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    Did the Jove aid our development and are the Drifters the coming dark? (By Reinheart Novan)

    Lunarisse Aspenstar

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    Did the Jove aid our development and are the Drifters the coming dark? (By Reinheart Novan)

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Tue Oct 27, 2015 5:20 am

    For over a year I have been investigating the possible locations of the Ametat & Avetat which were lost from the Empire in antiquity. As part of this I have been looking at those societies which have risen with a rapid an unexplained jump in technology or ability. Given the correlation in time I had begun with the Takmahl, but this has subsequently led to the Talocan and, more recently I have begun looking at Sansha's nation.

    Both the Takmahl and Sansha have begun as an offshoot of one of our existing civilisations but rapidly accelerated in their development. The Takmahl in biotech and Cybernetics and Sansha with his mind control implants and wormhole technology. The beginnings of the Talcocan are unknown but the evidence seems to suggest that their society suddenly crashed much like the Takmahl.

    Looking at the other end of the process has been more problematic but the sudden jump in our own technology, from the Pod had come from the Jove. From what I have learnt so far at least part of the Sansha implants also appear to indicate a Jovian link.

    Feeding into this has also been the recent revelation of the Jovian Observatories. Pilots using Entosis links appear to have shown a strong likelihood that the purpose of these towers was to observe our development and report that back, presumably to the leadership of the Jove in their space. This indicates a strong interest in at least monitoring that development, and a reasonable deduction from that is they may have had some role in shaping how that development has progressed.

    However, what also played in the back of my mind was a note and discussion with Dr Valate at the Seyllin Conference recently. Following my presentation she posited that maybe the Sleepers, or what we have come to call the Drifters, may have played a part in the collapse of the Takmahl.

    With the recent exploration of Anoikis it seems the Sansha have been struck at, there are reports of massive devastation of their fleets with these "shattered wormholes" we had reports of them fleeing systems without the use of their wormhole technology.

    What that has led to is a thought that maybe the Jove, for their ancient antiquity, may have been subtly guiding humanity on a path back to the level of development or Society had before the dark age. As the Empire has seen in our Lords great program, bringing backward Societies into our current age can be a terrible shock and raise a number of issues that a firm hand and the word of God is needed to manage effectively. Maybe the Jove, having unfortunately turned their back on God's teachings, have been trying something similar but slower and more subtly.

    This has led me to wonder about the darkness in the shadows of the light of progress. Are the Drifters the other side of the Jove and seeing development reach some unknown level they will swarm in to take us back to some unknown level? Is that what caused the Dark age originally? Alternatively are they some automaton force used by the Jove for when things go down a path they do not wish?

    With what we have seen with the Jove gate network, the observatories and their attacks on our shipping it would seem something has happened to the Jove. My concern is that, maybe, the Drifter fleet has turned on them in a way much like the drones did to create the Rogue Drone menace from the Gallenteans. With the infinitely more powerful weapons and technology we have seen from these drifters one could imagine they could have an effect. Especially if the Jove were using them as their enforcers.

    I do have strong concerns about how these events will unfold. We are seeing increased activity within the Empire. I do not know what it is in the other areas of the cluster. However, being the largest and most developed civilisation Amarr maybe their first target. Maybe the Sansha are fighting on two fronts and their continued incursions are now becoming an attempt to escape their space.

    I do not know the questions to test this hypothesis but offer my assistance to those investigating already.


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