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    RP - Membership Interview of Umar Ahmad

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    RP - Membership Interview of Umar Ahmad Empty RP - Membership Interview of Umar Ahmad

    Post by Umar Ahmad on Mon Oct 10, 2016 7:10 am

    Channel Name: The Holy Grape

    A surprisingly comfortable space in the Emperor Family Academy, Amarr System.
    The walls are paneled with dark wood. Periodically there are cross-hatched sections that serve to store wine bottles horizontally. The temperature is cool. There are multiple tables and booths with sumptious velvet red cushions.  Stained glass lanterns and lights providing soft lighting. Each table has a wine & beverage list with a range of wines, ales, liquors and non-alcoholic drinks such as tea. A simple menu is also on each table that indicates that complimentary bread and assorted cheeses and fruits are provided to those who order by the bottle.  Along one wall is a suit of golden armor with ceremonial sword and a tabard for the theology counsel that is cut for a femine figure along with a Picture. A square parquet dance floor is in the center of the room.  The proprietor Vincentus Azizora and attentive wait staff are all baseliners.
    A dinner menu is available.  Besides, an elegant dinner, an array of standard bar foods from throughout the Empire are available at other times (but no fried critters).
    A small sign on the bar says "Proudly serving Lodovica's Vitae." A model of a Silver Magnate hangs on the wall along with a sign with a quote from the Tourney.

    [15:57:02] Loai Qerl > /emote slides in, plonks down at a table with enough room to spread out a little, and produces a couple of notebooks and an old pen to jot in them with. She flips through both, doodles, and minds the doorway for new entrants.
    [15:59:06] Umar Ahmad > /emote enters and looks around the room quickly
    [15:59:53] Umar Ahmad > /emote sees Mrs Querl and walks over to her table with a measured pace
    [16:01:26] Umar Ahmad > “Blessings be, may I introduce myself, Umar Ahmad”
    [16:03:15] Loai Qerl > /emote hops up to her feet and makes a proper formal-professional bow, looking delighted. "That was fast! It's good to see you in person! I'm Loai Qerl, but you know that. You can call me Loai if you like; I'm the Praefecta's assistant."
    [16:03:55] Umar Ahmad > /emote also bows formally and smiles
    [16:04:11] Umar Ahmad > “Nice to make your acquaintance”
    [16:05:15] Loai Qerl > /emote rattles a handful of rings at the seat across from her, and sits down. "Please, Mr. Ahmad, be comfortable. I'd just like to ask you a few things."
    [16:05:47] Umar Ahmad > /emote slowly sits down in front of Mrs Qerl
    [16:06:37] Umar Ahmad > “Do you mind if I order a tea? Just to relax a bit for the interview.”
    [16:07:23] Loai Qerl > /emote flips through her notebooks again, head bobbing. "Oh, feel free. I like to have something to do with my hands too. I'm just looking over your history here, that's all."
    [16:07:34] Umar Ahmad > “I have to admit I am a little nervous. This is the first interview of this kind I ever attend.”
    [16:08:03] Umar Ahmad > /emote orders a spiced chai
    [16:08:47] Umar Ahmad > “Please take your time, I am not in a hurry.”
    [16:08:59] Loai Qerl > /emote beams. "I was terrified, personally. The Praefecta is very kind. She is also very scary Me, I'm just me. You can relax, no?"
    [16:10:16] Umar Ahmad > “Well, I read through some of the materials of your fine Societas, and I was certainly impressed by the depth and seriousness with which you handle your operations.”
    [16:12:09] Loai Qerl > "
    [16:14:35] Loai Qerl > "It's a serious business, truly. One of the hardest things for ME has been learning to mind myself and be less frivolous, because everything I do reflects on SFRIM's sacred work. It's hard, sometimes! Are you prepared?"
    [16:15:48] Umar Ahmad > "Yes, as much as I will be, feel free to start."
    [16:16:38] Loai Qerl > "I'm glad." She drums the pen on the page. "First off, I'd like to know what you consider the most inportant part of Faith."
    [16:17:49] Umar Ahmad > "The Holy Mission to make the universe and a better and more faithful place."
    [16:19:47] Loai Qerl > /emote writes down a few short words, and draws a leaf. "Mmm." She looks up, face neutral. "What does that mean, for you, in terms of Reclaiming?"
    [16:21:43] Umar Ahmad > "Well, I think there are different roles in the Reclaiming. I am not a political or religious leader, so I will serve the Reclaiming as a warrior of the Faith."
    [16:22:38] Umar Ahmad > "I do not follow my own inclinations, but will follow my leaders to the best of my abilities."
    [16:23:23] Loai Qerl > "Oooh. A warrior? What sort? Do you have a piloting specialty, maybe?"
    [16:24:08] Umar Ahmad > "I cannot claim a lot of experience, but I am specialised in small ships at the moment."
    [16:24:47] Umar Ahmad > "I want to extend my abilities in accordance with the goals of the Societas though."
    [16:26:02] Loai Qerl > /emote wriggles her shoulders happily. "That's good to hear. What would you LIKE to do, eventually? Does something in particular pull you?"
    [16:26:44] Umar Ahmad > "The Praefecta hinted at the cooperation with the Arataka project, but it will take some time until I can be useful there."
    [16:27:31] Umar Ahmad > "Until then I may explore some of those Shattered Wormhole systems."
    [16:27:52] Umar Ahmad > "Can you tell me about some of the more recent activities of the Societas?"
    [16:29:53] Loai Qerl > "I can. For my part, I'm involved in the industrial side of things--mining, production and such? I'll spare you the details because they're frankly boring compared to the ongoing work against Drifters."
    [16:30:28] Umar Ahmad > "I have to admit my industrial abilities are nonexistent."
    [16:31:33] Umar Ahmad > "But I am not one to value them lightly."
    [16:31:55] Loai Qerl > "More for me, then." She doodles an asteroid. "Anyway, the offensive side of things has been worked out so that a properly equipped pilot can reasonably expect a casualty-free crusade against Drifters. Which is exciting!"
    [16:32:52] Loai Qerl > "It also opens up so much in terms of analysis and research, which I'm hoping to work on eventually myself. Wouldn't it be something to communicate with one?"
    [16:32:57] Umar Ahmad > "What would a proper equipment be if I may ask."
    [16:33:41] Umar Ahmad > "Communicate?" widens eyes in terror and amazement
    [16:34:37] Loai Qerl > /emote looks sheepish. "I wish I could tell you more about the fitting of things. My only experience with it has been salvaging. You really ought to ask some of the other members, I know they'd love to give you properly-informed details."
    [16:34:58] Umar Ahmad > "Well, I never really thought about that aspect. But I can certainly understand your fascination."
    [16:35:31] Loai Qerl > " Yes. Communication. It's not a thing, yet. And maybe something to talk about another time. I'm supposed to be interviewing you, not gushing about that."
    [16:36:02] Umar Ahmad > "If you could direct me to members that can tell me proper procedures and equipment, I would be very grateful"
    [16:41:12] Loai Qerl > "Oh! Luna of course, Aria, Zeke and Ibrahi- Sorry. The Praefecta, Peregrinans Jenneth, and Their Lordships Ihyr and Tash-Murkon. I oughn't be so informal. Truly, almost anyone could tell you better than me."
    [16:42:28] Umar Ahmad > "Thank you, I will follow your guidance."
    [16:42:58] Umar Ahmad > /emote raises eyebrows and awaits the next question
    [16:43:24] Loai Qerl > "You're welcome! Hmm, what's next...oh. Your thoughts on the institution of slavery, Mr. Ahmad?"
    [16:44:43] Umar Ahmad > "I have no strong opinion about that as well. Empress Jamyl's partial abolition seems to have done the empire well."
    [16:45:43] Umar Ahmad > "It is Empress Catiz who has to either continue on this path or not. Either way, I will follow."
    [16:46:13] Umar Ahmad > "I should add that I do not hold any slaves personally."
    [16:47:46] Loai Qerl > "Long may she reign! Hee. But something to consider? SFRIM's members include a generous number of non-Amarr, and slavery does, inevitably, come up as a bone of contention in the course of our outreach too."
    [16:48:38] Loai Qerl > "How would you react to an abolitionist trying much harder than I am to draw a reaction from you?"
    [16:50:50] Umar Ahmad > "I followed some of the discussions. Well, I am not eager to engage in heated discussions. I do stand by my Faith firmly though. Is it acceptable if I do not engage in such discussions frequently?"
    [16:55:26] Loai Qerl > "Goodness, I imagine it's preferable. Thank you. Hmmm. I think I just have one last question, something the Praefecta asked me for my interview."
    [16:56:13] Umar Ahmad > /emote make a gesture with his open palm "Please go ahead"
    [16:58:04] Loai Qerl > "What is more important to God's will manifesting in us: our blood, or our works? And don't forget I'm Khanid, so if you're only trying to be nice when you answer, I will know." She looks, abruptly, very serious.
    [17:01:30] Umar Ahmad > /emote gazes back firmly "Our blood is a privilege and a challenge to do His Will. Only our works will lead us to salvation." pauses "And I am not nice when answering about my Faith."
    [17:06:36] Loai Qerl > /emote narrows her eyes further and looks down a long nose at Umar. "Not nice? If your blood is a privilege, what's mine? Speak freely."
    [17:10:56] Umar Ahmad > "The True Amarr were the first to be given His mission. That is a privilege as well as a burden and a challenge. Since then many more have joined the Faith, the Khanid first among them. Now we all share that burden and challenge." -
    [17:13:20] Umar Ahmad > "I am loyal to our Empress, who - foolishly and heretically - has been challenged about her heritage. So I am loyal to all the houses and heirs. May they further the reach and unity of Holy Amarr."
    [17:13:45] Loai Qerl > /emote tips her head thoughtfully for a long few seconds, scowl still in place as she studies his face, then winks and lets it dissolve into a smile. "Ha. I sort of just wanted to see what you'd do with that one. I think I've asked everything I ought-"
    [17:14:10] Loai Qerl > "--but is there anything else you'd like to know about the Societas, or what it's like to live in it?"
    [17:15:44] Umar Ahmad > /emote relaxes quite a bit and smiles "Any recommendations for a wet-behind-the-ears loyalist on how to learn the ropes?"
    [17:18:00] Loai Qerl > "Every chance you have, fly with the experienced pilots and learn how they do what they do. Ask them things! And, um. Mind your manners and your tongue in public areas, truly. That....was my problem. Is. Even if you mean well, which I can see you do."
    [17:18:42] Umar Ahmad > "Thanks. What are the main communication channels?"
    [17:22:30] Loai Qerl > "Publically, we tend to use The Good Word. And if you ever need to find me, I spend a regrettable amount of time in the Intergalactic Summit."
    [17:23:41] Umar Ahmad > /emote grins "I see. Well, I will try to show at least a little activity there."
    [17:26:08] Loai Qerl > "Oh good! Anyway. I think that ought do it, really. The Praefecta will make the final decision of course, so I can't strictly say welcome. But thank you so much for coming to us, truly. I'm glad I got to meet you."
    [17:27:21] Umar Ahmad > /emote stands up and bows formally "Let me sincerely thank you for the conversation Mrs Qerl. I will patiently await your decision."
    [17:29:37] Loai Qerl > /emote stands as well, collecting her writing things. She bobs. "Fly in the Light, Mr. Ahmad."
    [17:30:22] Loai Qerl > /emote was a horrible freeloader who didn't even buy anything, so she looks a little guilty as she walks out.
    [17:31:10] Umar Ahmad > /emote bows again "Blessings be with You." pays and slowly walks away to the exit

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