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    Rp - Membership Interview of Kilaine Simet

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    Rp - Membership Interview of Kilaine Simet

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:47 pm

    [ 2014.08.28 21:22:07 ] EVE System Channel MOTD: OOC: This is a roleplaying channel; a virtual chatroom that you may speak in in-character (IC). A variety of input options are available: you may use text, audio, video and hologram or image. Choose truth and oppose lies.
    [ 2014.08.28 22:28:46 ] Kilaine Simet > /emote bows her head politely upon connecting to the channel. > "A good evening."
    [ 2014.08.28 22:30:55 ] Nicoletta Mithra > Good evening.
    [ 2014.08.28 22:31:25 ] Nicoletta Mithra > Cpt. ahhh... Simet? That's right, no?
    [ 2014.08.28 22:32:25 ] Kilaine Simet > Correct ma'am, thank you. How are you, if you do not mind me asking?
    [ 2014.08.28 22:33:23 ] Nicoletta Mithra > I'm just dine, thank you. I hope the same goes for you?
    [ 2014.08.28 22:37:10 ] Kilaine Simet > Indeed I am, thank you. I was wondering if you would permit me to ask some questions regarding your corporation?
    [ 2014.08.28 22:37:29 ] Nicoletta Mithra > Sure, that's part of what this channel is there for.
    [ 2014.08.28 22:39:36 ] Kilaine Simet > Thank you. First and foremost question is if you are currently hiring?
    [ 2014.08.28 22:40:20 ] Nicoletta Mithra > We always look for people who fit into SFRIM to join our ranks. *Nico smiles.*
    [ 2014.08.28 22:41:56 ] Kilaine Simet > /emote allows herself a small smile.
    [ 2014.08.28 22:43:01 ] Kilaine Simet > In that case may I ask what the requirements are?
    [ 2014.08.28 22:47:55 ] Nicoletta Mithra > Well, sure. We look for pilots who are loyal to God and Greater Amarr, who are not fundamentalists nor religious nut-cases and who put the duty to God before everything else - in themselves and others.
    [ 2014.08.28 22:49:15 ] Nicoletta Mithra > Also, potential recruits should have an interest in peaceful resolution of conflicts. We leave fighting other podpilots to the paramilitary corporations as far as we are able to.
    [ 2014.08.28 22:49:40 ] Kilaine Simet > /emote nods while listening.
    [ 2014.08.28 22:50:18 ] Nicoletta Mithra > That's about it.
    [ 2014.08.28 22:50:44 ] Kilaine Simet > I have tried my hand in the 24th, I have found this not to be to my liking.
    [ 2014.08.28 22:51:20 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote nods. "It's good to find out what is right for oneself."
    [ 2014.08.28 22:52:48 ] Kilaine Simet > Indeed ma'am. Do you permit your pilots to work for agents of the Empire, and engage in combat that way?
    [ 2014.08.28 22:53:49 ] Nicoletta Mithra > Of course. Policing the Empire and other regions of Greater Amarr is one of the tasks we fullfill in our duty to God.
    [ 2014.08.28 22:57:48 ] Kilaine Simet > /emote nods once more.
    [ 2014.08.28 22:58:36 ] Kilaine Simet > Are there any requirements I would have to fulfill, or skillsets I would have to posses to be able to apply?
    [ 2014.08.28 23:00:02 ] Nicoletta Mithra > I hope you will either be able to find a niche in which you can put the skills you have to good use or willing to acquire the skills that you need for the niche you want to conquer for yourself. *Nico winks.*
    [ 2014.08.28 23:00:20 ] Nicoletta Mithra > So, no, no requirements there.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:01:58 ] Kilaine Simet > I am but a humble servant of God ma'am, I doubt I will conquer much in the grand scheme of things. However I will gladly play my part.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:03:32 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote raises a hand, palm outward - maybe a defensive gesture. "Sarumite parlance. We conquer about everything." Nico smiles. "Even if we aren't strictly speaking 'soldiering away' at that moment."
    [ 2014.08.28 23:07:11 ] Nicoletta Mithra > But yah, if you just play your part, that's more than enough.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:07:21 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote smiles warmly.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:08:07 ] Kilaine Simet > But of course ma'am I understand. I would like to play my part in a more focussed, more structural way if possible. Alone is but alone.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:10:10 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote nods. "Well, we provide some kind of framework for working together at SFRIm, but we expect our pilots still to be self-sufficent and self-directed. Which means, if you want to join in the projects going on in the corp, speak to the members...
    [ 2014.08.28 23:10:40 ] Nicoletta Mithra > pushing them. They are expected to find a place for you in their schemes, if you ask."
    [ 2014.08.28 23:13:49 ] Kilaine Simet > In that case I would like to apply for your corporation, if you'll permit me.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:19:39 ] Nicoletta Mithra > Of course, I'd be delighted! Alas, to follow proper procedure, you will have to go through an informal interview in which we have the opportunity to get to know you a bit and see if you fit in well with SFRIM, before we will accept your application. ...
    [ 2014.08.28 23:20:19 ] Nicoletta Mithra > And as my recruitment officer is on vacation, I would have to try to make some free time for that. *Nico smiles.* Next to all the paperwork I handle.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:21:13 ] Nicoletta Mithra > You will see, I'm not really the person who keeps this corp running. It's mainly Lord Raholan and Lady Aspenstar and all the other diligent members of SFRIM.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:23:32 ] Kilaine Simet > /emote bows her head politely. > "I will wait until such time as someone is available ma'am."
    [ 2014.08.28 23:24:46 ] Nicoletta Mithra > Do you have time right now? I would not be able to meet you in person - as I would prefer and my recruitment officer usually manages to - but it would suffice if we do this via a fluid-router connection.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:25:24 ] Kilaine Simet > Of course ma'am, I have the time now.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar

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    Re: Rp - Membership Interview of Kilaine Simet

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:49 pm

    Channel Name: Private Chat

    [ 2014.08.28 23:28:21 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote smiles. "So, I heared a bit about you already. But I'd be interested to hear what exactly drew you to SFRIM:"
    [ 2014.08.28 23:30:22 ] Kilaine Simet > Ma'am, I seek to serve God, and the Amarr empire in ways I am capable of. Having tried my hand at the military organizations I found them not to be for me. This in turn rules out the Praetorians.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:32:22 ] Kilaine Simet > I have taken the time to read up on certain organizations, all serving the cause. SFRIM stood out to me due to it's more free and honest nature.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:33:19 ] Kilaine Simet > Permission to speak freely ma'am?
    [ 2014.08.28 23:34:33 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote nods. "I expect you to. As I said, this is an informalinterview."
    [ 2014.08.28 23:35:07 ] Kilaine Simet > Thank you ma'am.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:35:27 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote gives a friendly nod.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:36:15 ] Kilaine Simet > SFRIM as a whole does not give off an air of superiority, it's members from what I have been able to read are not full of themselves like I see others. I hope this does not offend.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:37:24 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote smiles and shakes her head. "It doesn't offend me, at least." She winks. "Anything else to add?"
    [ 2014.08.28 23:37:36 ] Kilaine Simet > No ma'am.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:38:31 ] Nicoletta Mithra > Well, then I'd ask you what,if you had to summarize it in a few sentences, do you think is the essence of the Amarr Faith?
    [ 2014.08.28 23:43:04 ] Kilaine Simet > Enlightenment, eye opening, gentle. Those are words that come to mind. The essence of Amarr faith is to strive to better oneself and through that better others and the world around us.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:44:10 ] Kilaine Simet > To me the Amarr faith goes hand in hand with peace and prosperity.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:44:43 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote nods. "A very thoughtful answer, yet one that speaks to the heart."
    [ 2014.08.28 23:46:19 ] Nicoletta Mithra > Now, given your answer in regard to the question of the essence of the Amarr Faith... Is it more important to be born of Amarr blood or to live a righteous life in fear of God?" Nico perks an eyebrow.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:48:40 ] Kilaine Simet > As Khanid ma'am, I face the constant reminder that I am not of pure Amarr blood. I believe God is open to all those who embrace the faith. If one lives righteous, with respect, fear, and modesty all can be accepted in His light.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:54:40 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote nods. "I see. But still, what is more important? Noble birth or noble action?"
    [ 2014.08.28 23:54:55 ] Kilaine Simet > Noble action ma'am.
    [ 2014.08.28 23:55:27 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote tilts her head, eyeing Kilaine attentively. "And why would you say so?"
    [ 2014.08.28 23:59:35 ] Kilaine Simet > /emote averts her eyes, quickly glancing down > "I understand the hierarchy that comes with noble birth ma'am. Please do not mistake this for insolence. It is my personal opinion that through hard work, and dedication one can truely express themselve...
    [ 2014.08.29 00:01:12 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote gives a nod. "What does the Scripture say about the matter? Why are the Amarr to be considered of noble and pure blood?"
    [ 2014.08.29 00:04:02 ] Kilaine Simet > Because they were the only ones that lived righteous and in fear of God. Where others lived in heresy and blasphemy. That is why the Amarr are God's chosen.
    [ 2014.08.29 00:05:23 ] Nicoletta Mithra > Well. *Nico smiles.* That makes quite clearwhat is more important, no? As the cause is more noble than the result.
    [ 2014.08.29 00:06:48 ] Kilaine Simet > Yes ma'am.
    [ 2014.08.29 00:11:32 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote smiles. "As I said, you can speek freely, I certainly don't feel superior for my genetic makeup."
    [ 2014.08.29 00:11:57 ] Nicoletta Mithra > Anyhow...
    [ 2014.08.29 00:12:09 ] Kilaine Simet > Forgive me, it is a force of habit.
    [ 2014.08.29 00:12:39 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote gives a knowing nod. "Onto another question: What do you think is the purpose of slavery and how should slaves be treated?"
    [ 2014.08.29 00:16:41 ] Kilaine Simet > Slavery serves a dual purpose. It gives us as enlightened, through means of the Holders an option to save those who serve us. In return those who serve allow us to fulfill our purpose better.
    [ 2014.08.29 00:19:18 ] Kilaine Simet > As for the treatement, while not equal they should be treated with respect. They are servants of God and fulfill their own role in their own way. Much like me, they play their part, and should be treated accordingly.
    [ 2014.08.29 00:23:01 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote nods. "And how is a slave saved? What should happen to him, if he is?" Nico perks an eyebrow at Kilaine again.
    [ 2014.08.29 00:24:59 ] Kilaine Simet > /emote stands proud this time, almost with a twinkle in her eyes. > "Those saved, when appropriate, may be released as citizens of the Empire."
    [ 2014.08.29 00:27:01 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote gives a nod, again. "Thanks for your answers so far. I have one last question left: Do you still have any questions about SFRIM?"
    [ 2014.08.29 00:27:57 ] Kilaine Simet > No ma'am.
    [ 2014.08.29 00:39:47 ] Nicoletta Mithra > Well, revisiting the interview quickly...
    [ 2014.08.29 00:40:11 ] Nicoletta Mithra > I'd say we'd be honored to have you! *Nico gives a warm smile.*
    [ 2014.08.29 00:40:49 ] Kilaine Simet > /emote does bite her lip for the brief moment of hesitation, standing up straight and at attention as the final word falls.
    [ 2014.08.29 00:41:02 ] Kilaine Simet > Thank you ma'am, I promise I will not dissapoint.
    [ 2014.08.29 00:42:25 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote gives a nod and a smile. "At ease, soldier. I said informal interview." Nico winks.
    [ 2014.08.29 00:43:48 ] Kilaine Simet > Yes ma'am *Relaxes ever so slightly, permitting herself a smile.* Force of habit still.
    [ 2014.08.29 00:50:43 ] Nicoletta Mithra > /emote smiles and nods. "I know the feeling."

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