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    Slack - SFRM IC LOGS

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    Slack - SFRM IC LOGS

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:05 pm

    These logs are from Slack - Corp - IC channel.

    These can be considered archived here, as a data base in SFRIM's Library, and IC knowledge.
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    Re: Slack - SFRM IC LOGS

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:06 pm

    August 26th, YC 118

    unarisse [11:38 AM]
    Loai is so scary it took 12 pirates to take down her venture

    Venture | Loai Qerl | Killmail
    Loai Qerl (Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque) lost their Venture in Teshkat (Tash-Murkon). Final Blow by Jemes Brown (Black Sharks Division) flying in a Orthrus. Total Value: 751,522.79 ISK

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [11:39 AM]
    Indeed. Looks like a black-ops drop.

    Lunarisse [11:40 AM]
    Six different corporations.

    Quite an operation to discourage her mining interests

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [11:41 AM]
    makes a bored face. "Absolutely no class or style to it. Just blatant violence."

    CC Schmidt [12:53 PM]
    moves to say something, sputtering impotently instead. It takes him a while to escape being absolutely fucking floundered.

    CC Schmidt [12:53 PM]
    A... Blops drop... On a Venture?

    An Orthrus?

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [12:53 PM]
    No kill like overkill. Right?

    CC Schmidt [12:54 PM]
    Haha, are you fucking prodding me right now? A Gila?

    "Hey guys, come get on this mail! It's a VENTURE!"

    Fucking tacky. Tasteless. Bland. How awful.

    I'm genuinely upset. What a bastardization of any semblance of combat.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [12:56 PM]
    I don't know. A Venture is a venerable target.

    Its got drones and mining lasers, you know.

    CC Schmidt [12:58 PM]
    I need to fund Loai's mining ventures and fits.

    It's not the best fit, to be honest.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [12:59 PM]
    How so? I'm only familiar at the capsuleer level with Confessors, Coercers, and frigates.

    Lunarisse [1:00 PM]
    I guess they were scraping the bottom of the barrel because they can't fight anything tougher?

    CC Schmidt [1:04 PM]
    The venture needs to fit all its turret slots with mining lasers to even be halfway worth flying.

    An alternative setup is two harvesters and a cloak.

    Fitting a small laser on her venture means she's only getting half output.

    Tack on the fact she has no mining upgrader in her lowslot and she's pulling out dangerously low yield.

    Shit's not economical.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [1:06 PM]
    I see

    CC Schmidt [1:12 PM]
    Were you asking if my wife was upset I spent time with other women?

    I hang out with lots of people! Most of my friends are girls, though.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [1:13 PM]
    I was not asking, but thank you for informing me of that.

    I was actually having a conversation with somebody that I need to evolve my expectations in a relationship. There are very very few capsuleer men interested in dating.

    CC Schmidt [1:13 PM]
    I was asking Luna.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [1:13 PM]
    We theorized on why there are so many 'space lesbians' as she called them. Could not come up with an idea.

    CC Schmidt [1:13 PM]
    Go on? (edited)

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [1:13 PM]
    Ah, gotcha.

    CC Schmidt [1:14 PM]
    Yeah, Space Lezzies.

    Everyone and their dead dog seems to be one.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [1:15 PM]

    I was theorizing if part of it isn't just that its mostly women that seem interested in conversation beyond, and I quote


    "I KILL YOU"

    "U SUK LOL"

    Lunarisse [1:16 PM]
    *lightly* I am not.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [1:16 PM]
    A few choice pieces pulled from local

    Lunarisse [1:16 PM]
    Well.. the capsuleer pool is thin, in both genders.

    most seem to have severe dementia

    CC Schmidt [1:16 PM]

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [1:17 PM]
    I would have called it, with no insult intended to our God, a god complex.

    Many seem to perceive themselves as gods, or demi-gods themselves.

    CC Schmidt [1:18 PM]
    That still doesn't explain why most women instinctively jump for the same sex, and why it's so fucking prevalent.

    Maybe that's why so many women are attracted to me.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [1:18 PM]
    laughs lightly

    CC Schmidt [1:18 PM]
    'Cuz I look like a girl.

    CC Schmidt [1:18 PM]

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [1:18 PM]
    If I had to guess, it'd be because there seem to be more women in general in actual conversational channels than men.

    I'd say almost two-to-one.

    CC Schmidt [1:19 PM]
    Just because I have a riveting discussion with a guy doesn't mean I want him in me.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [1:20 PM]
    This is true. I more meant that there is a distinct lack of male romantic partners for someone who is in the market.

    If I was a psychologist, I'd be interested in researching this.

    CC Schmidt [1:21 PM]

    @belboma: BEEEEL

    Bel Boma [1:21 PM]

    CC Schmidt [1:24 PM]
    Research why everyone's a lesbian.

    Lunarisse [1:26 PM]
    *lightly* this could be an academic paper

    for my contest (edited)

    Bel Boma [1:26 PM]
    It has been some time since I have done professional work in that field.

    CC Schmidt [1:26 PM]
    That's what I was getting at! Submit your lesbian study and win isk.

    Bel Boma [1:27 PM]
    I doubt it is psychological in nature. It seems more biological to me.

    Mrs. Daphiti, you are an opportunist.

    Lunarisse [1:33 PM]
    *quirks a smile* guilty as charged.

    Satja 'definately not Kador' Askariin [5:26 PM]
    I'd very much be interested in knowing why there are so many predatory lesbians in the capsuleer community at large.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [5:27 PM]

    Bel Boma [5:36 PM]
    I wish I could ask the same question like I did not have experience with that side of the community.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar

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    Re: Slack - SFRM IC LOGS

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:07 pm

    August 30th YC 118

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:39 PM]
    It appears Che Bilko complained in official channels about The Good Word being just like 'the summit'

    Lunarisse [2:40 PM]
    It is supposed to have a different atmosphere. In my absence I have heard word of a lack of civility.

    that is why I sent the reminder to the Society I did. I have not been given specific examples, however as no one has sent me logs.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:40 PM]
    I wasn't involved, I just noticed he and Charles do not get along.

    CC Schmidt [2:49 PM]
    Oh, yeah. He expressed sincere disapproval at Aria for her joining the Hive Op.

    So I made a light hearted joke at him - at his expense - and he got really bent out of shape about it.

    Jennifer Starfall [2:49 PM]
    Che is an Alexylva Paradox pilot.

    CC Schmidt [2:49 PM]
    Yeah. I don't know about him, but those Paradox folk are. Uh.

    They're "out there."

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:49 PM]
    I am unfamiliar with him. Does he have history with Aria?

    CC Schmidt [2:50 PM]
    I don't know. He's hit on her once while I was within earshot.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:50 PM]
    Or the "Paradox" folk.

    Jennifer Starfall [2:50 PM]
    Yes, he does.

    CC Schmidt [2:50 PM]
    Oh! Did they bang?

    Jennifer Starfall [2:50 PM]
    He knows the "old" Aria.

    CC Schmidt [2:50 PM]
    Sorry, ignore that.

    Oh, wow. That's pretty terrifying.

    If someone knew me before my updated me, I'd give them a wide berth and or a knife in the heart.

    Lunarisse [2:51 PM]
    Well.. Che has been a long time friend of the Society

    And has supported a.. number of my projects.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:51 PM]
    I see.

    Jennifer Starfall [2:51 PM]
    Che's a bit offset from the norm. He fits in well with Saede's crew.

    Lunarisse [2:52 PM]
    I appreciate if people can be sensitive/civil to him, even if he.. is thin skinned.

    CC Schmidt [2:52 PM]
    I know. I'm trying.

    I can't take the Paradox people. They're sick. I don't know if there's a cure.

    Lunarisse [2:52 PM]
    he.. is an exception.

    CC Schmidt [2:53 PM]
    So I've seen. I was surprised he was in that Corp to begin with.

    Lunarisse [2:55 PM]
    I.. confess it surprised both me and Ms. Jenneth.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:56 PM]
    How are they sick? I do not understand.

    Lunarisse [2:56 PM]
    A total of lack of morality, for the most part, unhinged by any constraints, justified by post-trans humanism

    CC Schmidt [2:56 PM]
    There's a reasonable amount of disconnect for most folk in this line of work that one must adopt in order to stay a touch sane and a touch responsible, but the Alx people don't have it. They embrace it as a step as trans-humanistic progression.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:58 PM]
    RIght, I underderstand that with most.

    A lack of morality combined with being nearly immortal is not a good thing.

    CC Schmidt [2:59 PM]
    They will say and do anything to further this goal. They have done anything to further this goal. Saede claims to have changed for the better, but lobotomizing an entire massive group of tourists they were "tour guiding" into their shithole of W-Space to "find consciousness" still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:59 PM]
    They _what?!_

    CC Schmidt [2:59 PM]
    Saede is known for it.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:59 PM]
    That's absurd.

    CC Schmidt [2:59 PM]
    Yeah. She gets pretty pissy when you blame her for it at this point.

    As if time changes anything.

    Disgusting pig with a shitty haircut. She makes mechanical Aug users look bad.

    Yeah, I'm mad.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:02 PM]
    Mechanical aug... Oh. Right.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:02 PM]
    smiles grimly. "That sounds unpleasant."

    CC Schmidt [3:03 PM]
    What, being mad?


    Being mad is fantastic.

    Bel Boma [3:03 PM]
    Saede "Vivisection" Rhiodan?

    CC Schmidt [3:03 PM]

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:03 PM]

    Jennifer Starfall [3:03 PM]
    Their ROE have Sansha as blue.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:03 PM]
    makes a sound of disgust

    Lunarisse [3:03 PM]
    Also troubling.. I have found it hard to accept their word on anything. There is no moral constraint to going back on it. I'll say.. nothing further. (edited)

    Jennifer Starfall [3:03 PM]

    Jennifer Starfall [3:04 PM]
    And that's not speculation. It's in the corporate bulletins.

    They also, accepted Funk and her abortion of a half-sister as members.

    Bel Boma [3:04 PM]
    Oh, I love her. Just adore her. Whenever someone makes a comment about the Faith and its "suspect" tools, all I have to do is mention Saede's operation and they stutter and squirm.

    She is a wonderful conversational redirection.

    CC Schmidt [3:05 PM]
    I want to pay HK to burn her precious Origins to the ground.

    Lunarisse [3:05 PM]
    It'll.. be expensive.

    CC Schmidt [3:05 PM]
    But I'm too poor and that's a lot of unfortunate lives.

    Lunarisse [3:05 PM]
    Don't.. ask how I know.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:06 PM]
    And while, I am something of a transhumanist, as is Garion, Saede takes it to a disturbing extreme, completely discarding any sense of humanity.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:06 PM]
    I see.

    CC Schmidt [3:06 PM]
    She takes the humanist out of transhumanist. Literally. They swap between boy and girl clones regularly.

    Bel Boma [3:06 PM]
    As capsuleers some parts of transhumanism is inevitable.

    Does anyone know the vivisection story well enough to explain it to Miss Yassavi?

    Jennifer Starfall [3:07 PM]
    When I was the diplomatic officer for Repracor, I'll admit that I did place a request with Wingspan for deliveries to be made. Provided the wormhole ID and everything.

    CC Schmidt [3:07 PM]
    Already did, Bel.

    Bel Boma [3:07 PM]
    I must not have heard.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:07 PM]
    This just sounds entirely unpleasant.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:08 PM]
    Charles, they don't "swap" clones. That's just the one that happens to be talking to you at the time.

    CC Schmidt [3:08 PM]
    Oh, right. Yeah. That too.

    Concord violations for everyone!

    Bel Boma [3:08 PM]
    I believed that to be illegal under CONCORD.

    Lunarisse [3:08 PM]
    It is.

    Bel Boma [3:08 PM]
    You would think CONCORD would handle that.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:08 PM]
    It is. CONCORD's jurisdiction does not extend to the anoikis.

    Bel Boma [3:09 PM]

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:09 PM]
    Why is she tolerated to exist?

    Or would removing her prove difficult as to be untenable?

    CC Schmidt [3:10 PM]
    Because nobody gives enough of a shit.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:10 PM]
    There... there was also a rather horrifying incident when I was... an employee... it could be the plot of a cheesy Gallente horror vid, but it was real.

    CC Schmidt [3:10 PM]

    Don't do that.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:11 PM]
    Don't do what?

    CC Schmidt [3:11 PM]
    Join the Paradox.

    CC Schmidt [3:11 PM]
    Pinned a message. See all pinned items in this channel.
    CC Schmidt
    Join the Paradox.
    Posted in #sfrim-icYesterday at 3:11 PM

    CC Schmidt [3:11 PM]
    Haha... Out of context.

    I'm hilarious.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:11 PM]
    You're a regular politician.

    CC Schmidt [3:13 PM]
    I'm such a garbage politician.

    I just like to poke people until they pop by skirting around all the proper civil requirements just barely.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:14 PM]
    If you've been attempting that with me, I hadn't noticed.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:14 PM]
    has a hint of amusement, as if the prospect of doing so amuses her

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:14 PM]
    That sounds like it is fun, but could get old fast.

    CC Schmidt [3:14 PM]
    Doesn't get old. Everyone's unique. Figuring them out is part of the fun.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:16 PM]
    What have you figured out about me, pray tell?

    Jennifer Starfall [3:16 PM]
    Here. I saved this data off while I was there. No particular reason at the time. You spend enough time running exploratory operations, you become a data packrat.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:19 PM]
    I skimmed it.

    That seems... Irresponsible, at best. Reminds me of that awful surgical experiment they were calling Viriel for a while.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:19 PM]
    looks uncomfortable.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:19 PM]
    Seems to me his maker and her should get along right well.

    My apologies, Jennifer. I do not mean that Viriel himself was awful. Just the experiment that made him what he is or was now, since he seems to have vanished.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:20 PM]
    _says flatly_ "No, he's an abomination." (edited)

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:21 PM]
    I do not know the person. I just know that the _what_ he is is... At best, irresponsible. At worst, Seraphim should have faced some sort of punishment for breaking multiple scientific ethics laws.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:22 PM]
    grimaces. "But not as bad as Saede, from what I've seen and heard."

    Bel Boma [3:22 PM]
    He is bad at ordering ice cream.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:22 PM]
    He's irresponsible, murderous, treacherous and a monster.

    CC Schmidt [3:22 PM]
    Like me, but uglier.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:23 PM]
    rubs her left forearm.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:23 PM]
    I see.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:24 PM]
    We're all monsters in our own ways, but he... he was ignorant of it or made excuses for it.

    Bel Boma [3:24 PM]
    He spilled it all over my counter.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:24 PM]

    CC Schmidt [3:24 PM]
    Yeah, what an ass.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:24 PM]
    Spilled his monstrousness?

    CC Schmidt [3:24 PM]
    Sometimes I'd like to get a hold of him and strap him to a table.

    What about you, Jenn?

    Bel Boma [3:25 PM]
    Then walked in the puddle of it that formed on the floor, in his bare feet, and tracked the melted ice cream all over the parlor.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:25 PM]
    says, in an uncharacteristic bout of profanity, "What the fuck is wrong with capsuleers?"

    Bel Boma [3:25 PM]
    Although he did tip.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:25 PM]
    gives Charles a black look.

    CC Schmidt [3:25 PM]
    Hehe. Just a funny joke.

    An inside joke, rather.

    Bel Boma [3:26 PM]
    I do like tips.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:26 PM]
    No, it's not.

    Bel Boma [3:26 PM]
    I could go without the mess.

    CC Schmidt [3:26 PM]
    It's hilarious.

    Bel, when are you going to be back?

    What are you even doing?

    Bel Boma [3:26 PM]
    I am back.

    My neocom has not been connected, but I am still around.

    I find the chatter distracts often.

    CC Schmidt [3:27 PM]
    How about you stop hiding in a corner and hang out with your friends once in a while?

    Bel Boma [3:28 PM]
    I will.

    CC Schmidt [3:29 PM]

    Bel Boma [3:30 PM]
    If it so pleases you, tonight.

    CC Schmidt [3:31 PM]
    That's hella fresh.

    Bel Boma [3:37 PM]

    CC Schmidt [10:19 PM]

    That's all good. I have an appointment soon, probably a few days to a week out of contact with everyone.

    I'll let you know how it goes!

    Bel Boma [11:21 PM]
    I apologize.
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    Re: Slack - SFRM IC LOGS

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:08 pm

    August 31st YC 118

    Lunarisse [11:54 AM]
    *lightly* I can't respond right now.. but if Society folks can give a serious response to this, I would be appreciative.

    An actual discussion about the Empire and the Federation - Intergalactic Summit - EVE Online Forums
    An actual discussion about the Empire and the Federation: I'm not trolling, I swear, I promise. But I think there's actually a lotta good discussion to be had concerning where the Federation and the Empire intersect and where they diverge. My work's inna system right on the border of Domain, in an area where...

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [12:32 PM]
    I will give it a look

    Lunarisse [12:33 PM]
    And.. let's take in the spirit intended. I am disappointed in PIE's response.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [12:34 PM]
    He could have said that more tactfully or not at all, even if it can be considered somewhat true.

    Lunarisse [12:34 PM]

    CC Schmidt [12:46 PM]
    G-F-D-I, PIE.

    Way to rotoscope himself right into the stereotype.

    Bel Boma [12:47 PM]
    I will think before offering something. I feel I am in a unique position on the topic.

    Lunarisse [12:52 PM]
    Thank you. And I especially.. hope those who are Observers to the Villore Accords can respond to that post.

    Such as Miss Boma, Mr. Schmidt, Ms. Runekin and Lord Tash Murkon

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [12:52 PM]
    Villore Accords?

    Lunarisse [12:52 PM]
    *nods* The Society - as I've set forth in some mails - has sent some observers .

    I view it as a chance to understand the Federation better, as well as to educate them on our points of views.

    CC Schmidt [12:54 PM]
    The VilAssembly is pretty much where the most influential Fed Capsuleers go to offer their power via incredibly changing motions and resolutions and delegates and yada yada.

    I helped get a resolution passed this last session so that the VAssembly is going to send a delegation to attend the coronation of the Empress.

    I'm really honored, honestly, to be on it.

    Lunarisse [12:59 PM]

    The resolution, rather.

    Let's discuss tonight when you have time please, or tomorrow tonight.

    ((I want this discussion in game))

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [1:00 PM]
    I see. Interesting.

    CC Schmidt [1:04 PM]
    I should be about tonight. We'll have a little sit down, like last time.

    Lyse [1:04 PM]
    "Why would they be allowed to send a delegation? The last time there was a coronation (I looked) no capusleers attended. They cleared out Amarr completely. The time before that, only the champions of the Trials and their retainers attended."

    CC Schmidt [1:05 PM]
    Maybe not for the ceremony directly, but for the general event in and of itself. Besides, new beginnings for the Empire. Maybe am exception will be made.

    Lunarisse [1:06 PM]
    The Federation did also send representatives.. to the funeral.

    Still its up to imperial authorities.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [1:06 PM]
    It would be interesting to see relations between the two improved.

    Lyse [1:06 PM]
    "If it were up to me, I wouldn't let a capsuleer of any kind within sight of the new Empress."

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [1:07 PM]
    I doubt they will. If they do, she will probably be in a class of ship so as to prevent interference.

    CC Schmidt [1:07 PM]
    If even. They'll probably do it live, on the planet itself.

    Lyse [1:07 PM]
    "I am sure, quite sure that whomever is in charge of her security is too smart to put her in a ship."

    CC Schmidt [1:07 PM]

    Like. Knock knock! Who's there? It's me, Drifters, and I'm here to give a lot of people a good reason to genocide what's left of us!

    I'd prefer to not have another head of state get knocked off.

    Maybe if it's a Matari extremist, though.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:43 PM]
    I hope that you mean Shakor. Is he still alive?

    I believe he is.

    CC Schmidt [2:44 PM]

    Bel Boma [2:45 PM]

    CC Schmidt [2:46 PM]
    I'm just playing, Bel.


    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:46 PM]
    I was being mostly sarcastic.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:46 PM]
    gives a wry smile

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:46 PM]

    Bel Boma [2:47 PM]
    He knows speaking that way is annoying.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:47 PM]
    Oh. 'Pro'lly'?

    CC Schmidt [2:48 PM]
    Want me to go full Triss-mode or should I switch to my unique version and use null-slang?

    Haha, what the fuck does she even mean with "wazzock" anyway. Is that even a real word?

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:48 PM]

    CC Schmidt [2:49 PM]

    Lunarisse [2:50 PM]
    *shrugs* Be kind. She obviously grew up in a backwater somewhere.

    CC Schmidt [2:50 PM]
    She's my sister-in-law. I can tease my sister all I want.

    We're related, after all! Well, legally.

    Lunarisse [2:50 PM]
    True, I suppose.

    CC Schmidt [2:50 PM]
    That'd be weird if we were _actually_ related. Really weird.

    Bel Boma [2:54 PM]
    I believe wazzock means a fool or simpleton.

    I want you to speak like a real civilized creature. Triss should know better.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:56 PM]
    I should like to acquire a nice, formal dress.

    Does anybody know a good tailor?

    CC Schmidt [2:57 PM]
    I know one but he just goes by Tay.

    Just kidding. I'm one.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:58 PM]
    Tay? Wait. Seriously?

    CC Schmidt [2:58 PM]
    Ask Bel!

    Or Triss. Or Al. Or, uh...

    ... Who else...

    Anslo, Scherezad, Mizhir, Amy - that one was a doozy - Kirstin Amsel aka Vizage, uhh... who else.

    Diana Olympos...

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:58 PM]
    I don't know any of those people.

    CC Schmidt [2:58 PM]
    Uhh... man, I forget.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:58 PM]
    Except Bel.

    CC Schmidt [2:59 PM]
    Al is my wife.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:59 PM]
    And sort of Amy.

    CC Schmidt [2:59 PM]
    You should mail her.

    Just say hi.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [2:59 PM]
    From the corporate evemails. (edited)

    Given your talent for baiting and trolling, should I expect angry holy retribution?

    CC Schmidt [3:00 PM]
    No? Al is adorable.

    She's my better half.

    Send a mail to my wife and have a correspondence with her and I'll maybe slot you in for a fitting and some dress work.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:41 PM]
    Eagla, Charles is an excellent tailor and stylist.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:42 PM]
    That is good to know. I'll send a mail to 'Al' later. The NeoCOM lists a million 'Al's, though.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:43 PM]
    She's in our corporate directory.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:43 PM]
    Oh. I see.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:44 PM]
    I also know an excellent dressmaker, but she's best used for formal or unique dresses.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:44 PM]
    gives a slight shudder.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:44 PM]
    Why a shudder?

    Jennifer Starfall [3:44 PM]
    In fact, the thought of going to her for a business suit disturbs me.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:45 PM]
    Oh. I see. Well, I want a dress, not a suit.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:49 PM]
    Oh? For an event?

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:50 PM]
    Should I go to one, yes. I seem to miss all the respectable ones. I was available for the comedy night the other night, but I'm not fond of the hostess.

    CC Schmidt [3:51 PM]
    Who was it, again?

    I didn't go, either.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:52 PM]
    Seraphim. She seems... Something's off about her. It did not go well when I last met her.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:52 PM]
    makes a face. "Maybe I'm just mistrusting of overly exuberant Sebiestor women who openly talk about their sexual endeavours in public."
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    Re: Slack - SFRM IC LOGS

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:46 am

    September 1st, YC 118

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [10:06 AM]  
    I recall an embarassing incident at the last pool party invovling guests.

    Perhaps we should stick to corporation members and close relatives?

    Lunarisse [10:16 AM]  
    I'd.. rather we limit to specifically invited guests yes.  A corporation member will be responsible for the behaviour of their +1

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [10:19 AM]  
    Thank you. I wasn't there first-hand but I heard tell of an incident involving... Potentially inappropriate behavior towards one of our shy members. (edited)

    Lunarisse [10:20 AM]  
    There was.  It was also at a venue not controlled by us.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [10:20 AM]  
    nods and smiles. "I'll try to make an appearance."

    Lunarisse [11:03 AM]  
    Ms. Boma, in your capacity as HR assistant could you draft two want ads I can post for open positions in SFRIM I want filled?

    Bel Boma [11:04 AM]  

    Lunarisse [11:05 AM]  
    The first is Chief Medical Officer.  While having a gallente was not the best fit, I think there's a need for the role.

    Simply based on observations I had of the utilization rate for Dr. Ameriya's services, as well as historically the need in the Society's activities.

    I would prefer to draw from the ranks of the Faithful.  if not, they need to adhere to our restrictions on outside contractors.

    Bel Boma [11:09 AM]  
    Hmm. We may not need to put out a public ad for that.

    Lunarisse [11:09 AM]  

    Do explain.  because.. *she adds dryly* I thought I had a good sense of who is out there capsuleer wise.  Still! I admit I don't know everything *cheerily*

    Bel Boma [11:11 AM]  
    Let me put some mails out, and I will tell you more by the end of the day. Did you specifically want a capsuleer?

    Lunarisse [11:12 AM]  
    That was my preference.  That being said, I am open as long as the other criteria is met and the person is knowledgeable of capsuleers specific health needs and tech.

    Bel Boma [11:15 AM]  
    I will tell you what I hear by the end of the day.

    Lunarisse [11:15 AM]  

    The second position I wanted filled..

    is Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor.  People have filled this role informally in the past.

    Such as Bishop Constantine and of course the former Emerita Mithra.  Lord Avarr has some talent in this regard too

    I have always wanted to have in our ranks someone.. good at explaining the faith and addressing spiritual needs as clergy.

    With the Emerita's departure, this sort of leaves. a glaring hole for a faithful Amarr corporation

    Also.. Ms. Boma.. the medical officer is sort of urgent.

    I need to have someone I trust.. decant, exhume, uncork.. whatever the term is

    my husband.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [11:19 AM]  
    Do what?

    Lunarisse [11:19 AM]  
    *twitches* She's not sure she's filled Bel into that little detail.

    CC Schmidt [11:20 AM]  
    Defrost? Thaw? Prep?

    Bel Boma [11:20 AM]  
    has not been filled into that detail.

    Bel Boma [11:20 AM]  
    Charles, stop.

    This is not the time.

    Lunarisse [11:20 AM]  
    *sighs* Well.. It's time to be open about his now I think.

    CC Schmidt [11:20 AM]  
    I'm mostly joking because I know about it.

    I'll let her explain.

    Lunarisse [11:21 AM]  
    As most of you know.. I was married.  Although perhaps not in the past tense.. it seems.

    About 18 years ago, he was on a ship that was captured by Blood Raiders.

    He was never found.. and given what they do to their prisoners..

    he was presumed dead.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [11:22 AM]  
    I see.

    Lunarisse [11:22 AM]  
    About three years ago, at a function I was hosting at the Trillion Aqua Hotel in Madmilirre.

    A Blooder named Mithri Araz.. who .. has had dealings with the Society before (threatening ones)

    interrupted via holo and showed us what appeared to be my husband in a blood cocoon.


    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [11:25 AM]  
    makes a horrified choking sound

    Lunarisse [11:25 AM]  
    We... had some initial efforts to try to track her down and even engaged her in space.  But she disappeared.

    Although.. I'd get... upsetting mails with reminders..

    from her..

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [11:25 AM]  
    I am so sorry to hear that.

    Bel Boma [11:27 AM]  
    Blood Raiders. I cannot think of a more loathsome bunch.

    CC Schmidt [11:27 AM]  
    Mmh. He's going to need a lot of work done to make sure he doesn't pop out of that thing stark raving mad.

    Bel Boma [11:27 AM]  
    I understand your pain.

    Lunarisse [11:27 AM]  

    The templar .. raided a blood raider facility

    Templar Vadam

    with a team

    It.. was a.. an event which drew.. them from all over Delve

    Apparently one was trying to consolidate power.

    He died *she adds* They are all back to jostling again..

    But.. during The Templar's escape.. he found some Blood Raider Cocoons.. and it seems.. Mithri was trying to butter up to the organizer.. and gave him a gift

    *she says quietly* it was Michaelus. My husband.

    He's been in stasis ever since.  The doctors wanted to get a complete medical history before they even.. opened it or whatever the term is.

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [11:31 AM]  
    I... See.

    Lunarisse [11:31 AM]  
    That's.. why i took a leave of absence.  To.. run it down.

    So.. I guess this is a long winded explanation, ms. Boma..

    I want someone good.

    I want someone I can trust.

    I want someone INSIDE the Society to be the doctor who ultimately handles this. (edited)

    CC Schmidt [11:33 AM]  
    And no one in the Society is an expert on 'Raider tech, are they?

    Lunarisse [11:34 AM]  
    *chews herlips* No one's that's admitted to me.

    Bel Boma [11:34 AM]  
    I did mention we may not need a public ad because I felt I had a possibility of someone who would be a good candidate. I will keep you updated.

    CC Schmidt [11:35 AM]  
    As far as it comes, I'm not familiar with any faithful who are any sort of coherent when it comes to Raider tech. The only people I'm aware of who are are unfortunately quite into the Sani.

    And I'd rather not send them your way.

    Lunarisse [12:08 PM]  
    thank you.  Can you do the second ad as well for my review?

    Bel Boma [12:08 PM]  

    Jennifer Starfall [2:46 PM]  
    Too bad Scherezad is involved in a deep research project.

    Lunarisse [2:51 PM]  

    Jennifer Starfall [3:07 PM]  
    Mizhir Starsurge, maybe?

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [3:08 PM]  
    I do not know of any doctors.

    Lunarisse [3:10 PM]  
    Perhaps. I'd like to see who Ms. Boma suggests. I particularly want to be sure that we've exhausted the ranks of the Faithful first.

    Lucas Raholan [4:29 PM]  
    Given the person involved....I'd certainly reccomend someone you can trust complety

    Lunarisse [4:29 PM]  

    Lucas Raholan [4:30 PM]  
    Also apologies for my long absence....been keeping off grid to try and tie up some.....past lose ends

    Lunarisse [4:31 PM]  
    Alright.  If.. you need to talk, I'll be around in the coming days, Sir.

    Lucas Raholan [4:34 PM]  
    Indeed we should

    Bel Boma [11:34 PM]
    May I speak with you privately, Directrix?

    Lunarisse [11:50 PM]
    Lunarisse Aspenstar

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    Re: Slack - SFRM IC LOGS

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:25 am

    September 5th.

    CC Schmidt [9:55 AM]
    Hey, Xun Yu posted that resolution, @lunarisse .

    On the IGS?

    It seems Utari "Grumpypants" Onzo got his hands on it first.

    As a show of diplomacy, can SFRIM come in and represent the better side of Amarr responses?

    Bel Boma [9:56 AM]
    Mister Onzo has not impressed recently.

    CC Schmidt [9:56 AM]
    You know, since CVA hasn't actually done much recently.

    Or at all, for the Empire, ever really.

    Lunarisse [9:56 AM]
    Yes. Remember they are not official Gallente diplomats, but we should be welcoming and show the Empire's Hospitality. (edited)

    CC Schmidt [9:57 AM]
    They could easily become official at this rate. That's the point.

    Lunarisse [9:57 AM]
    Show the finest the Empire has to offer on one of our finest days.

    I think that is unlikely Charles, but it is a positive step in relations and one to be encouraged.

    CC Schmidt [10:01 AM]

    What's your thoughts on the delegation?

    Bel. Bel! Beeelllllll.

    Bel Boma [10:01 AM]

    I support it. The VA has no small amount of power and resources, and they do represent in no small part the hopes, goals, and intent of the Federation.

    I have not seen a capsuleer organization have a better working, more effective relationship with their faction than that of the Assembly.

    CC Schmidt [10:06 AM]
    I'll namelessly quote that.

    When he bitches I'll tell him it was you that said it so he's more depressed and mopey.

    God, he's such a weiner. You have such bad taste in men.

    [10:08] Woop Woop, take it down pass it around, posted.
    [GalFed] Villore Assembly resolution on the crowning of Empress Catiz - Intergalactic Summit - EVE Online Forums
    [GalFed] Villore Assembly resolution on the crowning of Empress Catiz: Resolution VA/2/1 Second Villore Assembly Sponsors: Julianus Soter Signatories: Beauregard Audeles; James Syagrius; Tressith Sefira; Tristan Valentina. Endorsements: Charles Cambridge Schmidt; Korbin Lavius. Topic: “Coronation of the Amarr Empress.” The...

    Y'all would do well to post positivity as well!

    Bel Boma [10:09 AM]
    No. Say nothing about me. I have developed a deep loathing for the man, and I would like nothing more than to have nothing to do with his inevitable self destruction. (edited)

    Lunarisse [10:17 AM]
    Which man?

    Bel Boma [10:18 AM]
    Mister Onzo.

    CC Schmidt [10:18 AM]
    Utari "I'm not Caldari I Swear" Onzo.

    Lunarisse [10:19 AM]
    I see. Mr. Onzo is a clear loyalist. Unfortunately, he is a bit myopic on this one.

    CC Schmidt [10:19 AM]
    I don't know what that means.

    Lunarisse [10:37 AM]
    added a Plain Text snippet
    Coronation Formal Ball

    The Cluster has just witnessed the greatest of our Empire’s sacred traditions: the coronation of our Sovereign. Catiz I sits upon the Gold Throne, Chosen by God as the Embodiment of His Will, to lead our glorious Empire and the Faith in our cultivation of the spirit of man.

    Our Holy God, in revealing his Divine Will through the Succession Trials, ensures that the Empire is lead by one who has the ability to steer our ship through the stormy waters of the present. Her Imperial Majesty is well known for Her mastery of the productive arts, Her ability to unite interests through diplomacy, and Her decisive will. These are all laudable traits which underpin and fuel the success of the Empire which sustains our bodies and the nurturing of the Faith which sustains souls. The qualities are common among our Sovereigns of the past. In addition, Her Imperial Majesty is an embodiment of the Fruits of Faith in a way that is particular to Her among all our past rulers.
    Add Comment Click to expand inline 63 lines

    Lunarisse [10:37 AM]
    *lightly* Time to post this!

    CC Schmidt [10:43 AM]
    Yesss. (edited)

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [10:43 AM]
    I will need a dress, I suppose.

    CC Schmidt [10:44 AM]
    I _love_ formal balls. (edited)

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [10:45 AM]
    I did contact Al. She said you were an amazing tailor.

    Lunarisse [10:45 AM]
    *smiles brightly*

    I will be posting.. information about a suggested uniform for SFRIM

    *glances at Charles*

    CC Schmidt [10:45 AM]

    CC Schmidt [10:45 AM]
    Looking to dump the old ones?

    Eagla Yassavi (Seraphim) [10:46 AM]
    Oh? I just bought mine based on the old guide.

    Jennifer Starfall [10:49 AM]
    Uniform? Mdm. Gauthier doesn't do uniforms.

    CC Schmidt [10:55 AM]
    I don't know what that is.

    CC Schmidt [1:19 PM]
    Luna! I responded.

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [1:24 PM]
    All public communication regarding the VA's coronation resolution is now prohibited for employees until further notice. Past postings, obviously, cannot be helped. Thank you for your compliance.

    CC Schmidt [1:28 PM]

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [1:29 PM]
    Yes. Anybody that disobeys will be, with a stick, rendered lame.

    Lucas Raholan [1:30 PM]

    CC Schmidt [1:30 PM]
    Super lame. Any reason why?

    Lucas Raholan [1:30 PM]
    (Woops wrong channel ignore me)

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [1:32 PM]
    Yes. There is a reason.

    CC Schmidt [1:32 PM]
    Cool. Let's hear it.

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [1:34 PM]
    Because I said so. And because I want a moment to formulate some kind of extraction from this that does not make every Amarrian in a pod look like an ass.

    And if you are wondering, no, at this time you do not seem to be an ass Charles.

    Bel Boma [1:35 PM]
    I wish you luck.

    CC Schmidt [1:35 PM]
    Zeke's doing a great job! Go Zeke!

    Team Zeke!

    At not being an ass, that is.

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [1:37 PM]
    Lord Zekiel is one of the rare voices of reason in that thread.

    CC Schmidt [1:37 PM]
    It pains me to see him get shit on so often for trying to put his heart and soul out there so often.

    He's nothing but polite and people still find ways to be rude. Look at Makoto! "Mr" Iyhr. And he didn't even eat her alive!

    I would have. I would have thrown her into the meat grinder.

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [1:40 PM]
    I have been called Mr. Tash-Murkon quite a lot in the IGS. Still, I am surprised by how hot under the collar this resolution seems to have made people.

    CC Schmidt [1:43 PM]
    Yeah ikr?

    CC Schmidt [1:43 PM]
    says each individual letter of the acronym.

    Lucas Raholan [1:55 PM]
    I'm rather out of the loop....what has the VA been up to?

    CC Schmidt [1:55 PM]
    It's front and center on the IGS.

    Lucas Raholan [1:56 PM]
    I tend to avoid that cesspool of a galnet page

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [1:56 PM]
    They are a _democratic_ group. But they mean well.

    Lucas Raholan [1:58 PM]
    Sadly democracy is it seems a devisive and ineffective method. better to place faith in leadership that has been chosen by god (edited)

    CC Schmidt [1:59 PM]
    There's always a few exceptions that show the rule isn't always true.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar

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    Re: Slack - SFRM IC LOGS

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:09 am

    September 6th, YC 118

    Lunarisse [12:30 AM]
    [GalFed] Villore Assembly resolution on the crowning of Empress Catiz -   Intergalactic Summit -  EVE Online Forums
    EVE allows you to discover, explore and dominate an amazing science fiction universe while you fight, trade, form corporations and alliances with other players.

    Bel Boma [12:44 AM]  
    I must say, this increased dialogue between our peoples thrills me to no end.

    Lunarisse [12:45 AM]  
    We'll see what come so of it. I confess... I am wary of the motives of certain players in the Accords.  That being said, part of our Mission is to spread the Good Word.  We can't do that if we don't engage.

    Lunarisse [12:48 AM]  
    Pinned a message. See all pinned items in this channel.
    Posted in #sfrim-icToday at 12:30 AM

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [12:49 AM]  
    It does not help that while in the general population about ten percent of people are "snakes in the grass" but, for the Capsuleer population, it's closer to being that only ten percent aren't.

    Lunarisse [12:50 AM]  

    I am going to sleep. Good night all of you.

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [12:50 AM]  
    Goodnight Directrix.

    Bel Boma [1:20 AM]  
    Sleep well, Directrix.

    Eagla Yassavi [6:48 AM]  
    What a mess.

    Bel Boma [6:49 AM]  
    I am disgusted with my fellow loyalist.

    Eagla Yassavi [6:50 AM]  
    Badly phrased Federation posts. Amarr attacking posts and Amarr, unnecessarily.

    Bel Boma [6:50 AM]  
    I cannot describe the loathing I feel at this moment.

    Eagla Yassavi [6:50 AM]  
    It is... Unfortunate.

    This is why I generally don't frequent any channel named 'Summit'.

    Bel Boma [6:51 AM]  
    Pieter claims that Captain Shutaq has more credibility and authority than the three Holders who contributed to the formation of the resolution.

    He does not.

    Eagla Yassavi [6:51 AM]  
    Pieter is a Caldari loyalist, is he not?

    Then his opinions on the matter mean nothing. Lady Mitara is the holder, Lord Shutaq is her Lord Consort.

    Pieter is merely an outsider.

    Bel Boma [6:52 AM]  
    Captain Shutaq is a bitter, sour, soulless creature who lost His love and light long ago. His words are worthless, and his thoughts suffer from the incoherence of prejudice.

    Eagla Yassavi [6:53 AM]  
    I do not know him well enough to make such judgments, but I will keep that in mind.

    Bel Boma [6:54 AM]  
    I have lost great respect for him through his destructive and careless "contributions" to the IGS.

    Eagla Yassavi [6:55 AM]  
    nods. "I see."

    Eagla Yassavi [6:58 AM]  
    What happened to the staff? The old staff has entirely vanished.

    Bel Boma [7:01 AM]  
    The old IGS staff?

    Eagla Yassavi [7:01 AM]  
    No. Sorry. The bar staff at New Eden.

    Its not important. Probably fired or quit. I would, if I had to deal with us.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:01 AM]  

    Bel Boma [7:15 AM]  
    Ah. I do not know.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:16 AM]  
    Somebody mentioned you run an ice cream parlor.

    new messages
    Bel Boma [7:33 AM]  
    I do.

    Jennifer Starfall [7:33 AM]  
    Aldrith isn't a bad man. Cynical, yes, and bitter, but not a bad man.

    Bel Boma [7:34 AM]  
    Speaking is an action. His words are bad.

    Jennifer Starfall [7:34 AM]  
    He's fought a pointless war for too long.

    CC Schmidt [7:34 AM]  
    Aldrith is a peanut gallery at his point.

    Very frustrating.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:34 AM]  
    I am unfamiliar with the term 'peanut gallery'.

    CC Schmidt [7:35 AM]  
    He's so jaded that he just doesn't try to contribute because putting in the effort to is just too dangerous for his emotional state.

    Lunarisse [8:10 AM]
    @belboma I didn't name the venue in my post, because I wanted to ask you if we could use the Parlour for the Mixer. Cocktails could just mean fancy ice cream sundaes. *impish grin*

    Bel Boma [8:10 AM]
    I would love that. Please do.

    The parlor exists to further Gallente-Amarr relations.

    Jennifer Starfall [8:13 AM]
    She had to take a moment to "compose herself." Meanwhile, whenever I took a breath, a power lead contacted my left hip, and she told me not to move. "If you move child, we will be forced to start over. You will have ruined hours of work."

    Eagla Yassavi [8:13 AM]
    makes a strangled noise that sounds like a suppressed laugh

    Eagla Yassavi [8:14 AM]
    "Was that meant for private channels?"

    Oh. Wait. That was what you meant by 'borders on torture'?

    Jennifer Starfall [8:19 AM]

    Eagla Yassavi [8:19 AM]

    Jennifer Starfall [8:19 AM]
    But it's worth it. Her dresses are gorgeous.

    And once they're fitted to you, quite comfortable.

    Eagla Yassavi [8:20 AM]
    nods. "Its just the creation process. What if you exhibit bad taste?"

    Jennifer Starfall [8:24 AM]
    She has this disappointed sigh she makes... the first time she used it on me I swear I almost looked up the DED threat profile for it.

    Eagla Yassavi [8:24 AM]
    I see.

    Jennifer Starfall [8:25 AM]
    You feel _bad_.

    Eagla Yassavi [8:26 AM]
    smiles. "I have a grown son. I'm fairly used to weaponized sighs.

    Jennifer Starfall [8:28 AM]
    Oh... wow. You could probably relate then, her dresses are her children.

    @lunarisse, you're not going to make us wear a uniform for the ball are you?

    Eagla Yassavi [8:33 AM]
    smiles slightly. "I see."

    Lunarisse [8:40 AM]
    I am not going to change my policies on mandatory activities or the lack thereof. But.... it is... encouraged. (edited)

    For at least the other events related to the coronation.

    *mulls over a uniform versus her original planned outfit for the ball* (edited)

    Jennifer Starfall [8:45 AM]
    Luna, it's a kimono, a traditional dress of my people... and it'll have a Raata theme... and... she's Gallente.

    Lunarisse [8:47 AM]
    *nods* I see.

    I was thinking, in all candor, more for the Coronation itself and the mixer immediately after.

    *lightly* A Ball has a different .. set of considerations.

    Eagla Yassavi [9:13 AM]
    I'll have a dress made, if I have the chance.

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [12:53 PM]
    I was never clear on this uniform business.

    Lunarisse [12:57 PM]
    Yes. I need to make a formal announcement along with suggestions for its use.

    *lightly* it's been a busy weekend

    Eagla Yassavi [1:01 PM]
    Should I not be wearing mine in my portrait? I knew it was not mandatory, but I liked the looks.

    Lunarisse [1:02 PM]
    Feel free!

    Eagla Yassavi [1:02 PM]
    nods (edited)

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [1:04 PM]
    I guess I need my Caldari authored Employee Manual to figure this out.

    Eagla Yassavi [1:15 PM]
    Wh... Why do we have one of those and not one from, say, the Empire? Or our own?

    Lunarisse [1:17 PM]
    The Caldari are known for the nuts and bolts of corporate mechanics. We, of course, have Scripture!

    Eagla Yassavi [1:17 PM]
    I see. Makes sense.

    Eagla Yassavi [1:23 PM]
    Oh my.

    I was just reading the news... I am glad nobody was killed in that attack. Did you see? The chemical bombing?

    EVE Community
    Imperial Guard confirms rumors of thwarted attack in Throne Worlds - EVE Community
    Eve Online is the world's largest MMO RPG universe rich in adventure, as player corporations compete in a massively multiplayer online space game.

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [1:43 PM]
    Absolutely disgusting.

    CC Schmidt [1:54 PM]
    If it was really purists, then they're just as heretical as anyone else who needs to be purged. Filthy, vile way to go about things.

    Chemical weapons... Eugh.

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [1:58 PM]
    Innocent hounds.

    CC Schmidt [1:59 PM]
    I'm thinking it was on purpose. The hounds, that is. Guard dogs are still used in a lot of police duty work, even in the Empire, and around night security.

    Less hounds, more strained workforce.

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [2:01 PM]
    If they haven't they should adapt some dumb administrative AIs with security features. Omnipresence is the best defense.

    CC Schmidt [2:03 PM]
    Dumb admin AIs are vulnerable to ranged disruption from smart admin hackers. That, and EMP is easy to produce and package into small devices.

    Theoretically you could plant EMP bombs in the vents and shut nearly everything down on certain levels.

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [2:04 PM]
    I wonder if we can upload dumb AI matrices into a wetware mainframe.

    Eagla Yassavi [2:29 PM]
    By dumb AI do you mean 'Virtual Intelligence'? Certain laws preclude the creation of AI. And for good reason. Look at Rogue Drones!

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [2:35 PM]
    I can't remember the terminology but, yes, all the AI's I deal with ICly are either actually dumb and meet the standards of the law or are presented in a way so as to seem to conform to the law. !!!NOT IN CHARACTER, LEFT ONLY AS A MONUMENT TO MY SHAME!!! (edited)

    Eagla Yassavi [2:36 PM]
    looks puzzled. "What is ICly?"

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [2:36 PM]
    ((Woops. Razz))

    ((Scratch _that_ frank admission from your IC mind.))

    Yes, the AI describe is "intelligent" while not being "sentient" or "conscious". This is the simple way of describing the line that CONCORD and the empire's place between the legally permissible varieties of artificial constructs.

    Eagla Yassavi [2:39 PM]
    So a 'Virtual AI', then.

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [2:40 PM]
    Maybe, I learned to call them Dumb AIs as opposed to the illegal Smart AIs.

    Eagla Yassavi [2:40 PM]

    CC Schmidt [2:40 PM]
    ... it's not "virtual AI". It's a VI.

    Virtual Intelligence.

    Not Virtual Artificial Intelligence.

    Eagla Yassavi [2:40 PM]
    Think you. I had it right earlier.

    CC Schmidt [2:40 PM]
    That's just silly.

    Speaking of silly, I need to go back to working on my tan.

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [2:41 PM]
    Well, either seems redundant in that, to date, I'm fairly certain that all our Artifical Intelligences have been virtual.

    I want you gold for the coronation Charles.

    Eagla Yassavi [2:41 PM]
    I suppose we should...

    Eagla Yassavi [2:41 PM]
    snorts and begins laughing (edited)

    CC Schmidt [2:42 PM]
    I'm already golden, my boy.

    CC Schmidt [2:42 PM]
    swaps his feed to idle.

    Eagla Yassavi [2:42 PM]
    I suppose we wouldn't actually know if an AI was self awware.

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [2:43 PM]
    It requires a mix of psychology and observation similar to what one might do for animals. As I understand it anyway; much of the research is classified or does not officially exist at all.

    Eagla Yassavi [2:43 PM]
    Science is not my strong suit. (edited)

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [2:44 PM]
    I am an amateur in the field. Utilizing constructs for my work and personal life has been very helpful but I build only upon the work of others.

    Jennifer Starfall [3:48 PM]
    Because Luna asked me to handle employee orientation, and you do not want me doing anything based on Scripture. You'd all be branded heretics or deviants in a minute.
    Eagla Yassavi
    Wh... Why do we have one of those and not one from, say, the Empire? Or our own?
    Posted in #sfrim-icYesterday at 1:15 PM

    And what most people colloquially refer to as "AIs" are more properly termed as "expert systems."

    Bel Boma [4:53 PM]
    My lord, you must have made a mistake when you tagged me in this mail. I am not a board member.

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon [4:54 PM]
    As a matter of course I typically copy the VA diplomatic staff on these notices.

    Lunarisse [4:57 PM]
    He copied the Directors and the VA Observers from SFRIM.

    Bel Boma [4:57 PM]
    Ah. I see. (edited)

    CC Schmidt [4:57 PM]
    I'm on the delegation! Isn't that swell?

    Lunarisse [4:57 PM]
    Remember when I asked the two of you to assist?

    Bel Boma [4:58 PM]
    I do not appreciate your implications. I have assisted the assembly.

    Lunarisse [4:58 PM]
    My pardon! Wasn't sure from CC's comment.

    Bel Boma [4:58 PM]
    I have spread understanding of the relationship between the Kingdom and the Empire, as well as made them aware of the Kingdom's existence.

    Charles does far more in the Assembly than I.

    CC Schmidt [4:59 PM]
    Yeah and that's not saying much because I pretty much don't have power there because of my observer status.

    Well, I do, though.

    Lunarisse [4:59 PM]
    Also while I have you..

    Bel Boma [4:59 PM]
    Observers have no small amount of power.

    CC Schmidt [5:00 PM]
    Compared to the non-Observer folk?

    Lunarisse [5:00 PM]
    for the Mixer - I'd.. like to have a custard machine too... would you mind if I purchased one for your shop? I have such good memories as a girl of eating custard.

    CC Schmidt [5:00 PM]
    I think she has one.

    Bel Boma [5:00 PM]
    I have frozen custard.

    Lunarisse [5:00 PM]

    Bel Boma [5:00 PM]
    I have never had anyone order it, but I have it.

    I will make an extra menu for my non-ice cream desserts.

    Lunarisse [5:01 PM]
    I'll note that in corporation. I am glad to subsidize your costs for the mixer as well.

    CC Schmidt [5:01 PM]
    Maybe don't enforce your shop's rules so hard this time either.

    They'd probably be insulted if you dumped a phat-ass gallon of something on a paper plate.

    Which would be hilarious t-b-h.

    Bel Boma [5:03 PM]
    I appreciate the sentiment, Directrix, but I have a several hundred percent mark up on my products compared to the cost of production.

    Your generosity is appreciated.

    Eagla Yassavi [5:31 PM]
    I will have to try some

    Jennifer Starfall [5:33 PM]
    It'll probably be good. I've never had anything in her shop that wasn't.

    Bel Boma [5:34 PM]
    Thank you. I put my best effort into the parlor.

    CC Schmidt [5:34 PM]
    Remember that half-foot thick high-tensile anti-ballistic glass you had installed?

    That was so neat.

    Jennifer Starfall [5:35 PM]
    It shows, suuolo.

    CC Schmidt [5:35 PM]
    Maybe limit the Sunshine people can have.

    Maybe having people dying in bathrooms is a bad idea.

    Jennifer Starfall [5:37 PM]
    I never killed anyone in there! Not even that baseliner who kept coming in for a while.

    CC Schmidt [5:37 PM]
    I mean drinking themselves to death.

    Like that one Bork guy. What a card.

    Jennifer Starfall [5:37 PM]
    Oh. Right.

    CC Schmidt [5:38 PM]
    Man. Remember that one thing we co-opted? Good times, honesty. I'd do it again. How dare he.

    Jennifer Starfall [5:38 PM]
    Speaking of the ladies room, Bel, how's your supply of replacement paper towel dispensers?

    CC Schmidt [5:38 PM]
    's tone drops some of his jovial jokester in favor of a touch of darkness.

    Jennifer Starfall [5:42 PM]
    That is an event that I wish to leave well in the past, Charles. I've paid my price and am done with it.

    CC Schmidt [5:42 PM]
    No fun.

    Jennifer Starfall [5:42 PM]
    idly rubs her left forearm.

    Bel Boma [5:45 PM]
    You think you are so coy.

    My replacement paper towel dispenser is fine.

    Sunshine has always been limited.

    Eagla Yassavi [5:56 PM]
    Sunshine? Ballistic glass? What kind of ice cream parlour is this?

    Jennifer Starfall [5:57 PM]
    The best one.

    Bel Boma [5:58 PM]
    I cater exclusively to Capsuleers.

    ... And DUSTers. That is why I needed the new glass.

    Jennifer Starfall [6:02 PM]
    I think the glass was only broken once.

    Bel Boma [6:04 PM]
    Only once.

    Jennifer Starfall [6:05 PM]
    Paper towel dispensers on the other hand...

    Eagla Yassavi [6:07 PM]
    What happened?!

    Eagla Yassavi [6:07 PM]
    sounds alarmed

    Bel Boma [6:07 PM]
    You believe you are so coy.

    Jennifer Starfall [6:09 PM]
    No, no, you've pretty much berated any sense of that out of me.

    Nothing to be alarmed... too alarmed about, Eagla. I'm pretty sure you're aware that I can have a temper.

    CC Schmidt [6:12 PM]
    Everybody who has a tantrum in Bel's shop breaks the towel dispensers.

    It's hilarious.

    Jennifer Starfall [6:12 PM]
    I thought it was just me.

    CC Schmidt [6:12 PM]
    Nope. Pretty sure more than you.

    Bel Boma [6:13 PM]
    Do you remember the baseliner?

    Jennifer Starfall [6:13 PM]
    Yes. I nearly put a hyper-kinetic round in her head.

    Eagla Yassavi [6:14 PM]
    I didn't know that, but I do now.

    Bel Boma [6:14 PM]
    She had done that, as well.

    Eagla Yassavi [6:14 PM]
    You should electrify them

    Kador 'definately not Satja' Ouryon [6:14 PM]
    Hello all.

    Jennifer Starfall [6:15 PM]
    They don't work very well as paper towel dispensers, then.

    Eagla Yassavi [6:15 PM]
    says, deadpan, "Sure they do. Only if you wear gloves."

    Thal Vadam [6:15 PM]

    Jennifer Starfall [6:16 PM]
    Hello, Ms. Askariin, Thal. (edited)

    Kador 'definately not Satja' Ouryon [6:19 PM]
    Erm... what's this about electrifying baseliners? Should I be worried?

    Bel Boma [6:21 PM]
    I had a baseliner "patron" who would use my parlor to solicit money from my capsuleer patrons.

    She would often start conflict.

    Jennifer Starfall [6:21 PM]
    No, not at all.

    Thal Vadam [6:21 PM]
    you should be worried Satja

    Jennifer Starfall [6:22 PM]
    Said patron insisted on intruding on my privacy at a very emotional time for me.

    Lunarisse [6:22 PM]
    Whatever happened to her?

    Jennifer Starfall [6:22 PM]

    Lunarisse [6:22 PM]
    I remember that patron

    Bel Boma [6:22 PM]
    I am unsure. After several instances where she aggressed capsuleers, I asked her not to return for her own safety.

    Thal Vadam [6:23 PM]
    (( Well thank god I realised this was IC before i posted an Illidan meme ))

    Kador 'definately not Satja' Ouryon [6:24 PM]
    Sounds like she was kind of asking for it.

    Bel Boma [6:25 PM]
    Mmm. I cannot speak on that matter. I can only say that I did not want any consequences to occur in my parlor, where I would have to clean up.

    Eagla Yassavi [6:25 PM]
    There would be paperwork.

    Bel Boma [6:26 PM]
    No, no paperwork. However, I have done my share share of viscera clean up, and I cannot recommend the smell.

    Jennifer Starfall [6:26 PM]
    One good thing that came out of that... encounter was my realization that sometimes caring about someone means being willing to not commit atrocities.

    Jennifer Starfall [6:26 PM]
    smiles fondly.

    Kador 'definately not Satja' Ouryon [6:27 PM]
    Well I can understand why.... sometimes you empyreans can be a bit disjointed from how normal people like us settle things. A broken nose is usually enough for us. Would rather like to avoid viscera if possible.

    Thal Vadam [6:27 PM]
    ......A very important lession

    Bel Boma [6:28 PM]
    I am glad our relationship served positively.

    Eagla Yassavi [6:28 PM]
    I've seen enough death in my previous life to want to see it personally again.

    Bel Boma [6:28 PM]
    I am unsure you understand the extent of the confrontations she would solicit.

    Kador 'definately not Satja' Ouryon [6:29 PM]
    Surely not serious enough to be killed over...

    Bel Boma [6:30 PM]
    Samantha Hillard had a death wish, in plain words. Yes, insults serious enough to those of Amarr power and rank to not unfairly merit that type of response.

    I had to convince more than one patron not to mangle her.

    Even my friend Rhia found her patience tested to the point of violence.

    Jennifer Starfall [6:31 PM]
    And Rhia had the patience of a saint.

    I miss her.

    Bel Boma [6:31 PM]
    It was why I had considered making her a full partner in my parlor.

    I miss her as well.

    Kador 'definately not Satja' Ouryon [6:32 PM]
    Still killing people seems a bit extreme. You guys can be scary sometimes.

    Jennifer Starfall [6:32 PM]
    I know.

    Bel Boma [6:32 PM]
    It is extreme, yes.

    I did not wish her harm. Thus my request that she abstain from returning.

    Jennifer Starfall [6:32 PM]
    It's had its price.

    Kador 'definately not Satja' Ouryon [6:33 PM]
    Well her loss. Not sure what kind of personal can be angry with ice cream around.


    Bel Boma [6:34 PM]
    She would order my products with no ability to pay with full knowledge that she lacked the ability, then solicit my other patrons to pay for her. In the event that these perfect strangers refused, she would choose to mock their appearance and wax poetic about the capsuleer condition, whereupon she would be so insulted that she would leave without paying.

    There were times when she would be so incensed she would push other patron's desserts over and spill her dessert on them intentionally.

    Kador 'definately not Satja' Ouryon [6:36 PM]

    Bel Boma [6:36 PM]
    There were times she entered my parlor not to enjoy ice cream, but exclusively to coerce my patrons to buy things for her, such as a hotel room, clothes, and more.

    ... As well as the time she vandalized the parlor by destroying a paper towel dispenser.

    I am comfortable dealing with any slight upon me and my business. I do grow weary, however, when my discomfort is inflicted upon my patrons. The parlor is no place to threaten to punch someone.

    Kador 'definately not Satja' Ouryon [6:40 PM]
    Well I'll make sure not to damage any paper towel dispensers when I visit.

    Bel Boma [6:40 PM]
    Thank you. That is generous of you.

    Kador 'definately not Satja' Ouryon [6:44 PM]
    I make no promises not to break rude peoples noses though.

    Jennifer Starfall [6:45 PM]
    In my defense, it was never premeditated.

    Bel Boma [6:51 PM]
    I tend to ask those who are rude to leave to avoid the breaking of noses.

    Eagla Yassavi [6:53 PM]
    ... This all sounds highly entertaining

    Jennifer Starfall [6:54 PM]
    I've acted as a bouncer on a few occasions.

    Kador 'definately not Satja' Ouryon [6:54 PM]
    I guess, I'd just reward my patience with extra ice cream scoops.

    CC Schmidt [6:54 PM]
    Remember that time I almost got shot?

    Kador 'definately not Satja' Ouryon [6:54 PM]
    Ugh.... Jennifer.... you're a bouncer?

    CC Schmidt [6:54 PM]
    Good times.

    Kador 'definately not Satja' Ouryon [6:55 PM]
    Oooh people love trying to shoot other people in bars. Why is that I wonder?

    Bel Boma [6:55 PM]
    This is not the reputation I had hoped the parlor would earn.

    Jennifer Starfall [6:55 PM]
    It's a wonderful place. With all sorts of treats. I highly recommend the Ni-kunni spiced hit chocolate.

    Bel Boma [6:57 PM]
    Yes. The Sarain chocolate is a favorite among patrons.

    Eagla Yassavi [6:57 PM]
    I'll be sure to show up sometime

    Eagla Yassavi [7:35 AM]  
    I see.

    Bel Boma [7:35 AM]  
    He contents himself in punishing others for caring.

    CC Schmidt [7:35 AM]  
    And Pieter... Don't get me started.

    What a fucking mess.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:36 AM]  
    That's unfortunate.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:37 AM]  
    sounds sympathetic. "To Aldrith, I mean."

    Jennifer Starfall [7:37 AM]  
    Pieter is also a decent man. He is very loyal his patron mega and the State, which is likely biasing him.

    CC Schmidt [7:37 AM]  
    Tempted to respond that maybe Pieter is so sour because unlike his shitty organization, the VA has actually changed some things?

    I don't really care if he's a decent person or not. Actions, words, et cetera.

    Jennifer Starfall [7:38 AM]  

    Eagla Yassavi [7:38 AM]  
    That may only make the problem worse and make us, both as Societas and Amarr, look worse than we already do after that fiasco.

    CC Schmidt [7:38 AM]  
    There's no reason to dump on the thread in such a childish "ha ha, gotcha!" way that he has.

    Jennifer Starfall [7:38 AM]  
    Yes, Eagla.

    CC Schmidt [7:38 AM]  
    So smug. So obnoxious.

    Everyone else has pulled out because they don't want to be made fun of.

    Everyone else latched onto Utari "The Mega Chin" Onzo's shitty post.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:39 AM]  
    I fail to understand what say CVA has in the matter. It has been some time since they were relevant in Empire affairs, has it not?

    What concern is it of theirs?

    CC Schmidt [7:40 AM]  
    CVA ain't done shit 'sept outwardly be "for" the Empire.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:40 AM]  
    I see.

    Jennifer Starfall [7:42 AM]  
    So... not to change topics, but does anyone know what Luna meant by "uniforms" for the ball?

    Bel Boma [7:42 AM]  
    We have corporate uniforms.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:42 AM]  
    I'll ahve to look at the mail.

    CC Schmidt [7:42 AM]  
    Maybe the Society could do well by not letting its backbone be twisted so painfully by random IGS denizens and 'loyalists'.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:43 AM]  
    I found the references to the uniforms a while back.

    CC Schmidt [7:43 AM]  

    Eagla Yassavi [7:43 AM]  
    beams. "I'm even wearing my proper uniform in my portrait."

    Jennifer Starfall [7:43 AM]  
    We do?

    Eagla Yassavi [7:43 AM]  

    Eagla Yassavi [7:43 AM]  
    I'll send you the Galnet page I was referred to.

    Bel Boma [7:43 AM]  
    Charles designed them.

    CC Schmidt [7:44 AM]  
    Me and Goldfinch.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:44 AM]  

    CC Schmidt [7:44 AM]  
    Goldfinch and I. Whatever. You know what I mean.

    Jade Rkard? She's a cutie.

    Too bad I think she died or something because I haven't seen her in a year.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:44 AM]  
    I literally do not know who yo uare talking about right now.

    Bel Boma [7:45 AM]  
    The Society is not nearly as outspoken as it needs to be in regards to matters like this. We are drown out by the hate.

    We let the lost, confused, and stupid speak in our place. (edited)

    CC Schmidt [7:47 AM]  
    I agree. We need to be the paragon.

    The virtue. The ... Sefrim, right?

    That's what the name refers to?

    Jennifer Starfall [7:49 AM]  
    Goldie is a member of the Order of Jamyl. She was... born Jin Mei, but was enslaved by the Cartel, but was rescued by a Holder, whom she married, I believe. Her relationship is... odd. She's a beautiful soul, and a dear friend.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:50 AM]  
    Ah, I see.

    Jennifer Starfall [7:51 AM]  
    Charles, the uniform is pretty, but hardly ball material. Is Luna expecting us to wear that for a _ball_? No, offense Charles.

    CC Schmidt [7:55 AM]  
    I didn't make the decision.

    Jennifer Starfall [7:55 AM]  
    I'm going to have to literally hide from Madame.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:55 AM]  

    CC Schmidt [7:56 AM]  
    She mentioned it before but didn't elaborate.

    Jennifer Starfall [7:57 AM]  
    Madame Gauthier. She's a dress maker... engineer practically that I go to for formal dresses.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:57 AM]  
    Ah, I think you mentioned her when I was looking for a dress maker.

    Yes, I remember that now.

    Jennifer Starfall [7:58 AM]  
    She does gorgeous work, but she's very... demanding.

    Eagla Yassavi [7:58 AM]  
    How so?

    Jennifer Starfall [8:04 AM]  
    Her studio looks like a systems engineer's shop, but she will insist on doing measurements by hand. And God help you if you express bad taste in a preference. I once joked about pink and green.

    Jennifer Starfall [8:04 AM]  

    Jennifer Starfall [8:05 AM]  
    And the fittings border on torture.

    Eagla Yassavi [8:05 AM]  
    raises an eyebrow. "I've seen a person wearing that tuxedo around the Broken Piano. Pink and green. What happened?"

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