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    RP - Interview with Shal Novastorm

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    RP - Interview with Shal Novastorm Empty RP - Interview with Shal Novastorm

    Post by Bel Boma on Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:02 am

    [ 2015.09.12 00:45:18 ] EVE System > Channel MOTD: The ice cream parlor has turned into an ice cream truck; it is located on the interior of a Proteus, which moves from day to day on a fixed route from Ainaille to Amarr and back. The icecream parlor is staffed by a blonde waitress. If she's not here, the parlor is likely closed. A tip jar sits next to the register, as well as a selection of spoons, straws, and sporks. There are 385 ice cream flavors available and a fully stocked bar and tap. The ice cream flavors and mixed drinks are printed on a pair of menus that sit on every surface. A sign on the wall behind the bar lists the rules.A box with a slit on its top sits in the middle of the counter. A sign attached reads: "Have a complaint about another customer or your service? Feel free to write it down and insert it in here, anonymously or otherwise." Floorplan 4.0 OOC policy on payment The ice cream truck is currently docked in Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy.The parlor is currently closed.
    [ 2015.09.12 01:37:28 ] Bel Boma > /emote takes an apron off of a wallhook behind the counter. She drops it over her head, then ties it into place behind her back in a neat little bow.
    [ 2015.09.12 01:39:50 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote raises a brow as she walks into the parlor. "Huh, figured 'ice cream parlor' was a clever euphamism or something"
    [ 2015.09.12 01:41:12 ] Bel Boma > /emote shakes her head with a friendly smile. "Nope. You are looking at the only capsuleer own and run ice cream establishment in the cluster."
    [ 2015.09.12 01:41:36 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote nods "Well I'm certainly not complaining" she says with a smile.
    [ 2015.09.12 01:42:08 ] Bel Boma > Can I get you something before we start?
    [ 2015.09.12 01:47:27 ] Bel Boma > Ice cream? Something to drink? A cookie?
    [ 2015.09.12 01:48:32 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote chuckles "Some ice cream would be fantastic actually, I can't remember the last time I had some..."
    [ 2015.09.12 01:49:03 ] Bel Boma > /emote pats the counter in front of her. "Please, have a seat and look at my menu."
    [ 2015.09.12 01:49:10 ] Bel Boma > /emote winks. "No charge, since you are here on business."
    [ 2015.09.12 01:52:01 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote smiles "Oooh well then I'll have the Coco Nuts" she smiles after reading over the menu for a bit "After doing so much work with DED and the Nefantar miners it's nice to do business in a...pleasent place."
    [ 2015.09.12 01:52:57 ] Bel Boma > /emote pivots on her heels. She disappears into the backroom.
    [ 2015.09.12 01:55:06 ] Bel Boma > /emote returns! She carries half of a coconut in her hand, which holds bright yellow ice cream. Two sticks of sugarcane impale the ice cream.
    [ 2015.09.12 01:56:02 ] Bel Boma > /emote sets the desserts down in front of Shal. "Do you know how to eat this?"
    [ 2015.09.12 01:56:24 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote grins "My gut says to shove my face in...I assume this is wrong. Please educate me."
    [ 2015.09.12 01:57:06 ] Bel Boma > /emote matches Shal's grin with a lopsided one of her own. She taps on the brown, fuzzy outer shell, "You do not eat this."
    [ 2015.09.12 01:57:27 ] Bel Boma > /emote points at the white flesh. "You eat that, but not too much of it. It is a powerful laxative."
    [ 2015.09.12 01:57:36 ] Bel Boma > You eat the ice cream like you normally would.
    [ 2015.09.12 01:58:09 ] Bel Boma > /emote taps on the ends of the sugercane sticks. "You chew on these and swallow the liquid that comes out, but not the stick itself or its fibres."
    [ 2015.09.12 01:58:52 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote nods "Got ya, good to know about the flesh of the coconut, never actually had one before. I've had plenty of sugarcane though, know the drill for that." She smiles happily
    [ 2015.09.12 02:01:08 ] Bel Boma > You would be surprised at the amount of capsuleers who have never encountered a spoon before, no matter anything else.
    [ 2015.09.12 02:01:33 ] Bel Boma > If you are ready, let us get to business.
    [ 2015.09.12 02:03:17 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote nods, taking a sugar cane stick and chewing it like a cigar as she gets a spoon of ice cream "Mhm" she says around her food.
    [ 2015.09.12 02:03:35 ] Bel Boma > What is your current occupation?
    [ 2015.09.12 02:06:36 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote swallows "Freelance miner and explorer, but I can fly some basic combat craft if that's an aspect."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:06:56 ] Bel Boma > What sort of work did you do when you were a baseliner?
    [ 2015.09.12 02:11:39 ] Shal Novastorm > "I was a slave, ma'am. Worked on a mining and survey ship mainly."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:11:51 ] Bel Boma > /emote blinks.
    [ 2015.09.12 02:11:57 ] Bel Boma > How did a slave get capsuleer implants?
    [ 2015.09.12 02:14:22 ] Bel Boma > Or capsuleer training, for that matter.
    [ 2015.09.12 02:15:14 ] Shal Novastorm > "I was uplifted, my family had served my holder's family for many years loyaly, and I was saved by my faith in God. My Holder took a great risk on me and, of course, part of my work is to pay him back still."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:16:02 ] Bel Boma > /emote nods, satisfied. "Have you acquired any skills or talents during your time outside of the ship?"
    [ 2015.09.12 02:17:30 ] Shal Novastorm > "I'm a pretty good cook, and I have a decent head for business, and I like to think I have a talent at spreading the word of God if that counts."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:17:56 ] Bel Boma > Oooh? What do you cook?
    [ 2015.09.12 02:18:00 ] Bel Boma > /emote 's eyes sparkle.
    [ 2015.09.12 02:23:58 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote smiles "Obviously I specialize in Amarrian cuisine, though I don't know much of our allied bloodlines, I do have a few Caldari recipies under my belt if one likes exotic food, and traditional Minmatarr dishes of course."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:24:19 ] Bel Boma > How is that obvious?
    [ 2015.09.12 02:24:23 ] Bel Boma > /emote tilts her head.
    [ 2015.09.12 02:25:14 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote shrugs "It's what I grew up with, kinda had no choice but to learn"
    [ 2015.09.12 02:27:24 ] Bel Boma > /emote makes a thoughtful noise.
    [ 2015.09.12 02:27:37 ] Bel Boma > What do you know about SFRIM?
    [ 2015.09.12 02:29:30 ] Shal Novastorm > "I know you're a relatively liberal group, focused on knowledge and education more than violence and war, though I don't believe you are pacifists either. Is this correct?"
    [ 2015.09.12 02:30:30 ] Bel Boma > /emote nods. "It is hard to be pacifist and loyal to the Empire lately, in light of recent events."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:30:39 ] Bel Boma > Why have you applied to SFRIM?
    [ 2015.09.12 02:32:06 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote nods "Sadly yes, I do not savor war but I can't deny it's required at times. I applied because I feel our ideals match well. Obviously considering my background I have a rather liberal view of what it means to be Amaar, and what our duties are."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:32:29 ] Shal Novastorm > "I believe the Empire needs a closed fist and an open hand equally. I wish to be part of the hand."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:33:46 ] Bel Boma > Oh? Do you think it is more important to Him to be True Amarr or to live a righteous, God-fearing life in accord with His Word?
    [ 2015.09.12 02:34:50 ] Shal Novastorm > "I believe that God, in his infinate wisdom and judgement, can see the souls of man, a gift we mortals do not have. As such, it is our souls that are most important to Him. I believe His word can reach any soul that is open to it."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:38:08 ] Bel Boma > /emote nods. That's a wicked grin. "What, to you, is the essence of the Faith?"
    [ 2015.09.12 02:39:37 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote thinks on that a moment "Devotion to God. I believe we can fall or rise many times, as humans are imperfect no matter if we're capsuleers or not, but as long as we maintain our devotion to God, and truly believe in His words, the path will be ope...
    [ 2015.09.12 02:40:07 ] Shal Novastorm > (*Open)
    [ 2015.09.12 02:40:43 ] Bel Boma > What is your view on slavery and its purpose today?
    [ 2015.09.12 02:43:07 ] Shal Novastorm > "Slavery is part of God's law, but so is mercy, and temperence. It is a tool, to educate and uplift, and I think the actions of cruel Holders have tainted it to many. That is a task we must undertake to fix."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:43:52 ] Bel Boma > Very good.
    [ 2015.09.12 02:47:40 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote smiles, glad to be talking to an Amarr who agrees.
    [ 2015.09.12 02:48:59 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > /emote makes his way into the shop. It's probably not the best time, but oh well. He's in his portrait attire and heads to the bar, looking between the two. "Hey Bel, hey Not-Bel."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:49:29 ] Bel Boma > /emote pats the bartop next to an open stool. "Hello, Charles. Please, come join us."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:49:55 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote nods "Hello there."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:50:00 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > /emote does, plopping on down. "Are we doing anything fun?"
    [ 2015.09.12 02:50:14 ] Bel Boma > Charles, this is Shal Novastorm. Miss Novastorm, this is Charles Cambridge Schmidt.
    [ 2015.09.12 02:50:37 ] Bel Boma > Miss Novastorm, try your best to persuade Charles to join the Faith.
    [ 2015.09.12 02:50:37 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote smiles "A pleasure to meet you."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:51:00 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > /emote smiles.
    [ 2015.09.12 02:51:35 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote blinks "Oh! Well, alright" she says, clearly a bit thrown by the request, but not wanting to back away. She turns to better face Charles "Well, sir, may I first ask what you believe, regarding things such as God and the afterlife?"
    [ 2015.09.12 02:54:28 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > /emote tilts his head. "My opinions on a higher power are in and of itself mostly philosophical rather than practical, though my ideas of an afterlife mostly refers to the memories passed on through memetics, among things."
    [ 2015.09.12 02:57:33 ] Bel Boma > /emote pulls a notepad and pen out from under the counter.
    [ 2015.09.12 02:59:30 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote nods "I see. Let me ask you, then, do you feel these philisophical thoughts on higher powers, and these memes regarding the afterlife, can have worth to mankind? I suppose moreover do you believe there's a greater force in the universe?"
    [ 2015.09.12 03:04:53 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > No, I simply think it's a means of measuring the universe around me on a personal level, and stuff. I don't know if there's a greater force. I'm fine not knowing. Why?
    [ 2015.09.12 03:06:53 ] Shal Novastorm > "Well, for one I genuinely am interested in how others view the universe. Ever since I got my implants this vast thing has been opened to me, and I find it amazing how many different kinds of people and views there are. How long have you been flying?"
    [ 2015.09.12 03:08:42 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > Year and a half, roughly. I went from misguided pacifist to jaded clothes designer.
    [ 2015.09.12 03:10:14 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote smiles "This lifestyle has a way of changing people, doesn't it? It can be hard to find stability in such a chaotic and vast universe, can't it?"
    [ 2015.09.12 03:12:25 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > I don't know if I'd say that. I think that honestly, a lot of people don't allow themselves to settle or get stable. With the amount of things available in the cluster, there's difficulty not finding something to help.
    [ 2015.09.12 03:12:50 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > But then again, that's only after all of the horrible atrocities I committed to get my wife out of the predicament she was in.
    [ 2015.09.12 03:14:23 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote nods "I think that's why I'm so thankful for my faith, really. This universe can make even good people cold, and lead us to do very grim things at times, but I find having this rock of faith, a center point on my map, if you will, keeps me stable...
    [ 2015.09.12 03:17:25 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > /emote hums. "My wife has converted to the Faith. She needed the precision and guidance, I believe. It's served her very well, and she's much happier. I do agree, yes."
    [ 2015.09.12 03:18:24 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote nods "I can't speak for everyone, we're all unique of course, but I think that in a time when it seems every few days the rules are changing around us, having a code, something greater than you, can serve to remind you that no matter what mortals...
    [ 2015.09.12 03:18:51 ] Shal Novastorm > do, you can stay on a path that provides you peace and wellbeing."
    [ 2015.09.12 03:25:03 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > [[ moment, sorry, typing ]]
    [ 2015.09.12 03:32:23 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > [[ Anywho ]]
    [ 2015.09.12 03:32:42 ] Shal Novastorm > ((no prob))
    [ 2015.09.12 03:32:52 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > /emote weighs his head from side to side. "And what do you suggest, then? The Faith as that alternative?"
    [ 2015.09.12 03:34:11 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote smiles "For me, it has been, yes. The word of God provides guidance, and most important, it remind us the moral way to live. You said your wife found religion, did she come to the faith of God?"
    [ 2015.09.12 03:36:17 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > /emote nods. "That she did."
    [ 2015.09.12 03:37:43 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote nods "And you said she's found happiness in it? Do you think that both of you would be even happier with a shared bond of faith? With the knowledge that when your time sadly ends you'll be reunited in heaven, in an eternal love?"
    [ 2015.09.12 03:41:39 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > /emote smiles, turning to Bel. "She's good, you know."
    [ 2015.09.12 03:42:09 ] Bel Boma > /emote looks up from the notes she's scribbling. "I agree."
    [ 2015.09.12 03:42:19 ] Bel Boma > I am satisfied. Are you, Charles?
    [ 2015.09.12 03:42:29 ] Shal Novastorm > /emote blushes faintly "I try, I'm no priest or anything of course."
    [ 2015.09.12 03:42:30 ] Charles Cambridge Schmidt > Very much so. Good at words.
    [ 2015.09.12 03:43:24 ] Bel Boma > /emote nods at Shal. "Myself or Mrs. Daphiti will contact you shortly. Feel free to leave or continue, if Charles permits it."

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