emote seems thoughtful, almost somber, but he nods as he listens to the question and takes it in. "A question of undeniable controversy, Luna. To lean on either answer can disrupt the status quo of many. To be honest, when I sit in my pod,-
    [ 2015.02.21 04:20:16 ] Kisei > there is a sense of transcendence, I do not mean it with any heresy, only that so many concepts become moot when long term consiquences and perspectives come into play. You can look at a grain of sand.. but until you leave the ability to see its detail-
    [ 2015.02.21 04:20:46 ] Kisei > -do you then discern that it is part of a beach, and there in so much more."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:21:20 ] Kisei > /emote chuckles. "Apologies I don't talk often. Fast answer would be 'I don't know'"
    [ 2015.02.21 04:22:11 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods slightly "A certain degree of humility is good in a man or woman"
    [ 2015.02.21 04:22:46 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote sips her wine debating whether to push harder to get a solid answer.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:23:39 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > While I recognize to discuss this publicly and to lean too strongly either way could cause difficulty, how do you lean at the very least?
    [ 2015.02.21 04:24:42 ] Kisei > "I don't believe lineage dictates real superiority, Luna."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:25:08 ] Kisei > /emote purses his lips, as if not having to prefer to have taken such a strict stance.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:25:40 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods slightly and says lightly "thank you."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:25:46 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > Alright last question.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:26:51 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > I promise it's not nearly as hard.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:26:54 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "What is your view of slavery and the purpose of it today?"
    [ 2015.02.21 04:30:33 ] Kisei > /emote attention perks. "I think there are many people in this universe Luna, who don't deserve free will. These individuals can serve progress through the command of others. I do not like to see flesh wasted. Sloth, complacency,-
    [ 2015.02.21 04:32:43 ] Kisei > -and sadistic waste irritates me into a fury. I have owned slaves from time to time. So I can say I think the institution is a required one, but it is also an institution that has been mired in historical abuse."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:33:08 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:33:19 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote says lightly "I think we are in accord then."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:34:15 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > But as a follow up question..
    [ 2015.02.21 04:35:01 ] Kisei > /emote nods in acquiescence.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:35:12 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > As a slave owner, how do - or did - you encourage then to follow the Faith or progress?
    [ 2015.02.21 04:35:18 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > *them not then
    [ 2015.02.21 04:37:07 ] Kisei > Working with a slave can be unique for each individual. They must be broken, reduced to a base compliance through an incentive that I prefer isn't a bloody one. If they can be well rationed into their station, they can realize they are more free than-
    [ 2015.02.21 04:37:59 ] Kisei > the masters they serve. Its complex and different with each based on their demeanor. Though it is personal preference that I don't beat them bloody or muddle their brains with implants.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:38:26 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > I see.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:39:08 ] Kisei > Do you?
    [ 2015.02.21 04:40:03 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > Do you feel a slave owner is constrained to suit the punishment to the offense?
    [ 2015.02.21 04:41:01 ] Kisei > They are not, but that is what sorts the skilled slavers from the poor ones.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:41:11 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:41:23 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "I take it from your answer, you would do so."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:43:00 ] Kisei > I'm saying any slaver could abuse, waste, or kill their stock. A skilled slaver doesn't do that, and putting one down is a very last resort.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:43:28 ] Kisei > I don't like to waste flesh, so I'm in no habit of reducing any property of my own into biomass.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:43:38 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods slightly.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:43:44 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Are they simply flesh then?"
    [ 2015.02.21 04:44:32 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote pours some more wine into her glass.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:44:48 ] Kisei > No. They are people. I don't lie to myself and regard them as none-sentient.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:48:17 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote visibly relaxes. "I am curious. have you ever felt one of your slaves progressed enough that you felt they have been brought into the fold and should be released?"
    [ 2015.02.21 04:51:09 ] Kisei > I has crossed my mind, but I would prefer not to speak of it.
    [ 2015.02.21 04:51:27 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote says lightly "I see."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:51:37 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Well I have no further questions Sir. Do you have any of me?"
    [ 2015.02.21 04:53:01 ] Kisei > Your last question, Luna- have you ever felt that way of a slave?
    [ 2015.02.21 04:53:09 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Yes."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:53:48 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Emperor Heideran VII stated that slaves must be treated fairly, a sentiment our current Empress shares and the Society shares"
    [ 2015.02.21 04:54:09 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "The Society believes that the justification of slavery lies with teaching the slaves the ways of God and bringing them fully into the fold"
    [ 2015.02.21 04:54:22 ] Kisei > /emote nods somberly and sips his glass. "Good."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:54:26 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "We must therefore treat slaves fairly and aim to educate them so that they can be brought fully into the fold. If we do not, we go against the word of God."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:54:55 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote tilts her head slightly "do you agree with all that?"
    [ 2015.02.21 04:56:12 ] Kisei > "I do, simply speaking."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:56:49 ] Kisei > /emote seems introspective for a moment. "Its been an engaging interview, Luna."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:57:01 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods. "it has been a pleasure"
    [ 2015.02.21 04:57:22 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "I anticipate being able to get back to you very shortly. We no longer need to be on at the same time."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:57:36 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "I will send you an invite if you are acceptance and please accept if you wish to join us."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:58:22 ] Kisei > "I look forward to it, thankyou for the opportunity."
    [ 2015.02.21 04:59:04 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote smiles. "Have a Blessed Night Sir." She indicates that the staff can help him find his way out when he is ready.
    [ 2015.02.21 05:00:24 ] Kisei > "And you"

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