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    Alizabeth Vea's Presentation at SeyCon 5

    Aria Jenneth

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    Alizabeth Vea's Presentation at SeyCon 5

    Post by Aria Jenneth on Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:53 pm

    [ 2016.07.09 17:32:34 ] Alizabeth Vea > "My briefing today will focus on the engagements between the Imperial Navy and Imperial loyalist capsuleers against the Drifters in Amarr space. It will also examine the reasons for the spectauclar failure of the Imperial Navy to effectively combat ...
    [ 2016.07.09 17:32:46 ] Alizabeth Vea > the Drfiter threat."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:33:50 ] Alizabeth Vea > "So, who am I, and why am I qualified to make such an assessment? My name is Alizabeth, and I am a life long military officer. I started as an Artic Warfare Marine in the CalNav and when I moved to the capsule, focused heavily on the military side ...
    [ 2016.07.09 17:33:56 ] Alizabeth Vea > of our profession."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:35:02 ] Alizabeth Vea > "In addition to being a low tier fleet commander for Goonswarm, I was also on their Skyteam for the Fountain war, as planning staff. Since then, I have flown with ARC as a fleet commander for Hive operations."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:35:54 ] Alizabeth Vea > "I also fought heavily in the Defense of the Throne Worlds campaign. As far as my relation with the Amarr Empire, I am a sworn retainer of House Sarum and Lady Mitara Newelle."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:37:07 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Ms. Priano referenced last year, where Seycon was considering the emergence of the Drifters and whether they were/are a threat. Given the past year, I think that it is safe to say the Drifters categorically are."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:38:10 ] Alizabeth Vea > "In the relatively short time we've been dealing with them, they've focused heavily on the Amarr Empire, in a devestating series of attacks that have drastically impacted the trajectory of the cluster."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:39:27 ] Alizabeth Vea > "The primary theory behind their focus on the Empire is Empress Jamyl's release of the impenetrable shielding technology that changed the face of null security so much. That, combined with the Entosis link made from salvaged Drifter materials seems
    [ 2016.07.09 17:40:00 ] Alizabeth Vea > to be what placed the target on the Empire and Empress Jamyl I specifically. Though, at this point, we are unable to be certain since there still has not been any communication with the Drifters."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:41:43 ] Alizabeth Vea > "After the nova of Caroline's star and the appearance of Circadian Seekers, Jovian Observatories and the Drifter battleships, themselves, no one was quite sure what to make of it. Drifters mostly appeared in singleton and then division strength."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:42:43 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Most capsuleers quickly learned to simply avoid the Drifters, given the superweapon. This is not to say that there was no exploration of the Drifters, just that it was not, generally, a militaristic response."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:43:35 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Attempts were made to board a Drifter ship and also an autopsy of a Drifter pilot was released. It should be noted in the latter that it resulted in a Drifter attack. A portent of what was to come."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:45:06 ] Alizabeth Vea > "The first real indication of the threat level came when Drifter forces attacked a CVA fleet in Sarum Prime in support of Empress Jamyl, on 27.06 YC 117. This was the first time that we saw a large Drifter fleet operating in concert."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:46:29 ] Alizabeth Vea > "The Drifters attacked the CVA fleet and the Imperial Navy that was also present in the system. The after action reports of the engagement show over twelve billion ISK of capsuleer assests destroyed 'in a matter of minutes.' "
    [ 2016.07.09 17:47:16 ] Alizabeth Vea > "It should be noted that neither the CVA fleet, nor Imperial Navy were prepared for such an attack in the secure centre of the Empire, and suffered accordingly."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:48:37 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Next, we saw concentrated Drifter attacks centred on the Safizon system. Empress Jamyl had visited the system a few times in preperation for the new Imperial Abaddon flagship TES Auctoritas."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:49:48 ] Alizabeth Vea > "One attack on the system, also the headquarters of the Imperial Navy, saw over a hundred Drifters attacking, including blocades on all stargates out of the system."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:50:43 ] Alizabeth Vea > "The Imperial Navy suffered a heavy defeat of over three hundred ships. Capsuleers, more adaptive at responding to threats, were able to engage and destroy the Drifters using Coercer destroyers."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:51:33 ] Alizabeth Vea > "This tactic mimicked the more dubious tactic that has been used to illegally destroy capsuleer ships in high sec."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:52:15 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Engagements in and around Safizon would continue, though not at that level until 21.08 YC117."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:53:22 ] Alizabeth Vea > "The assassination of Empress Jamyl bears note for several reasons." she pauses.
    [ 2016.07.09 17:55:17 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Firstly, it shows the willfulness of the Drifters to engage in the highest level of political objective based warfare. We've seen other groups conduct themselves similar, Sansha comes to mind."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:56:19 ] Alizabeth Vea > "I look at the assassination of Empress Jamyl as a show of power by the Drifters. This was not some run of the mill pirate attack."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:57:17 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Secondly, from an operational standpoint: the Drifters were able to mount an attack that had no defense against, able to operate outside of their normal SOP by firing their doomsday prior to the defeat of the overshield, and then able to extract with
    [ 2016.07.09 17:57:23 ] Alizabeth Vea > no losses."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:57:58 ] Alizabeth Vea > "This is a flexability and capability that scares me."
    [ 2016.07.09 17:58:30 ] Alizabeth Vea > /emote waits a moment.
    [ 2016.07.09 17:59:25 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Following that, the Drifters mounted a full out invasion against the Amarr Empire. Despire no meaningful resistance from the Imperial Navy, or even capsuleers, they later withdrew. We still have no good theory as to why."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:00:10 ] Alizabeth Vea > "A little while later, after the Imperial Navy had been savaged again by the Blood Raider attacks of the so called 'Crimson Harvest' the Drifters attacked the Empire again."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:00:50 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Again, there was light resistance from the Imperial Navy and minimal resistance from capsuleers. This is not to say that Capsuleers didn't try to fight back, just that the tactics were not refined enough to do so."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:03:43 ] Alizabeth Vea > "This would change. The Imperial Navy's tactics, woefully inadequate would countinue unchanged, but capsuleer tactics would eventually adapt to a level at which we could successfuly, with minimal losses, engage and defeat the Drifters."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:04:02 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Lady Tyrathlion is going to go over that, so I won't steal her thunder."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:05:08 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Eventually, the Drifter invasion withdrew under capsuleer assault both in the Throne Worlds and us penetrating their hives."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:05:51 ] Alizabeth Vea > "As I look at the time, I see that I am not going to have enough to fully cover the Imperial Navy's lack of ability to combat the Drifter threat, so I will sum it up."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:06:29 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Firstly, it has nothing to do with them being baseliners. That's an easy assertion to make, but it would be wrong."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:08:06 ] Alizabeth Vea > "It is mostly based around institutional inflexability that such a large force has, and more to the point, an institutional anchor to their failures in the Eldar Fleet attack of YC 110. The Imperial Navy was always planning on fighting the last war."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:08:26 ] Alizabeth Vea > "In this case, it cost them millions of lives."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:09:32 ] Alizabeth Vea > "It is fair to say that with regards to the Drifters and future unknown threats, capsuleers will be at the forefront of any defensive or offensive operations. Hopefully, the next time a threat emerges, we will not be so slow on the uptake."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:10:21 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Had we decisively engaged the Drifters when they first appeared, millions of Imperial citizens might still be alive as well as Empress Jamyl I."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:10:34 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Thank you. I believe we have time for a few questions."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:11:30 ] EVE System > Channel default access set to Allowed by Morwen Lagann. This channel will now only reject people on the blocked list.
    [ 2016.07.09 18:12:03 ] Emmaline Fera > /emote indicates that she has a question.
    [ 2016.07.09 18:12:28 ] Alizabeth Vea > /emote gestures to Emmaline Fera "Yes?"
    [ 2016.07.09 18:13:12 ] Emmaline Fera > Ms. Vea, thank you so much for your learned and measured presentation. If you can, are you able to forecast what you think we may see in terms of Drifter activity in the future?
    [ 2016.07.09 18:15:18 ] Alizabeth Vea > "I think that for the immediate future, we should expect to see Drifter activity focused in their Hives and those wormhole systems. That might change with a paradigm shift. If we manage to align the gates, or discover other Drifter structures
    [ 2016.07.09 18:15:36 ] Dorian Reu > /emote raises stands to ask a question
    [ 2016.07.09 18:16:23 ] Alizabeth Vea > or rear areas, we might very well see another attack. Defense does not, and cannot win wars. We should be ready for anything. And for God's sake, keep important baseliners out of space."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:16:44 ] Alizabeth Vea > /emote gestures to Dorian Reu.
    [ 2016.07.09 18:16:51 ] Dorian Reu > Ms. Vea, Why do you think the Drifter threat has not been researched by more Capsuleers, outside of the Drifter Consortium?
    [ 2016.07.09 18:18:35 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Because they are scary. That's the short answer. The doomsday weapon is a huge deterrent to most capsuleers. Capsuleer's acceptable loss calculations get very strange when they think of an engagement with a non-capsuleer ship."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:18:43 ] Mynxee > /emote raises her hand
    [ 2016.07.09 18:18:58 ] Dorian Reu > thank you
    [ 2016.07.09 18:19:29 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Additionally, the risk to reward calculation is even worse at the moment. Greed is a primary motivator for capsuleers. There's no way to get rich killing or investigating Drifters."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:19:38 ] Alizabeth Vea > "Yes, Mynxee?"
    [ 2016.07.09 18:20:18 ] Mynxee > Ms. Vea, is there any reason to think Drifters might turn their weapons on stations or planets, or citadels, at some point?
    [ 2016.07.09 18:20:25 ] Haria Haritimado > /emote leaves the auditorium through a staff only exit.
    [ 2016.07.09 18:20:56 ] Alizabeth Vea > /emote pauses. "Yes."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:21:02 ] Driffex Xyniox > /emote downs his drink in fear, lifts his hand
    [ 2016.07.09 18:21:20 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote slips into the back of the room.
    [ 2016.07.09 18:21:28 ] Kaia Starchaser > /emote takes some notes about the Drifters, plotting and scheming now.
    [ 2016.07.09 18:21:34 ] Mynxee > /emote tilts her head in a questioning manner at Ms Vea's resonse.
    [ 2016.07.09 18:21:37 ] Mynxee > *response
    [ 2016.07.09 18:21:44 ] Arline Kley > /emote raises her glass and offers a seat next to her towards Luna *
    [ 2016.07.09 18:22:09 ] Alizabeth Vea > "At present, there is the enhanced shielding that Empress Jamyl released. That may, hopefully mitigate this threat. However, the Drifters have shown no indication that they would show restraint, ever."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:22:34 ] Mynxee > /emote nods, with a look of grave concern.
    [ 2016.07.09 18:23:11 ] Alizabeth Vea > "If pressed, I could easily see them using such tactics."
    [ 2016.07.09 18:23:48 ] Alizabeth Vea > "There will be more time for questions at the Threat Panel. I will be there along with the rest of ARC's FC team. Thank you very much for hearing me speak."

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