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    RP - A Ceremony of Remembrance - The Anniversary of The Battle of Mekhios

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    RP - A Ceremony of Remembrance - The Anniversary of The Battle of Mekhios

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Mon Jun 09, 2014 5:49 pm


    On June 10th at 03:00, I will be holding a Ceremony of Remembrance and Prayer on the anniversary of the Battle of Mekhios.

    In that battle, Blessed Jamyl, the soon to become Empress Jamyl I, returned to save her People through a Divine Miracle and dealt the blow that ultimately turned the tide of battle and ended in the defeat of the Elder invasion.

    Despite the ultimate victory of the Amarr, multiple worlds were ravaged with extensive destruction and injury to persons, environment, and infrastructure and billions perished and were injured in the treacherous invasion by the Minmater "Elders" in contravention of existing treaties and understandings with the 4 great powers and Concord. Concord itself was unlawfully assaulted in order to facilitate the treachery. It is my intention at that Ceremony to remember those who we have lost and the lessons the Amarr have learned from this event.

    All faithful and loyal members of the Empire and Kingdom and treasured Allies are invited to this Ceremony.

    Please message me for an invitation and/or for requests to speak. The location will be provided at that time.

    I'll not sally forth to battle the small-minded brigade of furriers that will no doubt scurry forth to post on the IGS after I post this. I have better things to with my time, like reflect, and pray.

    Amarr Victor.

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    Lunarisse Aspenstar

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    Re: RP - A Ceremony of Remembrance - The Anniversary of The Battle of Mekhios

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Mon Jun 09, 2014 6:11 pm

    Channel Name: Amarr Legio Basilica
    Session started: 2014.06.10 01:05:35

    [ 2014.06.10 01:05:35 ] EVE System > Channel MOTD: Basilica InteriorSet upon a grass-covered plateau on the planet Oris sits the Amarr Legio Basilica. The sight that greets each pilot when they first enter the Basilica grounds is a large granite archway fifty feet tall, under which is draped a massive golden spun-silk banner bearing the Amarrian double-bow. Before the entrance is a guarded security checkpoint, where all weapons must be turned in before entering. Just behind this lies a rack of inactive holo drones, which facilitate capsuleers who are unable to be present in person. Passing through the archway leads the pilot into a high vaulted passage, with various banners bearing the sigils of Amarrian heros hung between alcoves along the way. Below these stand statues honoring every ruler in the Emipre's long history, the last statue being dedicate to the current Empress, Jamyl I. After about fifty yards the passageway opens into the Amarr Legio Basilica itself. Gilded pillars reach from the marble floor to the ceiling, supporting a huge domed roof covered in frescos of Scriptural stories. Around the entire work of art is a wreath of Holy Scripture in gold filigree, the lines selected to correspond with the stories depicted.The gaps between the pillars are connected with smaller archways creating quiet, more private alcoves. These archways are topped by magnificent stained glass windows depicting ancient saints and warriors of the faith. Colored light streams upon the center of the main arena from them.The nave is a circular, open public space, with several ornate tables (complete with comfortable seating) and a large fountain. Wherever a person stands their eye is drawn to the apse at the very far end of the Basilica. Behind a few rows of pews and a carved cherry wood railing is a large stone altar, simple in adornment except for two large golden braziers with gentle incense smoke rising from them. Behind the altar is a decorated stone pedistal atop of which stands a sixty-foot tall statue of a praying angel, gazing down upon the open space. Two large open doors stand on either side of the Basilica, the left leading to a cloister with a garden where a small non-alcoholic refreshment bar stands. A large pool of water flanked by tall trees lies in the center of the gardens and stretches a hundred meters long. The right door in the nave leads to the dormitory wing, which contains room, board and offices for residents, staff and guests, as well as a small adjoining chapel.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:14:32 ] Evelyn Meiyi steps into the Basilica and takes a seat at the back.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:15:03 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar enters and makes her way to the choir alcove to talk to the musicians and members of the choir.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:16:21 ] Benedicta Secheh notes that the entire Basilica is uncharacteristically dark and will remain so until the ceremony begins.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:23:10 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar makes her way through the dark Basilica to the back, where congregants are asked to remain standing until the ceremony begins, to serve as an usher. There is an unlit candle in the middle of the aisle
    [ 2014.06.10 02:30:07 ] Evelyn Meiyi stands.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:32:21 ] Benedicta Secheh enters and makes her way to where the sacramentals are held.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:34:08 ] Benedicta Secheh is wearing Green Robes and vanishes into a room behind the Nave.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:37:34 ] Shalee Lianne enters the Basilica wearing a white and gold hooded robe over a simple gold dress. She takes her place among the congregants.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:42:35 ] Erin Savonarola steps into the Basilica in a Blue Dress and makes her obeisance before taking a seat in the pews
    [ 2014.06.10 02:44:44 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar goes over and whispers to Erin.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:47:23 ] Erin Savonarola blinks and nods, She stands and follows Luna to the back.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:48:34 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar ushers anyone else who is here into the assembly at the back of the Basilica and begins to pass out unlit candles to those present and to those who arrive.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:49:25 ] Lucas Raholan enters the Baslica attempting to glare through the darkness
    [ 2014.06.10 02:50:59 ] Morwen Lagann pauses briefly at the security checkpoint as she arrives; having nothing to turn over, she soon continues onward into the Basilica, her hands clasped gently in front of her as she moves towards the small gathering at the back.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:52:25 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar curtseys to Lucas and Morwen as she passes a candle to both of them.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:52:54 ] Frencai Ayan enters into the area, a hooded robe draped over his usual military attire - almost completely covering his person. Passing through the security checkpoint with little trouble, he moves forward with his head bowed in reverance.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:52:55 ] Lucas Raholan takes the candle from Luna returning with a short bow
    [ 2014.06.10 02:53:09 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon enters the quiet space and makes his way to bar, ordering a drink. There is the tiniest hint of dissatisfaction at the non-alcoholic selection.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:53:12 ] Evelyn Meiyi takes the candle and bows respectfully.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:53:24 ] Esna Pitoojee slips in from the rear, moving to take a seat farther back along. He will accept a candle if one is passed to him.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:53:45 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar curtseys to Ibrahim and takes his arm and firmly marches him from the bar to the back of the Nave with everyone else.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:54:03 ] Morwen Lagann responds with quiet thanks and offers a small bow in return as she takes the candle from Luna. The length of her robes make it a little difficult to do a proper curtsy, so she makes do with what is possible.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:54:16 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon smiles and follows as it seems appropriate.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:54:50 ] Benedicta Secheh proceeds from the sacramental room with a number of attendants and slowly and ponderously makes her way to the center aisle at the back of the Nave.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:55:28 ] Lucas Raholan takes note of the sizable turnout showing of a small smile
    [ 2014.06.10 02:55:43 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar goes over to the Abbess and whispers into her ear as she proceeds to the back.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:58:58 ] Samira Kernher enters, wearing a simply embroidered beige and green abaya. She is wearing a professional level of makeup and has her hair is pulled up into a neat style, with a golden headband and matching earrings.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:59:24 ] Shalee Lianne clasps her fingers behind her back as her gaze sweeps across those already in attendance.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:59:25 ] Esna Pitoojee glances over, giving Samira a nod as she enters.
    [ 2014.06.10 02:59:26 ] Benedicta Secheh arrives at the back as the bells begin to toll summoning the Faithful.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:00:11 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon disposes of his drink and takes on a respectful demeanor.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:00:36 ] Benedicta Secheh glances about the assembled in the darkened church and without preamble begins to speak.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:00:55 ] Benedicta Secheh > "A time of darkness fell upon the Empire. Concord was ravaged and its promises of security and peace proved Hollow."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:01:07 ] Benedicta Secheh > "Despite existing treaties promising peace and stability, the Elders of the Minmater invaded."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:01:17 ] Lucas Raholan bows head
    [ 2014.06.10 03:01:19 ] Benedicta Secheh > "Multiple worlds were ravaged with extensive destruction and injury to persons, environment, and infrastructure."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:01:28 ] Benedicta Secheh > "Billions perished and were injured."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:01:42 ] Benedicta Secheh bows her head and pauses.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:02:07 ] Benedicta Secheh > "At the darkest hour, the last stand was in the Sarum Prime system."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:02:11 ] Erin Savonarola clasps her hands in front of her, listening
    [ 2014.06.10 03:02:17 ] Benedicta Secheh > "All was darkness and despair."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:02:17 ] Evelyn Meiyi bows her head and closes her eyes in prayer.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:02:17 ] Esna Pitoojee listens quietly from his spot near the back, nodding fractionally at what has been said thus far.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:02:33 ] Benedicta Secheh > "And then a light appeared, a light out of the darkness."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:02:51 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar hands a lit candle wick to the Abbess.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:03:17 ] Benedicta Secheh takes the wick and lights a large, tall candle in the center of the aisle.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:03:47 ] Benedicta Secheh sees two of the attendants raise up the candle and hold it high.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:04:29 ] Benedicta Secheh begins to light smaller candles held by the other attendants who spread out and share their light with the others in the congregation.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:04:50 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar takes a lit candle and holds it, trembling, and leans over to Lucas and lights his.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:05:26 ] Lucas Raholan nods to Luna as his candle is lit, moving his now glowing orange flame to light that next to him
    [ 2014.06.10 03:05:47 ] Evelyn Meiyi lights her candle on her neighbor's and tries to sort out her swirling emotions.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:06:02 ] Benedicta Secheh glances at the congregation, patiently biding her time.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:06:32 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon accepts the lighting of his candle and passes the flame on, respectfully without pomp.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:06:34 ] Frencai Ayan accepts the lighting of his candle, his face kept down as he turns to pass the fire along.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:06:55 ] Morwen Lagann remains silent as one of her neighbors offers his candle so she may light hers. She bows her head slightly to him, then passes the gesture forward to someone else near her whose candle is not yet lit.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:07:02 ] Evelyn Meiyi holds her lit candle towards Esna.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:07:28 ] Esna Pitoojee raises an eyebrow at the one who is holding a candle to him, but accepts the light without question.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:08:07 ] Samira Kernher accepts the candle lighting, and passes it to the next person.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:08:24 ] Benedicta Secheh nods satisfied. "Let us fill the Basilica with the Light of God's People" and leads the procession into the Basilica proper as the music begins allowing everyone to proceed in and take seats in the aisles with their lit candles.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:08:30 ] Benedicta Secheh >
    [ 2014.06.10 03:08:46 ] Benedicta Secheh notes it is a hymn to Empress Jamyl I.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:09:39 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar follows, holding her candle carefully and shielding it so the flame doesn't go out.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:09:45 ] Erin Savonarola holds her flickering candle before her and finds a seat near the front, but not too near. Hans and Franz would quietly dissuade anyone from sitting with her
    [ 2014.06.10 03:10:01 ] Shalee Lianne lights her candle from the person sitting next to her and shares the flame to the person on her opposite side as she hums along.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:10:17 ] Samira Kernher follows quietly. She holds her candle with both hands at the handle.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:10:24 ] Frencai Ayan takes slow deliberate steps, following the Abbess before taking a seat towards the back of the congregation.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:10:27 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon goes along with the group, his expression neutral but his candle carefully tended to.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:10:48 ] Esna Pitoojee quietly follows the group up, also making careful movements to avoid jerking or tipping his cnadle.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:11:18 ] Lucas Raholan glances around as the room is filled with the warm orange glow of multiple candles the ligh relecting on the golden walls
    [ 2014.06.10 03:11:45 ] Benedicta Secheh makes her way slowly to the altar as the congregation trickles in. The attendants divide and begin to light the candles around the altar.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:12:10 ] Morwen Lagann follows the rest of the procession into the Basilica, gently holding her candle in her hands. She settles into an empty seat several rows back from the front, and a few places in from the aisle.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:12:21 ] Evelyn Meiyi follows solemnly, her eyes downcast in rememberance.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:12:47 ] Benedicta Secheh begins to speak again as the music ends. "The Blessed Jamyl, the soon to become Empress Jamyl I, returned to save her people."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:13:05 ] Benedicta Secheh > She dealt a blow from the Hand of God and smote the Elder Fleet and ended the darkness.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:13:26 ] Benedicta Secheh pauses as the attendants place the largest candle on the center of the altar.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:13:47 ] Benedicta Secheh > "The Amarr were saved by the Divine Miracle and Providence."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:14:02 ] Benedicta Secheh > "Let us pray to remember those who were lost, and to give thanksgiving for Deliverance."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:14:19 ] Lucas Raholan bows head
    [ 2014.06.10 03:14:19 ] Erin Savonarola bows her head
    [ 2014.06.10 03:14:23 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon bows his head.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:14:23 ] Benedicta Secheh bows her head for a quiet moment. No music can be heard.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:14:35 ] Esna Pitoojee bows his head, giving quiet prayer in a soft murmer.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:14:48 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar bows her head, trembling, with a tear from her right eye trickling down her cheek.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:15:09 ] Samira Kernher bows her head in accordance with everyone else.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:15:39 ] Morwen Lagann bows her head, her lips moving near-silently.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:15:50 ] Evelyn Meiyi bows her head and tears roll down her cheek.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:16:57 ] Benedicta Secheh looks up as the Basilica's main lights come up. "You may extinguish your candles and be seated."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:17:22 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon blows out his candle and sits.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:17:30 ] Frencai Ayan blows gently on the candle until the flame goes out.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:17:36 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar gives a quick puff of breath and extinguishes her candle, placing carefully beside her so she doesn't spill hot wax on her dress.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:17:40 ] Evelyn Meiyi snuffs the candle carefully with her fingertips and sits.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:17:49 ] Erin Savonarola blows out the flame
    [ 2014.06.10 03:17:49 ] Esna Pitoojee does not raise his head for a moment. Extinguishing his candle with a soft puff of breath, he settles into a seat.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:17:56 ] Shalee Lianne extinguishes and takes a seat. Her thoughts start to drift to the first time she'd ever visited the Basilica and meeting Aldrith. She can't help but to look around for him, expecting to see him among the crowd.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:17:59 ] Samira Kernher blows out her candle, then sits.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:18:12 ] Lucas Raholan blows out his candle, the slightest hint on emotion appearing across his face
    [ 2014.06.10 03:18:40 ] Morwen Lagann lifts her head slightly, then blows gently on the flame to extinguish it before taking a seat, her hands still cradling the candle in her lap.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:19:06 ] Benedicta Secheh > "Many of us were there when this happened or were touched by it in a myriad of ways. Would any of the assembled like to share their memories of this day?"
    [ 2014.06.10 03:19:17 ] Benedicta Secheh glances at the assembled.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:19:25 ] Frencai Ayan continues to hold onto the candle, his grip unusually firm, his hands seen to be straining lightly under some emotional pressure.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:20:38 ] Benedicta Secheh swivels her head as she glances at certain members of the assembled.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:21:06 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar twitches slightly as she rises unsteadily. "umm..may I Abbess?"
    [ 2014.06.10 03:21:53 ] Benedicta Secheh nods at Lunarisse "You may, Mrs. Daphiti."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:22:22 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar speaks from where she is standing.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:23:12 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "I.... was planetside that day in the system. My unit was trying to calm the chaos..."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:23:27 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar adds as an afterthought "this was before I was a capsuleer..."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:23:41 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar trembles as if being overcome by emotion.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:24:15 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "I remember that thought it was all over. That we were going to be killed."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:24:34 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Then it happened...."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:24:48 ] Samira Kernher looks quite detached as she listens, in contrast to the emotional state of some of the others.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:24:54 ] Esna Pitoojee is silent, keeping his face totally blank and emotionless as he listens.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:25:01 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar is overcome with emotion and can't speak anymore and sits back down.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:25:38 ] Lucas Raholan rests his hand on the now upset Luna > thank you for that
    [ 2014.06.10 03:25:38 ] Benedicta Secheh stares impassively at Lunarisse.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:25:54 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar cries softly and leans towards Lucas.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:26:33 ] Benedicta Secheh glances about "Would anyone else like to speak?"
    [ 2014.06.10 03:27:32 ] Erin Savonarola stands slowly, smoothing out her dress as she does. "I would."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:28:09 ] Benedicta Secheh nods impassively at Erin "Then please do so Contessa"
    [ 2014.06.10 03:29:28 ] Erin Savonarola steps up to the front, her heels clicking on the floor as she walks.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:30:24 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar stops sniffling and looks up.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:31:00 ] Brent Anderson > *Sneaks in from the garden and in the very back pew trying not to be noticed
    [ 2014.06.10 03:31:46 ] Benedicta Secheh glances at Brent with lidded eyes but turns her attention back to the speaker.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:31:53 ] Erin Savonarola > " 'I give you the destriny of Faith, and you will bring its message to every planet of every star in the heavens; go forth, conquer in my Name, and reclaim that which I have given.' Thus says the Book of Reclaiming."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:35:53 ] Erin Savonarola pauses a bit. "And with this Divine Mandate we have forged the greatest Empire. We have brought civilization to the barbarians, culture to the primitives, and Scripture to the heathens."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:38:04 ] Erin Savonarola > "The Minmatar attack, their 'Elder Fleet' meant to break us." She looks around. "But we cannot be broken! The Amarr Empire is and remains the greatest hope for mankind, the bastion of faith and our best hope for a lasting peace."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:39:45 ] Erin Savonarola > "We remember those that lost their lives in the Minmatar's barbaric attack. We mourn them and share the grief of their loved ones. But, we remember that the cause they died for is just and righteous. And we honor them for that."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:40:32 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar listens and wipes a tear from her face.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:40:48 ] Evelyn Meiyi nods, her eyes wet with tears.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:40:49 ] Esna Pitoojee keeps his face stone-blank.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:40:56 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon listens, his face intent bust stony.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:41:08 ] Lucas Raholan nods his head
    [ 2014.06.10 03:42:02 ] Morwen Lagann keeps her head bowed. She's remained appropriately silent since taking her seat.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:42:17 ] Benedicta Secheh patiently and impassively listens, with an occasional glance at the congregation.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:42:59 ] Erin Savonarola > "I remember that day. I remember my guards barging into my office and carrying me to . . . a secure location, telling me that we were under attack. And though, I admit, there was some fear about what might happen to me personally, I never feared for
    [ 2014.06.10 03:45:10 ] Erin Savonarola > the Empire. I never doubted that we would prevail, because I had faith in God. I know that He will not let this Empire fall. I still believe that and I will never stop believing that."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:46:17 ] Erin Savonarola > "Amarr Victor."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:46:30 ] Lucas Raholan > Amarr Victor
    [ 2014.06.10 03:46:30 ] Erin Savonarola steps back to the pew to take her seat
    [ 2014.06.10 03:46:36 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon raises his eyebrows slightly and whispers, "Amarr Victor."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:46:37 ] Evelyn Meiyi > Amarr Victor.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:46:45 ] Samira Kernher > "Amarr Victor."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:46:56 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar murmers "Amarr Victor"
    [ 2014.06.10 03:47:05 ] Brent Anderson > "Amarr Victor."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:47:13 ] Benedicta Secheh > "Thank you Contessa"
    [ 2014.06.10 03:47:33 ] Benedicta Secheh > "Would anyone else like to offer some remarks? I believe we have time for two more speakers."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:47:52 ] Lucas Raholan > Yes, I would like to say a few words if I could
    [ 2014.06.10 03:48:22 ] Benedicta Secheh nods at Lucas "Then you may do so, Lord Raholan" with the slight emphasis on the word Lord.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:49:24 ] Lucas Raholan > When I look back at the terrible day. to the loses, and the pain...I feel happiness, not for the death but for how we still stand
    [ 2014.06.10 03:50:08 ] Lucas Raholan > for all that these 'Elders' threw at us, we still stand, testament to what the will of one people, one Amarr people can do
    [ 2014.06.10 03:51:34 ] Lucas Raholan > their fleets were fended off, shattered above the skies of Mehkios. No matter how hard they had come, how off guard we were, we fended them off. And I believe reforged us anew
    [ 2014.06.10 03:51:48 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar listens to Lucas quietly.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:53:28 ] Lucas Raholan > gave us greater purpose, in the fires of sorrow and loss, our people came further together. We sent a message to all those who see themselves as our enemy, Come as hard as you like, those of God's light will always prevail
    [ 2014.06.10 03:54:05 ] Lucas Raholan > So..I see happiness amongst the sorrow...Amarr Victor
    [ 2014.06.10 03:54:13 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar murmers '"Amarr Victor."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:54:23 ] Evelyn Meiyi murmers, "Amarr Victor."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:54:33 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon mouths, "Amarr Victor."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:54:36 ] Benedicta Secheh states firmly "Amarr Victor."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:54:38 ] Esna Pitoojee nods a hair, speaking clearly > Amarr Victor.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:55:26 ] Morwen Lagann murmurs the words as well, her head still bowed.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:55:46 ] Benedicta Secheh looks at Lucas "Thank you for your remarks."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:55:55 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon peers briefly but with a slight disdain at the Abbess.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:56:18 ] Benedicta Secheh surveys the assembled once more "Would anyone else like to offer remarks?"
    [ 2014.06.10 03:56:33 ] Esna Pitoojee raises his hand > If I may, I would like to say a few words?
    [ 2014.06.10 03:57:03 ] Benedicta Secheh nods at Esna "Then you may, Lord Pitoojee."
    [ 2014.06.10 03:57:30 ] Esna Pitoojee > Thank you. *He stands, taking a deep breath before continuing...*
    [ 2014.06.10 03:57:40 ] Esna Pitoojee > I had already taken to the stars when the attacks came, I am not afraid to admit that in those early days I failed as a pilot and an Amarr, frittering away my possibilities for no great purpose. When the attacks came, however...
    [ 2014.06.10 03:58:20 ] Esna Pitoojee pauses before continuing > My home system is not near the border. It was not in the path of the attack, and I cannot say I lost anything the way others here have. But it was a clear wakeup-call nonetheless:
    [ 2014.06.10 03:58:54 ] Esna Pitoojee > What I saw that day was a clear reminder: Though we may hope one day for peace and a mankind united before God, we cannot simply expect it. We must never allow ourselves to become blinded to the reality of things.
    [ 2014.06.10 03:59:37 ] Esna Pitoojee > It forced me to take a clear and hard look at what I was doing and why. I had already begun to re-embrace my roots by that time, thanks to the effort of a pilot that is sadly no longer among the stars.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:00:28 ] Esna Pitoojee > If we do - if we, in our hubris, come to think that we can simply expect evil to remain still abroad or in our own hearts - then the cost will be sadly extracted in lives, and we will fail.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:00:50 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar tilts her head attentively at Esna.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:01:19 ] Esna Pitoojee > Since then we have stood strong and unbowed, but the cost is still paid. The lesson is clear: We must not be blinded again. We must not allow our hubris to guide us. We must not make others pay for our errors.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:01:32 ] Esna Pitoojee > We must not fail.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:02:10 ] Lucas Raholan nods
    [ 2014.06.10 04:02:12 ] Esna Pitoojee 's face has remained perfectly blank throughout this, but it seems only with great effort > Amarr Victor.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:02:26 ] Evelyn Meiyi > ...Amarr Victor.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:02:33 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar says "Amarr Victor."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:02:39 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon, this time very audibly, "Amarr Victor."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:02:46 ] Lucas Raholan > Amarr Victor
    [ 2014.06.10 04:02:57 ] Erin Savonarola > "Amarr Victor."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:03:14 ] Esna Pitoojee quietly takes his seat, seeming to be staring into the distance.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:03:14 ] Samira Kernher > "Amarr Victor."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:03:32 ] Morwen Lagann takes a small breath, then repeats the words along with everyone else - this time a little louder than before. "Amarr Victor."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:04:09 ] Benedicta Secheh states firmly "Amarr Victor" and glances at the assembled. "It is commendable that you have all assembled here today. Let us take to heart the lessons we have learned and the memories we have placed into the storehouse of our hearts."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:04:52 ] Benedicta Secheh > "For our concluding the Prayer, i would ask that the assembled respond 'so say we all'"
    [ 2014.06.10 04:05:23 ] Benedicta Secheh > "Let us remember the lessons of today. Let us remember to trust in only ourselves for our protection."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:05:35 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar says quietly "so say we all."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:05:40 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon mumbles, "So say we all."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:05:44 ] Erin Savonarola > "So say we all."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:05:47 ] Lucas Raholan > So say we all
    [ 2014.06.10 04:05:47 ] Samira Kernher > "So say we all."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:05:48 ] Morwen Lagann > So say we all.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:05:51 ] Frencai Ayan > So say we all!
    [ 2014.06.10 04:05:56 ] Evelyn Meiyi > So say we all.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:06:04 ] Shalee Lianne > So say we all.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:06:16 ] Benedicta Secheh > "Let us remember to remain eternally vigilant. Let us remember that Peace comes from Awareness and Strength, not Appeasement"
    [ 2014.06.10 04:06:25 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "So say we all."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:06:29 ] Erin Savonarola > "So say we all."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:06:32 ] Lucas Raholan > So say we all
    [ 2014.06.10 04:06:33 ] Evelyn Meiyi > So say we all.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:07:00 ] Esna Pitoojee responds > So say we all.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:07:06 ] Benedicta Secheh glances at the assembled as she concludes "Let us remember those those that were lost. Let us rejoice in the Divine Miracle. Let us giving thanksgiving for Deliverance."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:07:27 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar says loudly "So say we all."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:07:45 ] Samira Kernher > "So say we all."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:07:54 ] Frencai Ayan > So say we all.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:08:03 ] Evelyn Meiyi > So say we all.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:08:10 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > "So say we all."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:08:12 ] Lucas Raholan > So say we all
    [ 2014.06.10 04:08:16 ] Morwen Lagann > So say we all.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:08:46 ] Benedicta Secheh states "God be with you." and glances at the attendants and gives a nod for the music to begin and the recessional to commence.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:08:50 ] Esna Pitoojee > So say we all.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:08:54 ] Benedicta Secheh >
    [ 2014.06.10 04:09:36 ] Benedicta Secheh strides briskly and with her head up as she proceeds up the aisle to exit the Church, the attendants almost stumbling to keep up.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:10:08 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon sighs inaudibly and rises.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:10:18 ] Evelyn Meiyi turns slowly and makes her way toward the exit.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:10:33 ] Frencai Ayan finally places his unlit candle onto the seat as he rises, and proceeds out of the main hall.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:10:53 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar slowly gets up and proceeds out with a nod towards Lucas and a squeeze on his arm.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:10:58 ] Morwen Lagann takes a small breath, then slowly rises to her feet and follows the rest of the group.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:11:30 ] Lucas Raholan nods back at Luna as she leaves
    [ 2014.06.10 04:11:38 ] Esna Pitoojee takes a careful few steps, still keeping his face totally blank.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:11:46 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon walks out, headed to the Holy Grape for some decent refreshment.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:11:57 ] Samira Kernher stands up and quietly heads for the exit.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:12:11 ] Erin Savonarola stays for a while, sitting in the pew, reflecting on things
    [ 2014.06.10 04:12:12 ] Benedicta Secheh proceeds back to the sacramental room trailed by her attendants.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:12:40 ] Lucas Raholan begins to make his way out the basilca
    [ 2014.06.10 04:13:39 ] Frencai Ayan slips out of the Basilica - sending a brief message to his shuttle to prepare for immediate departure back to Origin.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:14:54 ] Esna Pitoojee > || As the group heads for the exit, the guards quietly pull aside Evelyn Meiyi and ask her to follow them into a side room.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:15:08 ] Evelyn Meiyi closes her eyes and sighs, then turns to follow the guards.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:17:30 ] Morwen Lagann glances over at the motions of the guards briefly. She raises an eyebrow briefly, then returns her attention to trying to find an appropriate place to return her candle, which she for some reason is still holding in her hands.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:17:59 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar sighs and glances about the Basilica, needing to supervise the clean up.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:18:22 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar makes her away over to Morwen "Please, i can take that for you. Thank you coming, Ma'am"
    [ 2014.06.10 04:19:36 ] Morwen Lagann looks up, startled slightly. She nods, then hands the candle over carefully. "It's not a problem," she says quietly. "I needed to come back here again, and this seemed a good reason."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:20:02 ] Shalee Lianne gives a glance to Erin as she stands and makes her way out of the room.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:20:27 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar nods quietly with a soft smile towards Morwen and takes the candle and makes her way around with the remaining ushers to collect any other candles still on the pews.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:25:58 ] Morwen Lagann takes a few moments to look around, then starts slowly making her way towards the exit.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:28:43 ] Benedicta Secheh returns from the sacramental room and sees Lunarisse "Mrs. Daphiti, we must talk" she says summarily and turns into a side room without glancing back
    [ 2014.06.10 04:29:15 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar twitches slightly and murmers "Yes, Abbess" and follows and exits into the side room.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:42:41 ] Brent Anderson > *looks about and sees if everyone else is gone from the room before going up to the altar and Leaving a hand drawn sketch of the Abbess presiding over the congregation with faith in her face and bearing. afterwards he withdraws quietly.*
    [ 2014.06.10 04:44:47 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar exits the side room after some time has passed looking fairly quiet and makes her way out, looking to see if anyone else is still there.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:48:47 ] Erin Savonarola is still there, sitting quietly
    [ 2014.06.10 04:50:40 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar walks over to Erin and glances at her bodyguards.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:50:59 ] Erin Savonarola > *They let Luna pass*
    [ 2014.06.10 04:51:13 ] Erin Savonarola glances over. "Hello, my dear."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:51:27 ] Evelyn Meiyi steps out of a small room on one side and sweeps toward the exit.
    [ 2014.06.10 04:52:08 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar sits down next to Erin "Are you okay?"
    [ 2014.06.10 04:53:31 ] Erin Savonarola > "Oh, yes." She smiles. "Just reflecting on things. When you get to be my age, my dear, there are a lot of things to reflect on."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:53:52 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar quietly says "I see."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:57:01 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar murmers 'Have a good night Erin. Sometimes we need to take time to reflect and sort things out in our mind."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:57:16 ] Erin Savonarola > "You as well, my dear."
    [ 2014.06.10 04:57:34 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar gets up and slowly walks out of the Basilica proper, heading towards the dormitories where she is spending the night.

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