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    Kazuma Ry

    Kazuma Ry

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    Kazuma Ry

    Post by Kazuma Ry on Fri Oct 17, 2014 3:48 pm

    "White as the falling snow. Black as our Citadels burned against the sky."

    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Apparent Age: 34
    Born: YC 082.12.04
    Planet: Danera V, Danera System, Arniri Constellation, Khanid Region
    Build: Medium
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Defining Features: Left Eye replaced with a Odin Synthetic eye (gold colour). Left arm replaced with a "Phance" Cybernetic Arm
    Royal Family Alignment: Sarum Family
    Marital Status: Unmarried
    Family: Classified
    Ancestory: Cyber Knight
    Education: Imperial Academy
    Military Rank: Cardinal Lieutenant
    Occupation: Distribution & Astroid Relocation Specialist, Contract worker for Amarr Constructions
    DED Threat Assessment: Low

    "Ad maiorem Dei gloriam" (For the greater glory of God)

    Loyal Servant to God, the Empire and the Kingdom. Loyal Follower of Sarum Family, Empress Jamyl Sarum and King Khanid II. Faith gained through knowledge and knowledge gained through Faith. In service to God, do we find the answers.

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    Kazuma Ry

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    Re: Kazuma Ry

    Post by Kazuma Ry on Sat Oct 18, 2014 12:31 pm

    Kazuma Ry

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    Re: Kazuma Ry

    Post by Kazuma Ry on Sat Oct 18, 2014 2:16 pm

    Ry Family Heritage:

    Kazuma Ry – b: 12/04/082 d:

    Mika Ry – b: 01/12/085 d:
    Aimi Ry – b: 05/09/091 d: 09/21/091

    Jelmei  Ry – b: 12/12/050 d:
    Orbai Taijut – b: 19/08/056 d:

    Altan Noyakin – b: 16/04/010 d:
    Khorijin Ry – b: 28/02/025 d:

    Great Grandparents:
    Sacha Ry – b: 04/12/23220 d: 01/11/054 (23290)
    Khada’an Keriat – b: 23/01/01 d: 24/09/105

    Great -Great Grandparents:
    Kasar Ry – b: 12/04/23206 d: 22/06/01 (23236)
    Abagai Merkit – b: 01/01/23200 d: 09/12/039 (23298)

    Great -Great-Great Grandparents:
    Yamaroku Ry – b: 19/01/23166 d: 23216 (-20 EST) (50 years old)
    Chotan Uru’ut – b: 05/01/23170 d: 09/08/034 (23270)
    Kazuma Ry

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    Re: Kazuma Ry

    Post by Kazuma Ry on Sat Oct 18, 2014 2:23 pm

    Ry family - Codex Nobilitae:

    In warfare, balance is the key to victory. A military leader who relies only on his heavy artillery will be outmaneuvered. If he sends his paladins into close combat without support he will lose his forces to enemy gunfire. An army that marches without love for God and Empire in their hearts is doomed to disaster and failure. An overwhelming force that underestimates a much smaller army is setting itself up for defeat. When each aspect is combined into the greater whole that must become greater than the sum of its individual parts.

    Do not attack blindly. Rather await the most opportune moment and then strike with the wrath of God to crush the enemy utterly. Destroy every semblance of resistance; leave none alive to contest your dominance. Take the field and leave no doubt as to who is victorious this day. Amarr Victor!

    A good general does not lead his forces to slaughter just because he knows they will obey him without hesitation. Each soldier is a precious instrument of God’s divine judgment and to be deployed wisely.

    Find your target and concentrate all your efforts to annihilate it, when it is completely wiped off God’s domain choose another target. Do this and none can hope to stand before your methodic and efficient purge. This is the surest road to glorious victory!

    Never allow the enemy to take the initiative. If you are best equipped for battle in close confines, lure the enemy into dense terrain where you will exploit your advantage to the fullest. If you have long range weaponry instead, keep the enemy at bay at extreme distance. If you outnumber the foe, attack on an extended front in a single overwhelming battle line. Use reserves to break through any breaches that form. If outnumbered, concentrate your forces so that the enemy is facing your elite cadres. No general ever won a battle when failing to take advantage of the weaknesses of their enemy.

    An open battlefield is murder plain – in war any visible target is a casualty no matter how well protected it may be. There is no glory in a senseless death.

    A commander must have the resolve and willpower to see his plan through to the end. Wars are won or lost when the strategy sessions are over and the final battle-lines are drawn.

    Yamaroku Ry
    Imperial Navy Captain
    Died gloriously in combat in the battle of Vak-Atioth
    Commander of the Apocalypse-class battleship: ‘His Wrath’


    The Ry Family is a highly militant noble family on Danera V that prides itself on having martyred many of its ancestors in battle for the Amarr Empire and Khanid Kingdom. The Codex Nobilitae is a manual employed by the Ry family itself and their family guard. It is a collection of documents, doctrines, manuals and notes approved by the Ministry of War, Royal Khanid Navy and the council of family elders. Much of these writings have been contributed by family members over the centuries, and inside the family it considered a great source of honour and pride to have one’s wisdoms immortalized in the Codex Nobilitae. The Codex was called into existence to ensure that the family would always conduct honourably in battle, and attempt to transfer some regal grace onto the lesser men that fight in the family guard.

    ((OOC, rewording from Lucius, thank you ))

    House Ry Coat of Arms

    House Ry as far back as recorded history goes, has always had the Standard of 3 Towers surrounding a Raven.
    The Towers represent stability and defense. while the Raven represents Intelligence and wisdom.

    It is also told as a bedtime story in House Ry, that the Raven helped God free the Sun, Moon, and stars to create the universe, and in return God gave the Raven the Towers so that he would have a strong home forever.
    Kazuma Ry

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    Re: Kazuma Ry

    Post by Kazuma Ry on Sat Oct 18, 2014 2:34 pm

    ((OOC: Personal Note, this was filled out many years ago, but much still holds true to who Kazuma is ))

    [Psychometric profiling questionnaire to assess pilot stability. Analysis made by CONCORD prior to accepting a new pilot from taking his license.]

    Describe the perfect room?
    Perfect Room, the perfect room would be an open air chapel, in the middle of the forest, with old worn benches and a small podium. This is the perfect room, where one can worship god away from technology and surrounded by all his glory.

    What is more important: status, personal gain or self-satisfaction?
    No of them, what is most important is Loyalty to the Empire. Status, personal gain, self-satisfaction, will all come to you, if you stay loyal.

    What is the perfect time of day? Weather?
    Midday, Mid-Spring. Partial cloudy with white clouds, with the sun peaking thru the clouds.

    What era of history most intrigues you? What would you have been doing if you had lived in that period?
    The beginning of the Reclaiming on Amarr Prime, when the True Amarr, Khanid, and Udorian were being integrated into 1 empire. I would have been a soldier, following the commands of my leaders, to the death if necessary.

    What kind of animal would you be?
    Slaver Hound, they are strong, loyal, and proud animals, that never give quarter to their prey.

    Describe the perfect mate?
    The perfect mate would be a Khanid woman, from a respectable family. She would have to have similar views as of mine, for a better Kingdom and Empire. She would want to live planet side and want to start a family.

    What is more important: honor or success at all costs?
    Honor, success means nothing if your honor is not intact. Honor must never be sacrificed for success, since doing so; you will disgrace your family, corp., Empire, and the Lord.

    Describe your most vivid memory, dream or daydream from childhood?
    My most vivid dream, I was alone out in the fields on Danear V. I was just slowly walking letting my hands run over the tops of the tall grass, when I heard a loud sound, and look up, to see the most beautiful Black ship fly over me, it looked like a pair of pincers. As it flew over me, it then darted up into the sky, once reaching orbit blinking away. It was then I knew that I wanted to be in space.

    What is the perfect musical form?
    The perfect musical form, is the Morin Khuur and Limbe played together (both instruments unique to Danera V, Morin Khuur is kind of like a large fiddle, that rests on the knee as you play. The Limbe is a flute), the artist playing the Morin Khuur, singing a long song (Long song, also unique to Danera V, is usually 4 minutes long, and only has about a dozen words).

    If you were to go on an expedition what three items would you pack first?
    Laser rifle, a trusty slaver hound, and a data pad full of scriptures.

    What part of your body best represents you as a person?
    My eyes, they are the gateway to the soul, and my soul is what I truly am. Through the eyes, you can tell if the person is a good man, or evil. If their soul is tainted or pure. If they walk the path of the Lord, or if they have turned away from it.

    What is the perfect vehicle or ship class? Color? Options?
    Fleet Command Ship Damnation, all black except the blue lights. Fitted with 3 Armor warfare links, full rack of Heavy assault missile launchers.
    Support Cruiser Guardian, all black (if possible). Fitted to assist the Templar of the Empire in their fight against the heathens.

    Describe the perfect meal.
    Perfect meal, I would consist of quail, with a light fresh salad, soup. To drink would be a glass of Royal Khanid Whiskey.

    What is your favorite color?
    Forest Green. It reminds me of a fresh spring day in the forest, maybe right after a light rain.

    How far could you be pushed before becoming violent?
    It would depend on how I was being pushed, if the attack was just towards me, it would take quite a lot. If the attack was towards a member of the corp./alliance, it would be easier. Now how I would fight back would vary on how a corp mate or I were being pushed.

    Describe an interesting part of the Scriptures?

    Those who embrace the Lord
    And walk in light
    Shall be saved by His grace
    For we are the shepherds in the dark
    His Angels of Mercy

    Those who turn away from the light
    And walk in darkness
    Shall be stuck down by His wrath
    For we are retribution incarnate
    His Angels of Vengeance

    - Scriptures. Book of Reclaiming 4:45
    I find this interesting, in that as a combat pod pilot, I follow the Empress orders, and her will is the Lords will, so to kill heretics or heathens that refuse to follow the path of God, I have become his angel of Vengeance.

    What is the purpose of war?
    War has no purpose other than to kill, while many heathens state they have a reason, it is always for personal gains. We Amarrians would prefer not to fight, we would prefer to live peacefully, but until the reclamation is complete, we must do what we can to bring peace to the galaxy. Unfortunately, we are met with violence, that doesn’t like reason, so we must use violence to fight violence.

    Describe the perfect weapon.
    The perfect weapon is the Scriptures, for they are the word of our Lord, and it is the truth.

    In your last 24 hours of life, what would you most want to accomplish?
    I would want to make sure that my linage would continue, to ensure that my children and grandchildren have the resources needed to thrive. To ensure that the way of life I fight for now is there for them after I am gone.

    What is your preferred method of attacking the enemy: a full frontal assault or sneaking up from behind? Or maybe other different one?
    Preferred method would be to teach them the scriptures, to convert them. But if that isn’t possible, then a full frontal assault, with forces set up for both a rear and flanking assaults.

    What Gods could you have descended from (by your personality etc)?
    I did not descend from GODS, I came from the 1 true god, and he created me to be his servant, to carry out his will. To convert who I can, to send souls back to him from the ones I can’t.

    What emotions are acceptable to display in public?
    Happiness, Sorrow, and Joy are acceptable.

    What is the worst crime a person can perform?

    Who is your greatest hero and why?

    Caldari admiral Yakiya Tovil-Toba, while he is not an Amarrian, he showed that his loyalty to the Caldari was true, he is what any soldier should look up to, the willingness to sacrifice one’s self to ensure that many survive.

    Is it more satisfying to achieve success or to strive towards it?
    It is more satisfying to strive towards it; it always gives you something to keep moving towards, to always have you keep learning.

    What traits in others can you really not tolerate?
    Disloyalty and Traitorous acts

    What quality in others do you respect the most?
    Loyalty, and honour

    Describe the perfect trap?
    The perfect trap is one that the enemy doesn’t even know has been sprung by actions he did weeks prior.

    What is the worst sin?

    If the FTL comms buzzed in the middle of the night, who would you hope it would be?
    The wife of my dreams.. lol.. I don’t know, usually I will ignore any FTL comms buzzed to me in the middle of the night, I have loyal men and women working for me, that will answer any comms in the middle of the night.

    What do you fear the most?
    Losing my faith in the Lord, the Empire, and Kingdom.

    What is your best trait?
    Dependability and Loyalty

    What is your worst weakness?
    Unwilling sacrifice to the Corp

    What is your most irresistible motivation?
    The drive to keep moving forward.

    Anything you would like to add?
    I am usually more reserved then this in the Comm channels, but I feel that it is best to give details, to ensure that my superiors have a good understanding of me. I do enjoy to be relaxed and not as high strung as these answers might make me appear.

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