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    Daisha Voluptia

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    Daisha Voluptia

    Post by Daisha Voluptia on Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:00 am

    Daisha Voluptia, known simply as "Dai" among most, is a former long time member of the 24th Crusade.

    Raised by parents who were both Commanders in the Caldari Navy, and trained to join the Navy herself, she ran missions in Motsu in support of the State. Friends later talked her into joining a CVA renter alliance in Catch to experience the thrill of null sec. She served in the military arm of the alliance, protecting the industry arm from repeated assaults by Ushra'khan and Atlas Alliance.

    After living for some time in the Catch region, she lost her husband in a CVA conflict fighting Ushra'khan, and entered a period of self-imposed exile as she struggled to find herself and her soul. Her search lead her to hear the voice of God, and he in turn would lead her to the Crusade, where she served in the most prestigious corporations and would become a respected figure among the militia.

    Daisha has been in conflict with herself at times, going through periods of solo work as well as service in pirate groups. But she has always felt her strongest serving the Empire.

    She is fiercely loyal to her current corporation and holds a strong resolve for the greater good. She will always follow orders, no matter what they are. Her efficiency and ruthlessness in battle is legendary, and it is said she ordered the beheading of the entire crew of a minmatar carrier, slicing the last head off herself.

    She has a Internal Affairs file from the Crusade on her that is classified, and a concord report holds her in suspicion of having Serpentis ties at one point, though it is unclear if that relationship still exists.

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