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    RP - Interview of Jax Urthus

    Lunarisse Aspenstar
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    RP - Interview of Jax Urthus Empty RP - Interview of Jax Urthus

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Tue Jan 20, 2015 12:38 pm

    Channel MOTD: A surprisingly comfortable space in the Emperor Family Station in the Amarr system.The walls are paneled with dark wood. Periodically there are cross-hatched sections that serve to store wine bottles horizontally. The temperature is cool. There are multiple tables and booths with sumptious velvet red cushions. Stained glass lanterns and lights providing soft lighting. Each table has a wine & beverage list with a range of wines, ales, liquors and non-alcoholic drinks such as tea. A simple menu is also on each table that indicates that complimentary bread and assorted cheeses and fruits are provided to those who order by the bottle. Along one wall is a suit of golden armor with ceremonial sword and a tabard for the theology counsel that is cut for a femine figure along with a Picture. A square parquet dance floor is in the center of the room. The proprietor Vincentus Azizora and attentive wait staff are all baseliners.A Dinner Menu is available.A small sign on the bar says "Proudly serving Lodovica's Vitae"
    [ 2015.01.17 17:24:18 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote enters and takes a seat at a booth in the back. She asks the waiter to let Jax Urthus know where she is when he arrives.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:25:52 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote pulls out a mirror from her purse and looks at it, fussing with her hair.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:25:58 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote has a slight frown as she does so.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:29:25 ] Jax Urthus > /emote strides into the room, glancing briefly to the closest staff. A brief exchange leads him towards the back of the establishment, and to the occupied booth.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:29:58 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote smiles. "Hello Mr. Uthrus, do have a seat with me."
    [ 2015.01.17 17:30:50 ] Jax Urthus > /emote clasps his hands behind his back and gives a curt nod and something almost perceivable as a bow.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:30:50 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Would you like some tea or coffee?"
    [ 2015.01.17 17:31:33 ] Jax Urthus > Thank you. I would take tea, preferably.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:31:56 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods at the polite gesture and indicates the seat, politely. She asks the waiter 'Holder Grey, for the gentleman, please"
    [ 2015.01.17 17:32:31 ] Jax Urthus > /emote sits carefully, avoiding creasing his garments.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:33:41 ] Jax Urthus > It is agreeable to finally meet face to face, Miss Aspenstar.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:34:36 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote fidgets with her hair and brushes out of her face. "yes, I would say the same. I hope you had an uneventful trip?"
    [ 2015.01.17 17:35:24 ] Jax Urthus > /emote smiles wryly. "Positively boring."
    [ 2015.01.17 17:35:58 ] Jax Urthus > And yourself?
    [ 2015.01.17 17:36:01 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote chuckles "the best kind of trip."
    [ 2015.01.17 17:37:04 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote says "I am well enough" in a polite voice. She gives a slightly annoyed look as another stray lock of hair falls into her face.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:37:15 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote brushes it back.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:37:56 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > Praefecta Mithra always asks me to interview people in person and to ask four questions, so thank you for coming.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:37:58 ] Jax Urthus > /emote nods sincerely. "Glad to hear it."
    [ 2015.01.17 17:38:10 ] Jax Urthus > It is my pleasure.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:38:38 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > Now, while I know we've chatted a little bit, tell me again why you are interested in joining the Society and how you think you can contribute.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:38:54 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote notes the waiter will have delivered the tea at this point.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:40:45 ] Jax Urthus > I am looking principally for a circle that doesn't concern itself with the affairs of the radicals or those far too conservative to make any actions whatsoever. A sensible group of associates, to put it simply.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:41:34 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods politely, then somewhat distracting from her serious demeanor, she gives an annoyed blow with her lips of another stray lock of hair.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:41:48 ] Jax Urthus > Most of my expertise lies in the eradication of undesirables, thieves and criminals. I am more than willing to offer this expertise to new found associates.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:42:42 ] Jax Urthus > Myself and any subordinates would be at the service of the Society.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:43:43 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods. "A worthy expertise. There are certainly blood raiders and undesirables in our regtons of space. That would be of value."
    [ 2015.01.17 17:43:49 ] Jax Urthus > /emote settles back into his seat, smiling primly, swiveling the cup on the saucer in front of him.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:44:18 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods, and then frowns as the stray locks - too short to properly brush up and too long to stay out of the way drops back down. She brushes them back again with an annoyed gesture.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:44:36 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote exhales. "Erm. Pardon me, Sir.'
    [ 2015.01.17 17:44:41 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Alright, moving on..."
    [ 2015.01.17 17:45:21 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote sips her wine and gazes at Jax. 'What is the essence of the Amarr faith to you?"
    [ 2015.01.17 17:46:56 ] Jax Urthus > For myself, ready service and willing to better the life of the faithful, all those who serve God shall be rewarded.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:48:01 ] Jax Urthus > /emote rotates the cup in the saucer once more.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:48:24 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > I see.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:48:32 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > How so? Or is service its own reward?
    [ 2015.01.17 17:48:39 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote tilts her head slightly.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:49:30 ] Jax Urthus > /emote plucks at his cuffs. I have dedicated the majority of my time in service for the benefit of the faithful and those who would and will be, so you could word it that way.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:50:57 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nod, looking more satisfied.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:51:44 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "is it more important from a spiritual point of view to be born of Amarr blood or to live a righteous life in fear of God?"
    [ 2015.01.17 17:52:10 ] Jax Urthus > /emote smirks a little, wiping it away quickly.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:53:20 ] Jax Urthus > The sheer number of those of pure blood I have had the misfortune of dealing with who are faithless, simply by experience it seems sensible that faith and proper fear of God is what really counts. If one truly cares for their morality.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:54:34 ] Jax Urthus > It appears in this time, blood does not equate to true service and faith. Sad as that is.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:54:49 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote sips her wine. "Certainly among many capsuleers, it seems"
    [ 2015.01.17 17:55:20 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > Do you think being a capsuleer is an impediment to being faithful?
    [ 2015.01.17 17:55:31 ] Jax Urthus > /emote brings the tea to his nose carefully, wrinkling slightly and placing it back upon the table.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:57:08 ] Jax Urthus > I do not hold that view, no. A capsuleer can act and think as properly as any, and it is those actions and thoughts that make for true evidence of faith.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:57:24 ] Jax Urthus > It is perhaps easy to wander astray in the life of the capsuleer, though.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:58:09 ] Jax Urthus > /emote gives another wry smile.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:58:32 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote sips her wine. "There is also of course the view we have no souls and counterpoints.. but I leave that discussion to Praefecta Mithra. It's a bit too deep for me."
    [ 2015.01.17 17:58:32 ] Jax Urthus > A faithful capsuleer truly has a long time to prove their faith and act accordingly.
    [ 2015.01.17 17:58:39 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods. "Thats what I hope."
    [ 2015.01.17 17:59:42 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > Well.. last qu...
    [ 2015.01.17 17:59:42 ] Jax Urthus > /emote nods. "It is not for me to decide whether I have a soul or not, but I would not be truly of the faith if I decided to forgo morality on the musings and claims of the priests. I will serve and God shall judge."
    [ 2015.01.17 17:59:59 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods with approval.
    [ 2015.01.17 18:00:08 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Alright. last question..."
    [ 2015.01.17 18:00:16 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "What is your view of slavery and the purpose of it today"
    [ 2015.01.17 18:02:23 ] Jax Urthus > /emote leans forward slightly, finally taking a long sip of the tea. Placing the now half empty cup down and swalloing, replying "As a military man, I have no want or need for slaves. I require trust between my subordinates and I."
    [ 2015.01.17 18:03:02 ] Jax Urthus > If I were to bring a slave aboard any vessel of mine, I would no longer consider them a slave. However.. I am obviously aware others do not share my view.
    [ 2015.01.17 18:03:30 ] Jax Urthus > But.. as long as they treat their subordinates or slaves fairly then I have little reason for quarrel.
    [ 2015.01.17 18:04:12 ] Jax Urthus > /emote ponders his words briefly, staring at the darkened wood in thought.
    [ 2015.01.17 18:04:30 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Alright. Well, that concludes my interview. I need to discuss your answers with Praefeta Mithra and then I will be able to tell you what I hope is 'The Good Word'"
    [ 2015.01.17 18:04:58 ] Jax Urthus > /emote nods curtly.
    [ 2015.01.17 18:05:14 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > Do you plan to go planetside while you were here? When was the last time you were at the Amarr Legio Basilica?
    [ 2015.01.17 18:05:18 ] Jax Urthus > It has been a pleasure, Miss Aspenstar. If there is anything else, I would be glad to oblige.
    [ 2015.01.17 18:06:05 ] Jax Urthus > I was not planning on doing so, though I will be in system for a while yet. Perhaps I have time.
    [ 2015.01.17 18:07:31 ] Jax Urthus > I habitually serve through.. well, service, rather than worship and fraternisation. Though it cannot hurt to have an occasional reprieve.
    [ 2015.01.17 18:07:48 ] Jax Urthus > /emote smiles broadly.
    [ 2015.01.17 18:08:35 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote smiles. "It was a pleasure to meet you in person Sir. I hope you have a Blessed day"
    [ 2015.01.17 18:09:21 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote stands to curtsies sligjtly.
    [ 2015.01.17 18:09:44 ] Jax Urthus > The same sentiment for you, the dull journey was indeed worth my time. Save voyage.
    [ 2015.01.17 18:10:18 ] Jax Urthus > /emote stands as * Lunarisse Aspenstar stands, nodding courteously, reseating himself afterwards.
    [ 2015.01.17 18:10:28 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote departs.
    [ 2015.01.17 18:11:55 ] Jax Urthus > /emote ponders the tea a little while longer, choosing not to finish it however. He motions the waiter closer for a small gratuity before departing.

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