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    Rp - Memorial Service - 2nd Battle of Mehkios

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    Rp - Memorial Service - 2nd Battle of Mehkios Empty Rp - Memorial Service - 2nd Battle of Mehkios

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Mon Jul 06, 2015 3:57 pm

    Alizebeth Amalath notes there are ushers and greets that will pass out bulletins to people as they arrive.

    Samira Kernher enters, wearing a black dress and headscarf. She quietly takes a bulletin and moves to a seat.

    Talaris EveningStar enters in silence by himself. His frame clad in the tight fitting black dress uniform of the Caldari Navy. Navy insignia on one arm, Torchwood insignia on the other. A white gloved hand tanks the bulletin offered before he finds his way to a seat...

    Lilly Terranova arrives hand-in-hand with Jessyca, looking herself more than a little tired. She is wearing a long, flowing black robe with golden trim, the sleeves emblazoned with the insignia of the Ministry of Internal Order.

    Kaylie Jenn appears via holodrone wearing a simple black Amarr-style dress. She enters and takes a seat as well.

    Alizebeth Amalath notes there are ushers and greets that will pass out bulletins to people as they arrive.

    Reginald Sakakibara leaves his attendants at the entrance of the Basilica, wearing formal black Holder attire. He makes a reverent gesture, takes a bulletin, then finds a seat.

    Sinjin Mokk enters alone, dressed in a simple, black robe. He approaches the statue and regards it in silent prayer

    Lucas Raholan slowly walks into the room, dressed appropriately for the situation

    Jessyca Ravenholme is in contrast to Lilly, looking fairly bright eyed all things considered.. Her usually black dress and leather pants in place, though she wears a sash with Torchwood's logo upon it around her waist. A gentle squeeze is given to Lilly's hand while her free one takes one of the bulletins

    Alesius Lerance Arrives wearing a Protectorate ensign dress uniform, after a moment of brief debate surrenders his honour blade and proceeds inside, doing his utmost not to gape at his surroundings.

    Haria Haritimado enters through the front entrance, trying not to disturb the prayerful calmness of the monumental interior with her steps. She is dressed in a Caldari corporate uniform in dull colors and looks around, a bit lost.

    Mizhir enters, wearing a black saree. She takes a glance into the massive room before taking a bulletin and quietly finding a seat

    Lucas Raholan picks up a bulletin before taking a seat near the back

    Alizebeth Amalath quickly makes her way over to Lilly. "My lady.  Glad to see you.  And you, Jess. " she smiles and turns back to Lilly "If you come with me, I have a robe for you and everything set."

    Zekiel Iyhr makes his way into the Basilica. His thick black robes cover nearly all, leaving his head exposed. Somber and thoughtful, he quietly takes a bulletin and makes his way to a seat near the back.

    Alizebeth Amalath notes there are ushers and greets that will pass out bulletins to people as they arrive.

    Francophobia Enters quietly, takes a bulletin, and follows the nearest usher's directions to a seat.

    Reginald Sakakibara bows his head and enters into a silent prayer as the gentle footfalls of newcomers echo through the majestically serene interior.

    Haria Haritimado silently approaches Lucas Raholan and offers a brief greeting. > Mr. Raholan. Good to see you again. *bows her head*

    Sinjin Mokk finishes praying, takes a bulletin and finds a seat

    Daft-Cube arrives, wearing the best he could muster.

    Thornir enters alone after leaving his entourage at the entrance of the Basilic, wearing a formal holder robes. Moving slowly toward a free seat. Picking up a copy of the bulletins on his way. Reading it as he assumes his seat.

    Alesius Lerance Sits in the back row of pews, removes his cap and pulls out a handkerchief pre-emptively. For the moment he distracts himself with prayers and observations of the Basilica.

    Lucas Raholan leans over 'And you as well, hope you're all holding well'

    Lilly Terranova nods at Alizebeth. She turns to Jessyca. "I must assist the Bishop with the ceremony," she says quietly. "I will rejoin you at the conclusion." Her whispering, mechanical monotone can barely be heard in the hushed cathedral.

    Lunarisse Aspenstar enters and takes a seat in the pews.

    Sammie MacWinters walks around slowly, squinting in the sunlight. Her InterBus jacket is unzipped, and her heavy boots clomp with each step.

    Thal Vadam enters dressed in black robes and finds a seat

    Alizebeth Amalath heads off with Lilly.

    Daft-Cube takes the free seat next to Thornir

    Kontrahage enters and takes a seat in in an empty row in the back.

    Haria Haritimado returns a nod to Lucas and remains silent for now, watching the scene unfold and the visitors gather.

    Reginald Sakakibara glances around once he's finished his prayer, then catches sight of Lady Aspenstar. He smiles a thin smile in her direction, nodding his head politely.

    Jessyca Ravenholme nods faintly, looking up at Lilly with concern over her exhausted state, but she remains obediently quiet and reluctantly releases her hand.

    Thornir has his arms interlocked, quietly praying to himself, hardly noticing Daft-Cube sitting next to him.

    Goldfinch > *enters veiled and in black. sits alone*

    Lunarisse Aspenstar gives a polite nod to Reginald, a light smile on her lips.  She smoothes her dress glancing about, her smile fading.

    Kaylie Jenn sees Thal enter and nods in his direction, looking unusually serious

    Lilly Terranova follows Lyse silently.

    Zekiel Iyhr glances up at MacWinters, squirting a bit. With the shake of his head, he goes back to silent prayer.

    Sammie MacWinters as she makes her way up to the basilica, she narrowly avoids bumping into pretty much everybody in her path, her eyes being nearly closed.

    Thal Vadam bows his head to Kaylie

    Sammie MacWinters the frown she wears is impressive.

    Lucas Raholan is sitting quietly still pondering the moment

    Jessyca Ravenholme quietly walks over to where Talaris is sitting and eases herself down beside him, giving him a brief but genuine smile in greeting.

    Thornir unfolds his arms, raising his head slightly. "Glory and praise to you almighty god"

    Reginald Sakakibara returns to prayer, closing his eyes and concentrating on longer ones he learned as a child.

    Talaris EveningStar glances towards Jess as she sits down beside him, patting her hand gently before looking back towards the front in silence.

    Sammie MacWinters upon successfully navigating the treacherous path to the building, she enters. She sighs with relief at the dark interior. Thank you Amarr architecture.

    Thal Vadam mutters prayers in Amarr

    Alizebeth Amalath enters in the back, in a white cassock with a white and gold cope on her shoulders. She has a crosier in her hand. An acolyte in a brilliant white alb, no more than twelve, stand with a smoking censer in his hand. *

    Daft-Cube looks around, amazed by the epic interior.

    Lilly Terranova falls in behind Alizebeth, bearing a large, glowing candle inscribed with verses from the Holy Scriptures, her robes swishing quietly about her feet, hands folded in the sleeves of her voluminous, white robe. When she reaches the altar, she -

    Haria Haritimado continues her walk through the vast basilica until she reaches the aspis. She bows deeply toward the altar and seems to extend an empty hand in propably a formal gesture. Maybe she's whispering something. Then she steps back and looks for seat.

    Lilly Terranova > -  sets the candle in place before stepping to one side.

    Alizebeth Amalath chants out in a crystal clear voice. “Réquiem ætérnam dona eis, Dómine; et lux perpétua lúceat eis.” The procession starts forward, with the acolyte swinging his censer, filling the chapel with the sweet smell. *

    Sammie MacWinters clomps over to the pews, looking around nervously. She seats herself near the back, looking incredibly uncomfortable.

    Alizebeth Amalath stops and kneels as the procession gets to the altar. The acolyte bows, his swinging stopping. Lyse kneels forward, her forehead touching the floor, crosier laying flat, murmuring a prayer. *

    Thornir turns his head slightly towards Daft "Is it your first time in an Amarrian Basilica?"

    Alizebeth Amalath stands again and exchanging the censer from her acolyte for her crosier, which he holds, while she waits for Lilly *

    Lilly Terranova uses a long wick to transfer light from her candle to each of the candles around the altar before taking her seat beside Alizebeth.

    Daft-Cube nods slightly

    Alizebeth Amalath steps forward, swinging the censer herself seven times each on each corner of the altar. She hands the censer back to her acolyte for her crosier and stands in front of the altar and bows to kiss it. *

    Lucas Raholan has finished doing a quick silent prayer and now sits quietly waiting for the service to start

    Alizebeth Amalath turns around and takes a step forward, motioning for the people to stand. *

    Sammie MacWinters cranes her neck to look around at who's actually here.

    Alesius Lerance watches the procession with a mixture of curiosity and respect. Standing when bidden

    Zekiel Iyhr does. He's done this before.

    Thornir > it is a truly stunning feat of Amarrian architecture. Breath taking isn't it?

    Sinjin Mokk stands

    Thal Vadam stands

    Mizhir stands

    Sammie MacWinters looks around with surprise, then gets the picture and stands up.

    Kaylie Jenn stands

    Francophobia Stands

    Lucas Raholan stands

    Thornir stands.

    Goldfinch > *stands, eyes averted*

    Lunarisse Aspenstar stands.

    Samira Kernher stands.

    Daft-Cube stands

    Jessyca Ravenholme rises up folding her hands in front of her.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Peace be with you all.” She raises her arm in a arc, a sign of God above all as a blessing. *

    Francophobia > And with your spirit.

    Zekiel Iyhr > And with your spirit.

    Alesius Lerance > And with your spirit

    Thornir > And with your spirit.

    Sinjin Mokk > And with your spirit

    Samira Kernher > And with your spirit.

    Talaris EveningStar rises as well, almost mechanically, his body language and facial feature betraying no hint of emotion.

    Alesius Lerance alternates between looking at the Bishop and the Bulletin in his hands

    Thal Vadam > "And with your spirit"

    Sammie MacWinters shifts her weight from one foot to the other.

    Lunarisse Aspenstar murmurs the words quietly.

    Daft-Cube > And with your spirit...

    Haria Haritimado finaly finds a place next to Talaris and remains standing as Alizebeth motions.

    Kaylie Jenn > And with your spirit

    Mizhir > and with your spirit

    Haria Haritimado > And with your spirit.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Brothers and sisters, let us call to mind our sins and repent to prepare ourselves for this worship. Bow your heads and silently confess to the Most High God.”

    Jennifer Starfall quietly enters wearing a midnight blue saree.

    Francophobia Bows head

    Talaris EveningStar bows his head respectfully, though his eyes remain open..

    Thornir slowly bows his head.

    Sammie MacWinters crosses her arms over her stomach, not sure how this works.

    Goldfinch > *bow our head as asked*

    Daft-Cube mirrors Thornir

    Samira Kernher bows her head and whispers prays silently.

    Kaylie Jenn bows her head, hands clasped loosely

    Lucas Raholan bows head

    Jessyca Ravenholme 's eyes slide closed as she bows her head.

    Jennifer Starfall bows her head.

    Mizhir bows her head

    vyshnegradsky slowly enters, taking a seat and joins the prayer

    Thal Vadam bows his head

    Alizebeth Amalath waits a few moments. “Lord, have mercy.” Lyse extends her arm to the congregation so they can repeat. *

    Sinjin Mokk bows his head, lost in prayer

    Kontrahage observes the scene in silence

    Zekiel Iyhr repeats the phrases he must.

    Sinjin Mokk > Lord have mercy

    Samira Kernher > Lord have mercy.

    Francophobia > Lord have mercy

    Alesius Lerance > Lord have mercy

    Thal Vadam > "Lord have mercy"

    Lunarisse Aspenstar says quietly "lord have mercy"

    Kaylie Jenn > Lord have mercy

    Thornir softly utters the words "Lord Have Mercy"

    Jennifer Starfall > Lord have mercy.

    vyshnegradsky > Lord have mercy

    Alizebeth Amalath > “God, have mercy.” Again, Lyse extends her arm to the congregation. *

    Alesius Lerance > God have Mercy

    Rollo Burningsky would follow in after Vyshnedgradsky taking a seat next to him adjusting his officer's jacket.

    Sinjin Mokk > God have mercy

    Samira Kernher > God, have mercy.

    Mizhir > God have mercy

    Francophobia > God have mercy

    Haria Haritimado repeats the words rather quietly, audible only for those next to her.

    Rollo Burningsky > God have mercy

    Kaylie Jenn > God have mercy

    Thal Vadam > "God have mercy"

    Lunarisse Aspenstar follows along, murmuring the words as appropropriate.

    vyshnegradsky > God have mercy

    Sammie MacWinters looks around.

    Thornir > "God have mercy"

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Lord, have mercy.” Again, Lyse extends her arm to the congregation. *

    Alesius Lerance > Lord have mercy

    vyshnegradsky > Lord have mercy

    Kaylie Jenn > Lord have mercy

    Samira Kernher > Lord, have mercy.

    Francophobia > Lord have mercy

    Daft-Cube whispers, "Lord have mercy..."

    Goldfinch > quietly.. "My Lord have mercy"

    Mizhir > Lord have mercy

    Thornir quietly speaks "Lord, have mercy"

    Sinjin Mokk > Lord have mercy

    Lucas Raholan > lord have mercy

    Thal Vadam > "Lord have mercy"

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Have mercy on us, O God. For we, your children are gathered here, in your name and in your church to worship you. Have mercy on the casualties of war, for whom this service is being held.”

    Alizebeth Amalath > “We offer our prayers and praise to the Empress, your vicar in this world. Give your Divine guidance and inspiration to her and all of the heirs. Guide the Theology Council with your justice. We humbly ask this, O Lord. Amen.”

    Alesius Lerance whispers Amen in case he was supposed to

    Alizebeth Amalath chants “Glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you Almighty God.” Lyse extends her arm to the congregation to repeat her chant.

    Francophobia > Glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you Almighty God.

    Sinjin Mokk > Glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you Almighty God.

    vyshnegradsky joins in the chant

    Sammie MacWinters is currently admiring the ceiling.

    Thornir > "Glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you Almighty God."

    Rollo Burningsky > "Glory and Praise to you, Glory and Praise to you, glory and praise to you Almighty God"

    Thal Vadam chants

    Daft-Cube chants quietly

    Alesius Lerance chants in response

    Mizhir remains silent

    Kaylie Jenn chants along with everybody else

    Goldfinch > *is silent, our eyes lie in wait*

    Kontrahage smirks as he sees and hears his FCs chant

    Alizebeth Amalath > “So the Lord sent forth the Chosen, to bring forth the Light of Faith,” she continues in a full tonal chant, her voice loud and confident. “And those who embrace His love, shall be saved by His grace!”

    Alizebeth Amalath extends her arm to the congregation and starts on the refrain “Glory . . .“

    Sinjin Mokk > Glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you Almighty God.

    Francophobia > Glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you Almighty God.

    Samira Kernher > Glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you, Almighty God.

    Zekiel Iyhr repeats the phrase once more.

    Alesius Lerance > Glory and Praise to you, glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you almighty God

    Thornir chants the phrase "Glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you Almighty God." again.

    vyshnegradsky > Glory and Praise to you, glory and praise to you, glory and praise to you almighty God

    Lucas Raholan joins in the chant

    Kaylie Jenn chants the phrase

    Mizhir remains silent again

    Lilly Terranova steps up to the lectern and closes her eyes for a moment before looking out over those assembled. “A reading from the Holy Scriptures,” she says in preamble.

    Thal Vadam repeats the chant

    Alizebeth Amalath bows to Lilly and stands to the side.

    Lilly Terranova > Zakara saw the danger to his brother, and did not hesitate; without weapon or armor, he hurled himself at the beast, attacking with his bare hands. Enraged, the beast turned and struck Zakara, opening a terrible wound in his side.

    Lilly Terranova > Seizing the moment, Garum ran his sword through the beast's heart, thus ending the battle victorious. But Zakara, mortally wounded, cried out in pain. You sacrificed yourself for me,' Garum said, taking his hand.

    Lilly Terranova > We are brothers,' Zakara answered, just before breathing his last. 'And in God we shall remain brothers for all of time."

    Lilly Terranova > The Scriptures, Saint Junip .

    Lilly Terranova pauses for a moment before speaking a little louder. “This is the Word of God for the Faithful.”

    Sinjin Mokk > Praise to the Lord.

    Francophobia > Praise to the Lord.

    Thornir > Praise to the Lord.

    Alesius Lerance was somewhat moved by the parable "Praise to the Lord"

    Jennifer Starfall > Praise to the Lord.

    Alizebeth Amalath > "Praise to the Lord, for He is Good."

    Kaylie Jenn softly, "Praise to the Lord."

    vyshnegradsky > Praise to the Lord

    Samira Kernher > Praise to the Lord.

    Zekiel Iyhr nods. "Praise to Him."

    Lilly Terranova inclines her head and steps away, silently returning to her seat.

    Esna Pitoojee > Praise to the Lord.

    Sammie MacWinters is now fascinated by the stonework.

    Thal Vadam > "praise to the lord"

    Reginald Sakakibara > "Praise to the Lord."

    Alizebeth Amalath motions for the congregation to be seated and turns to the altar, murmuring a prayer. Lyse turns back to address the people, taking a breath to collect herself. *

    Talaris EveningStar remains respectfully silent throughout, considering it a larger insult to falsely speak words of a faith he does believe in then doing so.

    Thornir turns his head slightly, looking directly at Daft-Cube, baffled with his inability to praise the Lord.

    Alizebeth Amalath smiles "Please be seated."

    Goldfinch > *gather our hem and sit*

    Sammie MacWinters sits.

    Thornir resumes his original seat.

    Kaylie Jenn slowly sits, holding her posture very formally

    Francophobia sits.

    Reginald Sakakibara settles back into the pew.

    Daft-Cube sits down slowly.

    Alesius Lerance gently sits

    Esna Pitoojee takes a quiet seat.

    Mizhir sits down gently

    Sinjin Mokk sits, stealing glances at the rest of the congregation

    Jennifer Starfall finds and empty seat and sits.

    Zekiel Iyhr plops on down with a quiet oof.

    Talaris EveningStar tugs the bottom of his dress uniform jacket as he retakes his seat.

    Thal Vadam takes a seat

    Alizebeth Amalath speaks slowly.  “In the aftermath of the battle, Lady Terranova put out a call for anyone of the clergy to come and deliver last rites to the casualties.”

    Jessyca Ravenholme carefully seats herself, hands remaining folded together now in her lap.

    Victory Myel seats himself toward the back and reflects

    Lunarisse Aspenstar tilts her head quietly listening.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Last rites are something that I have administered before and to a not insignificant number in my years of being a priestess, but never to so many at once. Unlike the Butcher's slaughter, the dead were here before me, not an abstract number.”

    Alizebeth Amalath > “It was a soul humbling event. As I wept, trying to come to grips with what I had seen, I was given a piece of advice from an older capsuleer hand. That it would be best if I did not look at each of the casualties as individual people.”

    Haria Haritimado sits back and greets the man next to her briefly with a quiet bow Talaris. She then turns to the bishop again, with a serious expression.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “My knee jerk reaction at the time was to reject this idea and now that I have thought of it, I am more convinced that is what we should not do.”

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Each of the fallen is an individual, someone’s son, daughter, wife, husband, father, mother. They had wants, dreams, aspirations, loves . . . and to deny that is to deny their sacrifice.”

    Talaris EveningStar smiles politely in return to Haria, bowing slightly to her in return..

    Kaylie Jenn looks down, tears dripping off her chin

    Jennifer Starfall looks down, avoiding eye-contact with Lyse.

    Lunarisse Aspenstar looks increasingly bleak as she listens.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Ensign Draci Sims was a Ni-Kunni who grew up on Mishi with his parents, a sister, and their pet lizard. He left his homeworld at the age of twenty to go to officer’s school at the Imperial Academy.”

    Reginald Sakakibara listens attentively, frowning quietly.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “The path of military service offered him more experiences and options than staying at home. He died at the age of twenty six, serving his Empress and Empire.”

    Alesius Lerance remains straight faced, but dabs at the corners of his eyes with a handkerchief.

    Kontrahage lowers his head

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Petty Officer Aria Usaki was a Civre. She grew up in Kisogo with her mother, brother, and two sisters; she had lost her father to an industrial accident years before.”

    Lucas Raholan head is lowered at the words spoken

    Alizebeth Amalath > “With a Caldari’s sense of duty, she graduated the crewman’s course with honors at Kisogo to serve the State.”

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Petty Officer Usaki was a proud member of the Liberal Bloc and enlisted with the corporation Torchwood Institute to stand up to Heth. She died at the age of thirty one, serving her people and State.”

    Alesius Lerance whispers involuntarily "Glory to the State"

    Talaris EveningStar closes his eyes and nods slightly, as if silently honoring her in his own way.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Spaceman Hideo Krill was a Khanid from Nordar III. He grew up with his mother and never knew his father. His last words to me was to tell his mother that”-Lyse’s voice breaks-“he died bravely. Hideo died at the age of nineteen.”

    Sammie MacWinters absent-mindedly fiddles with her ponytail.

    Sinjin Mokk whispers, "For the Glory of Khanid."

    Talaris EveningStar closes her eyes and covers her mouth, eyes tearing up..

    Alizebeth Amalath swallows and takes a moment’s pause before continuing. *

    Mizhir looks down as she hears the age of the young Khanid

    Daft-Cube looks down.

    Kaylie Jenn wipes her eyes with her hand, continuing to cry silently

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Commander Hitame Takado was a tube child. Born and raised to serve the State and it’s people. Commander Takado was a natural leader and a distinguished graduate of the State War Academy.”

    Reginald Sakakibara looks away, biting his lip, but continues to listen, for the sake of the fallen--the pain of sorrow paling in comparison to the magnitude of their sacrifice.

    Goldfinch > *eyes downcast, though impassive*

    Alizebeth Amalath > “He died as he lived, with honor and courage and for the Caldari State at the age of forty three.”

    Alizebeth Amalath > “These are just a few of those that died at Mekhios.  However, everyone that fell in the battle is worthy of mention. All eighty-nine thousand, six hundred and eighty-two of them.”

    Rollo Burningsky remained expressionless, the one eyed commander having attended far too many of the respects for the dead in his career.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Individual acts of heroism that day, to help shipmates trapped in closed compartments evacuate, to put out fires, to keep going, will never be known outside a small few that witnessed them.”

    Lunarisse Aspenstar exhales as she hears the number.

    Alesius Lerance chokes at the number lost, his composure beginning to crack

    Kaylie Jenn lets out a sob, but gets herself under control enough to be silent again

    Thornir folds his arms as he quietly prays for the lost souls.

    Kontrahage raises his eyes with a fave of stone.

    Jessyca Ravenholme closes her eyes tightly to stop the tears threatening to escape. The faces of those she lost on the operating room table, those that were sent to the Black Ward.. Those she couldn't save all suddenly hitting her like a heavy stone to her chest..

    Lucas Raholan looks rather somber

    Zekiel Iyhr keeps his emotions in check. For once, apparently.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “But, I tell you, that each one of the fallen, of the wounded, they knew what they were fighting for. Not for riches, for selfish reasons. They fought for others. For their families, for their home, for Amarria or the State, for their shipmates.”

    Samira Kernher quietly watches Alizebeth, keeping her attention on the speech. She has a neutral expression.

    Esna Pitoojee keeps his face a carefully-schooled neutral mask.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Theirs is a sacrifice that we must honor and accept. Theirs is an example we should follow.”

    Haria Haritimado lowers her eyes while the recitation of lost lives continues. She's calm and introverted and takes a deep breath. A cold chill runs down her back, when she realizes people around her weeping...

    Daft-Cube glances over at Thornir and copies his posture.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “There has been a lot of talk in light of recent events on CONCORD, DED, and even the empires being worthless entities of a bygone age. That it is the empyrean age, where capsuleers should rule. Firmly reject this.”

    Talaris EveningStar glances to Jess beside him and frowns slightly.. He places his hand gently on her back comfortingly..

    Alizebeth Amalath > “There are trillions of people on those planets that will depend upon us to defend them from the dark. From Sansha, from pirates, Blooders, monsters, and now Drifters.”

    Alesius Lerance silently invokes Cold Wind and Storm wind to look upon the sacrifice of the lost and judge them worthy

    Lucas Raholan turns his head slightly away, having a feeling she may be referring to him

    Alizebeth Amalath > “If the Drifters, who have now shown their true colours, destroy our space infrastructure, we will enter another dark age, which would be tragic for all of humanity.”

    Jennifer Starfall looks up at Lyse.

    Reginald Sakakibara glances surreptitiously towards Lucas, then looks back towards Lyse.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “There was a peace conference that just concluded, but I tell you in regards to the Drifters, si vis pacem, para bellum.  If you want peace, prepare for war.”

    Alizebeth Amalath gives a moment's pause to let the people reflect. *

    Alesius Lerance feels a spark of righteous anger begin to burn in his chest

    Esna Pitoojee nods fractionally.

    Lunarisse Aspenstar nods ever so slightly.

    Sammie MacWinters shifts in her seat. Pews suck, man.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Our Scriptures today speak of battle and sacrifice. Zakara and Garum were brothers and were set upon by a beast in their travels. They presumably were not looking for a fight, since they had no armor on, but Garum carried a sword.”

    Reginald Sakakibara nods quietly.

    Talaris EveningStar 's stoic features almost seem to harden at the words of the Bishop, and a simple nod is given in response to them.

    Haria Haritimado glances at Lucas, from beneath her lowered head, then raises her chin again with Alizebeth's concluding words.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Seeing his brother in dire straights, Zakara attacked the beast, with his bare hands, so that his brother might have time to slay the beast and live.”

    Kaylie Jenn wipes her eyes again and looks back up towards the front, no longer crying, her face looking determined and slightly angry

    Alizebeth Amalath > “He knew the danger and did not hesitate. Just like every one of the fallen knew the danger of serving on a capsuleer ship. Zakara died to save his brother. The fallen of Mekhios died to save us. All of us.”

    Alizebeth Amalath > “For the faithful, we know that death is not our end. When Zakara breathed his last, he told his brother that they would meet again in Paradise. And they would be brothers for all time there. So shall the faithful that died here.”

    Lucas Raholan has a slight smile regarding the war comments

    Alizebeth Amalath > “To the Caldari among us. I commend the courage and honor of your men and women, their dedication to service and their unflinching loyalty to the State and its people. And I pray that you will find solace.”

    Sammie MacWinters starts picking dirt off her right boot.

    Daft-Cube looks down, nodding slowly.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “To all of the capsuleers here, I urge you to see all of humanity as your brothers and sisters. What attacks them, harms them is your enemy, too. You have been granted a power and ability to alter events on a grand scale.”

    Reginald Sakakibara nods quietly--rights go hand in hand with duties, after all.

    Thal Vadam sighs

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Use that ability with wisdom.”

    Haria Haritimado answers the direct reference to present Caldari with a bow.

    vyshnegradsky nods in agreement

    Rollo Burningsky would nod once in agreement with the statement.

    Esna Pitoojee nods - quite deeply now.

    Alizebeth Amalath clasps her hands together in prayer and walks back behind the altar. “Please kneel as we pray for the souls of the fallen.”

    Sinjin Mokk kneels

    Reginald Sakakibara kneels down, bowing his head reverently.

    Thornir adjusts his robes as he kneels down.

    Mizhir gathers her skirt and kneels

    Thal Vadam kneels

    Daft-Cube mirrors Thornir

    Jennifer Starfall kneels.

    Esna Pitoojee kneels.

    Alesius Lerance moves into a kneeling position, hands together before him

    Samira Kernher kneels.

    Goldfinch > *lay out our prayer mat in a corner and kneel upon it*

    Kontrahage obeys

    Talaris EveningStar drops to one knee stiffly.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Almighty Father, we, your children, are gathered here to remember and honor the sacrifice of our brothers and sisters. Your power brings us to birth, Your providence guides our lives, and by Your command we return to dust.”

    Francophobia kneels

    Jessyca Ravenholme kneels down on both knees..

    Zekiel Iyhr sets himself down with care, glancing about before bowing his head.

    Lucas Raholan joins in the kneeling

    Haria Haritimado quickly adjusts her clothing and kneels with quiet some sincere devotion.

    Lunarisse Aspenstar kneels.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Lord, the faithful who die still live in Your presence, their lives change but do not end. I pray in hope for these paladins and soldiers. Into your arms I commend their spirits, where we will be brothers and sisters for all time.”

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Gather them into your arms, O Lord and welcome them into Your paradise, where they shall know no suffering, no anguish, no pain. Where they are free to sing Your praises through eternity.”

    Kaylie Jenn kneels stiffly

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Holy Holy Holy Lord, God of Power and Might. Heaven and the world are full of your Glory. Hosanna in the highest. Amen.”

    Sammie MacWinters remains seated, looking around with an expression of mixed confusion and curiosity.

    Samira Kernher > By Your light and Your will. Amen.

    Lucas Raholan > Amen

    Thornir softly mutters "Amen"

    Lunarisse Aspenstar says "by His Light and Will."

    Reginald Sakakibara > "Amen."

    Esna Pitoojee > By His light and His will."

    Kaylie Jenn says softly, "Amen"

    Thal Vadam > "Atash Amarr"

    Jennifer Starfall > Amen.

    Mizhir > Amen

    Alizebeth Amalath motions for the people to sit. “Cardinal Dex could not be here today, but he did mail me a letter and asked me to read it to all of you.”

    Talaris EveningStar > Cold Wind be just.

    Daft-Cube whispers, "Amen."

    Lunarisse Aspenstar takes a seat, listening attentively.

    Kaylie Jenn returns to her seat

    Mizhir gets back to her seat

    Alesius Lerance heaves himself back on to the pew, still murmuring something in Caldari

    Francophobia sits

    Jennifer Starfall returns to her seat.

    Talaris EveningStar rises and sits back down in his seat, hands resting atop of each other in his lap

    Daft-Cube goes back to his seat

    Jessyca Ravenholme rises and sits back down properly..

    Reginald Sakakibara returns to his seat.

    Thornir returns to his seat, Dusting his robes off before sitting down.

    Thal Vadam returns to his seat

    Alizebeth Amalath unfolds a parchment letter and places it on the pulpit to read. *

    Alizebeth Amalath > “In these dark times, we must ask ourselves, what are those principles we must remember when all mayhem breaks loose?”

    Alizebeth Amalath > “I was there at the Drifter attack. In a defenseless Providence Class Starliner, but when escorted to safety, I could not stand idly by, and so I boarded a nearby and fully crewed Armageddon and came back into the fray. Courage.”

    Goldfinch > *finish our private prayer, purposefully gather our mat, and return to our seat*

    Kontrahage > "me listens carefully to the cardinal's letter being read

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live, taking the form of a readiness to die. Amarrians, look up - take courage. The angels are nearer than you think. As was evidenced by God's blessing upon us that day in victory

    Alizebeth Amalath > “In grief we know the worst of what we feel, But who can tell the end of what we fear? For this question I say; we cannot entertain fear, because God has promised us a destiny of strength.”

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Greatness lies, not in being strong, but in the right using of strength; and strength is not used rightly when it serves only to carry a man above his fellows for his own solitary glory.”

    Alizebeth Amalath > “He is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own. Winsome ways are found in our unity and mutual empowerment.”

    Alizebeth Amalath > “The union of Amarrians to God, our common head, and by means of the influence we derive from Him, one to another, may be illustrated by the lodestone.”

    Alizebeth Amalath > “It not only attracts the particles of iron to itself by the magnetic virtue, but by this virtue it unites them one to another. Brethren, stand united in God, for God, and for yourselves.”

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Like coals to a fire, together we stand aflame, and apart we wither and cool. God Bless you all, and God carry the faithful departed. Amen.”

    Goldfinch > *eyes downcast, we wince as each statement is made like ringing blows*

    Alizebeth Amalath steps back from the pulpit and around to the front. She motions for the people to stand. “I will make myself available for anyone that wishes. After the benediction, we will recess in silence in respect of the fallen.”

    Alizebeth Amalath > “Please bow your heads.”

    Lunarisse Aspenstar bows her head, trembling slightly.

    Jennifer Starfall bows her head.

    Thornir slowly lowers his head.

    Francophobia bows head

    Samira Kernher bows her head.

    Talaris EveningStar downcasts his gaze as his head arches forward..

    Reginald Sakakibara bows his head silently.

    Alesius Lerance stands and bows his head

    Kontrahage obeys

    Mizhir bows her head

    Jessyca Ravenholme bows her head forward..

    Daft-Cube bows his head

    Haria Haritimado bows her head.

    Thal Vadam bows his head

    Rollo Burningsky would bow his head.

    Kaylie Jenn bows her head

    Goldfinch > *bow our head low*

    Zekiel Iyhr bows his head.

    Alizebeth Amalath > “May the Almighty God bless you and keep you. May He lift up His countenance upon you and bring you peace. Amen.”

    Reginald Sakakibara > "Amen."

    Lilly Terranova picks up her candle from its place on the altar, holding it in both hands, and processes slowly down the aisle.

    Kaylie Jenn says softly, "Amen"

    Sinjin Mokk > Thanks be to God

    Alesius Lerance > Thanks be to God

    Francophobia > Thanks be to God.

    Samira Kernher > Thanks be to God.

    Jennifer Starfall > Amen.

    Thornir > Thanks be to god.

    Thal Vadam > "Atash Amarr"

    Daft-Cube > Thanks be to god.

    Lunarisse Aspenstar says the words firmly,

    Mizhir > thank be to god

    Alizebeth Amalath heads to the front of the altar and kisses it before falling in line behind her Acolyte and Lilly. *

    Alizebeth Amalath ‘s acolyte steps off, swinging his relit censor. The procession gets halfway down the aisle before stopping. Lyse turns and once more kneels, her crosier flat on the ground and her forehead to the floor.

    Alizebeth Amalath stands and the procession leaves out the doors, but Lyse stops at the back and turns around. “Go forth in peace, the service is over. Praise be to God.”

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