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    RP - The 5,270

    Lunarisse Aspenstar
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    RP - The 5,270 Empty RP - The 5,270

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:09 am

    Nahyeen VI A Memorial Garden

    A portion of the generational lease-hold held by the maternal side of Lunarisse's family has been set aside.It is a clear sunny day with some white clouds drifting in the sky. Sod has been laid down and individual graves for the 5,270 have been laid out in neat rows, each marked by a stone. Freshly planted blossoming trees divide some sections. In the middle is a stone altar, burnished in gold, on a slightly raised portion of ground. Behind is a bell tower with a single bell.Seated in front of the altar are 14 robed men and women. Beyond them is seating for any who come to pray.

    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote enters. She is wearing Her face is masked.

    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote gazes at the windswept field. A slight breeze catches her hair.

    Eagla Yassavi > /emote arrives, dressed as pictured, and solemnly looks around

    Aria Jenneth > /emote arrives alongside Luna, likewise clad in a long black dress (hers is pleated, though, and superficially plainer in design). Her shawl is hitched up over her head, acting as a hood.

    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote curtseys to Monsignor Ziyad Berker Teke who is there clad in gold robes. He is scholarly in appearance with graying hair.

    Aria Jenneth > /emote mirrors the Directrix's gesture, though she curtseys lower and a little more unsteadily.

    Monsignor Ziyad Berker Teke* "Hello My Dear Lady. Hello Guests. Do have a seat." He indicates to the chairs beyond 14 women and men clad in white robes.

    Templar Thal Vadam > /emote enters, dressed as pictured, and finds a spot to sit down

    Rhoxy Runekin > /emote arrives as pictured, though all in black with dull silver trim, She stands near Aria, though back a little ways, a pamphlet neatly folded in one hand.

    Varcutii Renalard > /emote arrived with a quiet reserve to her bearing and general presence.

    Eagla Yassavi > /emote takes a seat to watch

    Eternal Guardian > /emote arrives with Rhoxanne, wearing his usual drab robe, standing next to his daughter.

    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote takes a seat along the aisle, about midway.

    Templar Thal Vadam > /emote takes a seat at the back, and runs his fingers along a piece of paper held in his hand

    Monsignor Ziyad Berker Teke makes his way out, clad in gold robes and proceeds to the outdoor altar where robed acolytes wait with him. A podium is nearby.

    Aria Jenneth > /emote remains standing in the aisle for a moment, staring out towards the row upon row of fresh graves. It takes her maybe twenty seconds to notice that Luna's seated herself; she hastily moves to follow

    Monsignor Teke gazes at the assembled, as a bell indicates the service is beginning. He allows a silence to fill the air for a moment.

    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote chews her lips slightly, the silence like a blow to her body. Her face tenses.

    Eternal Guardian > /emote sits shakily, prefering a spot near the back.

    Monsignor Teke chants out in a stern, loud voice. “Réquiem ætérnam dona eis, Dómine; et lux perpétua lúceat eis.”

    After he finishes his chant, the acoclytes move as one, silentlu carrying a large bound volume, representative of the Scriptures, simply placed on a podium. This is a ceremony without music, song or ornament.

    Monsignor Teke states "our reading today is offered by Rhoxanne Theopia Revellious daughter of Ian Nicodeimus Revellious of SFRIM. You may proceed to the podium, Miss."

    Rhoxy Runekin > /emote awkwardly takes a moment to register her cue, and then hurries up to the podium, centering herself, she unfolds her pamphelt, and calmly reads.

    Rhoxy Runekin > "All things were created by the Divine, and so the glory of our Faith is inherent to us all.When thine heart shines with the Light, thou shalt know no hardship;

    Rhoxy Runekin > When thine actions are in Light's name, thou art immortal.The Scriptures, Book of Trials two-one.Let us affirm the Word of the Scriptures!" she holds out one hand as if to illicit a response from those gathered.

    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "By his Light and His Will"

    Monsignor Teke states "By his Light and his Will"

    Eternal Guardian > By His Light and His Will. Umbassa.

    Aria Jenneth > *even if Aria might say something here, she seems too choked to do any such thing*

    Templar Thal Vadam > /emote whispers "By His Light and His Will...."

    Eagla Yassavi > By His Light and His Will.

    Monsignor Teke says "Thank you Miss Runekin, you may be seated."

    Rhoxy Runekin > /emote murmurs, "umbassa." and then goes to sit next to Aria.

    Monsignor Teke makes his way the podium. He says “we are here today because of the dead who lie around us. To remember and honor their memory. To pray for their souls.”

    Monsignor Teke says “They were, of course, slaves.”

    Monsignor Teke says “The most fundamental question one usually ponders, and I usually discuss, given this status, is slavery against the will of God for how can anyone be happy, enslaved?”

    Monsignor Teke says slowly "I usually respond, that I'm not sure that God wants us to be happy."

    Monsignor Teke says “I usually say that I think He wants us to grow-up. We think our childish toys bring us all the happiness there is and our nursery is the whole wide world."

    Monsignor Teke says "But something must drive us out of the nursery to the world of others and that something is discipline, training, hardships.”

    Monsignor Teke says "You see, I would explain, that we are like blocks of stone out of which the sculptor carves forms of men. The blows of His chisel, which hurt so much, are what makes us perfect."

    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote chews her lip through the homily. Almost giving him a sullen look.

    Monsignor Teke says “I would then conclude, that Through the generations, it is that chisel which forms a new People, Closer to God and to his Words. Closer to his Light and Will."

    Templar Thal Vadam > /emote has a look of what could be called pain

    Monsignor Teke says continues quietly “That is what I have always believed and taught.. at least until today. I was.. always quite certain of it.” He falls quiet, looking the cemetary around him.

    Aria Jenneth > /emote sits with head bowed, lips drawn into something akin to an agonized grimace

    Monsignor Teke says after a long pause “The Society, through its actions, have, God willing implanted in the survivors, I understand some did survive, a memory of Amarr who preached by how they treated them, of kindly words and virtous life."

    Monsignor Teke says “I pray that is enough to repair the damage as to those who survived." He exhales "I fear it is not but it is in God’s hands and we trust in those hands.”

    Monsignor Teke quotes more time "Lead all children to the light of God, for Heaven is theirs to inherit.”

    Monsignor Teke pauses, again glanced at the freshly turned fields and says solemnly “Yet, this day, this part of scripture has been running through my mind.. constantly... as to the dead."

    Monsignor Teke recites from memory “Only through many hardships Is a man stripped to his very foundations And in such a state Devoid of distractions Is his soul free to soar And in this, He is closest to God"

    Monsignor Teke looks at the assembled “But here.. we see what went beyond what Scripture teaches or calls for Thousands died. We trust in the Mystery of God’s Will as we must or we lose faith.”

    Monsignor Teke states “The remainder... are all broken. They have all been stripped. They have nothing more to give.”

    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote is biting her lip. She does not look in the slightest comforted by this homily.

    Monsignor Teke states “Those have died are surely now close to God. This.. we must pray and hope for, or the Butcher’s darkness will have overshadowed the Light"

    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote exhales. She nods slowly.

    Monsignor Teke steps from the podium and in front of the altar. There is a moment of silence for those assembled to reflect, react, or otherwise.

    Eagla Yassavi > /emote watches in silence

    Monsignor Teke says "let us close this memorial with this prayer of farewell"

    Templar Thal Vadam > /emote reads the paper in hand and sighs

    Eagla Yassavi > /emote bows her head

    Templar Thal Vadam > /emote bows his head

    Monsignor Teke says "Almighty God, you created and shaped the vault of heaven; you fixed the stars in their places. We commit these bodies for burial and ask that and send your holy Sefrim to watch over them."

    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote begins to cry. She always does at this part. Every single time.

    Monsignor Teke states As we bury here the body of our brothers and sisters in the Faith (for have they not been stripped to their foundations so that they may soar with God?"

    Monsignor Teke states "deliver their souls from every bond and snare, that they may rejoice in you with your saints for ever until the end of days when they descend, with the coming of the Ark Salvation is carried for the Faithful and the Reclaimed"

    Aria Jenneth > *just ... sits. It's not quite clear when she started crying; it's technically not clear that what she's doing now counts. But her cheeks are wet with tears*

    Monsignor Teke says simply "By his Light and Will"

    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote says in a husky voice "By his Light and His Will"

    Rhoxy Runekin > /emote just sits with her hands in her lap, looking out across the fields.

    Rhoxy Runekin > "By His Light and His Will."

    Eagla Yassavi > By His Light and Will.

    Eternal Guardian > By His Light and His Will, Umbassa."

    Monsignor Teke says "The Service is ended. You may go. We, however, will now read the names of each and every one of the dead. We thank Lieutenant Samira Kernher for her assistance in identifying them."

    Eagla Yassavi > /emote closes her eyes, opting ot stay and listen

    Monsignor Teke says “These 14 volunteers who are sitting in front of the Altar, slaves freed by Jamyl’s decree who chose to remain in the Empire, and employed by the Society, I am told, will read the names.”

    Monsignor Teke departs with his acolytes as one volunteer from the 14 comes up to the podium.

    Templar Thal Vadam > /emote listens

    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote does not move. She looks at the podium.

    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote notes at one volunteer at a time will come up for 10 minutes. They will read a name, then a bell will toll. Each name and toll of the bell takes about six seconds. Sixty names will be read in 10 minutes. 360 in an hour and they will repeat.

    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote notes there are 5,270 names.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar
    Lunarisse Aspenstar

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    RP - The 5,270 Empty Re: RP - The 5,270

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:10 am


    [ 2016.06.25 01:44:54 ] Rhoxy Runekin > /emote stands slowly, and after whispering something to Ian, leaves.
    [ 2016.06.25 01:46:01 ] Eternal Guardian > /emote would remain and walk through the Garden, prayer beads in hand.
    [ 2016.06.25 01:48:06 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote exhales. She folds her hands and closes her eyes, as she listens to the names.
    [ 2016.06.25 01:51:15 ] Aria Jenneth > ... *for now, just sits by Luna, and listens. Her face seems to be taking kind of a tour of expressions for misery and grief. Her bony shoulders have started shaking, and just kind of don't stop*
    [ 2016.06.25 01:53:21 ] Varcutii Renalard > /emote sat in a quiet state of focus gazing out on the grave scene, semi-catatonic if not wholly so.
    [ 2016.06.25 01:53:47 ] Eagla Yassavi > /emote watches the others go, watching Aria and Luna, and Varcutii, then staring off over the graves
    [ 2016.06.25 01:57:15 ] Eagla Yassavi > /emote gets up, looks around, and slowly walks out
    [ 2016.06.25 01:57:33 ] Templar Thal Vadam > /emote looks at the paper one more time. It as an oath, sworn by Templars to accomplish. It reads "Never again shall the blood of innocents and martyrs flow, only that of traitors and heretics"
    [ 2016.06.25 02:00:42 ] Aria Jenneth > /emote eventually, and without speaking, picks herself up out of her chair. She doesn't leave, though; rather, she begins wandering, slowly, back and forth among the graves*
    [ 2016.06.25 02:03:30 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote enters. She hears the quite reading of the names and the toll of the bell. She realizes she missed the service. After biting her lip, she makes her way over to Lunarisse and sits down next to her.
    [ 2016.06.25 02:05:05 ] Aria Jenneth > /emote looks up sharply as someone approaches Luna (apparently her sense of duty isn't quite on holiday), but relaxes as she sees who it is.
    [ 2016.06.25 02:05:22 ] Aria Jenneth > *she resumes padding, quietly, from grave to grave*
    [ 2016.06.25 02:08:54 ] Aria Jenneth > *it's actually a little hard to say whether she's feeling any better or whether nausea's just overtaken other forms of misery*
    [ 2016.06.25 02:16:49 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote looks around quietly, listening. She puts her hand on Luna's knee.
    [ 2016.06.25 02:19:01 ] Varcutii Renalard > /emote eventually rose and made her way slowly, her gate flowing from left to right with a wavy indirectness to her step as she moved up closer toward the grave sites....
    [ 2016.06.25 02:23:40 ] Aria Jenneth > /emote continues wandering quietly. She stays out there for a fair while.*
    [ 2016.06.25 02:23:59 ] Varcutii Renalard > /emote there, knelt...seemingly she murmered to herself?... Head down while her figure swayed slightly.
    [ 2016.06.25 02:28:19 ] Varcutii Renalard > /emote eventually withdrew an incense stick and a plain bowl into which it was placed. The sweet incense was lit with a wooden match. Me knelt there for a while murmuring nearly under her breath.
    [ 2016.06.25 02:28:36 ] Varcutii Renalard > *Var
    [ 2016.06.25 02:33:35 ] Varcutii Renalard > /emote after a time slowed her murmurings....the bowl was filled with water from a pouch ultimately extinguishing the burning incense stick. In closure Var rose from the position slowly, swaying slightly as she did so.. seemingly unsure of her balance.....
    [ 2016.06.25 02:34:38 ] Varcutii Renalard > /emote gradually turned and walked away from the gathering.
    [ 2016.06.25 02:35:11 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote looks up and watches Var with a questioning glanc,e but senses that words.. would be inappropriate right now.
    [ 2016.06.25 02:37:29 ] Aria Jenneth > /emote , for her part, eventually lets her shawl slip back over her shoulders, and tips her head back to look up at that absurdly beautiful sky*
    [ 2016.06.25 02:38:16 ] Aria Jenneth > *and, just sort of keeps tipping. Until she falls over. And doesn't get up for the moment*
    [ 2016.06.25 02:49:44 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote startles. She gets up, where Luna doesn't seem to have noticed, and makes her way slowly through the graves. It may take a bit to catch up and she isn't sure she will approach Aria that closely yet
    [ 2016.06.25 02:53:17 ] Aria Jenneth > *Aria's lying on her back, staring up at the sky, hands folded across her middle, as the names continue to be read and the bell continues to toll (the list's barely even dented). She doesn't seem to be dead or hurt....*
    [ 2016.06.25 02:54:38 ] Aria Jenneth > *... or even really crying, anymore. Her expression's even lost a little of its haunted look. She does look dreadfully pale, but that's typical of Aria on days ending in "Y". Mostly, she looks ... sad, and maybe a little lost.*
    [ 2016.06.25 02:56:17 ] Varcutii Renalard > /emote had somewhere along the line wandered off the property and pretty much vanished from casual observation.
    [ 2016.06.25 02:57:33 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote wanders over. She can tell that Aria is not hurt I guess, given the above. She just sits in the grass next to her. After a while Luna wanders over and does the same. Neither say anything.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:01:01 ] Aria Jenneth > *quietly, in between names* I give up. ... trying to ... wrap my head around it. There's too much ...
    [ 2016.06.25 03:01:21 ] Maria Daphiti > Yeah, it's lots.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:02:26 ] Aria Jenneth > ... too many. I'm ... just one person. This, here-- these people ...
    [ 2016.06.25 03:03:56 ] Aria Jenneth > ... it's so ... much bigger than I am. Than ... all of us are. All of ... the Societas capsuleers ... and PIE, too ... all rolled into one. We'd be ... what, one fiftieth? ... the scale of all this.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:04:42 ] Aria Jenneth > But I'm sure we've each, individually ... filled graveyards with people, over time. Maybe a lot of graveyards.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:06:51 ] Maria Daphiti > "Yeah. Sort of. But.. it's.. in space. So.. we don't notice."
    [ 2016.06.25 03:07:17 ] Aria Jenneth > ... do you think ... we'd be able to continue, if ... we could see?
    [ 2016.06.25 03:08:15 ] Maria Daphiti > "Only if we had a good reason" she raises her chin up. "I could never be pirate
    [ 2016.06.25 03:09:27 ] Aria Jenneth > ... I guess ... it's pretty well demonstrated by ... now ...
    [ 2016.06.25 03:09:39 ] Aria Jenneth > ... that I could be. 'Cause I was.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:09:48 ] Maria Daphiti > ... yeppers..
    [ 2016.06.25 03:13:07 ] Maria Daphiti > But you aren't.. now?
    [ 2016.06.25 03:13:29 ] Maria Daphiti > Most stuff in warzone's frigs too. They have only eggers.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:14:04 ] Aria Jenneth > ... well-- and a small crew, usually ...
    [ 2016.06.25 03:14:15 ] Aria Jenneth > ... just a few, though.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:16:27 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote chews her lip "And they know what they are signing up for.. in the warzone. Unlike these poor peeps"
    [ 2016.06.25 03:16:53 ] Maria Daphiti > "Or mining crew or hauler stevedores..."
    [ 2016.06.25 03:17:49 ] Aria Jenneth > ... no one really knows, though, I don't think, Ms. Daphiti.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:18:00 ] Maria Daphiti > "These poor peeps never had a chance though."
    [ 2016.06.25 03:18:02 ] Aria Jenneth > ... I don't think ... the odds are publicized very well.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:18:23 ] Aria Jenneth > ... I know. I'm not really ... playing a game of "who's worse."
    [ 2016.06.25 03:18:38 ] Aria Jenneth > Not on ... purpose, anyway.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:21:24 ] Aria Jenneth > I wonder if ... even Nauplius ... really understood what he was doing.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:21:42 ] Aria Jenneth > ... I mean ... a million people ... each year ...
    [ 2016.06.25 03:22:40 ] Maria Daphiti > Yeah. I wonder.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:22:49 ] Aria Jenneth > ... that's ... like a plague. Or an awful natural disaster.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:25:38 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote puzzles over that .. analogy.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:25:51 ] Maria Daphiti > "Yeah.. i guess."
    [ 2016.06.25 03:26:33 ] Aria Jenneth > Maybe ... he thought it made him great. But it doesn't seem like he could have really grasped the scale of it.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:26:42 ] Aria Jenneth > I can't ... grasp ... even the scale of this.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:26:45 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote notes Luna is just quiet. She's not .. really in the shape or mood for talking,
    [ 2016.06.25 03:27:21 ] Maria Daphiti > "Makes you wonder how.. People like the Templar Function,,"
    [ 2016.06.25 03:27:31 ] Maria Daphiti > "They see people .. face to face they fight.. and kill.. all the time"
    [ 2016.06.25 03:27:41 ] Aria Jenneth > With a lot ... of scars.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:28:12 ] Aria Jenneth > ... and they don't just kill. They die, too.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:28:25 ] Aria Jenneth > And it's not ... painless.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:28:29 ] Maria Daphiti > "Yeah."
    [ 2016.06.25 03:29:19 ] Aria Jenneth > They feel it. Thal ... probably knows exactly what it feels like to have your innards fried by a plasma shotgun blast from the right versus from the left.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:29:27 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote shudders.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:29:46 ] Maria Daphiti > "Do they remember? They aren't in a pod..."
    [ 2016.06.25 03:30:04 ] Aria Jenneth > ... I gather they have an implant that copies their mind straight across ...
    [ 2016.06.25 03:31:46 ] Aria Jenneth > ... even if they get shot in the head. It's pretty impressive.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:32:44 ] Aria Jenneth > Maybe it's ... like having a constantly-updated backup? ... I should ask Teacher some time ... but that seems like kind of an awful question.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:32:49 ] Aria Jenneth > ... or maybe not.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:33:09 ] Aria Jenneth > ... anyhow ... yeah.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:33:15 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote notes that Luna flashes Aria and Maria a bit of a look. Maria looks sheepish "I';ll hush"
    [ 2016.06.25 03:34:03 ] Aria Jenneth > ... sorry ...
    [ 2016.06.25 03:34:49 ] Aria Jenneth > *she falls silent, and that kind of slightly haunted look starts to creep in at the edges of her eyes again*
    [ 2016.06.25 03:37:08 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote sees that both Aria and Luna look sort of the same. She is a bit of a loss for words.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:37:35 ] Maria Daphiti > "Mom.. remember your Faith." she looks at Luna.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:37:45 ] Maria Daphiti > "Aria.. remember you helped a lot of people make it."
    [ 2016.06.25 03:37:59 ] Maria Daphiti > "This place would six times the size without you"
    [ 2016.06.25 03:38:27 ] Aria Jenneth > ... I know. But I don't ... really feel like that was ... "me," if ... that makes sense.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:39:20 ] Maria Daphiti > "You rounded up lots of help. Mom.. " she glances to the side "Was sort of messed up at the time. it was.. you."
    [ 2016.06.25 03:40:05 ] Aria Jenneth > ... but if we give me credit for ... such a thing ... I've killed so many more.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:41:02 ] Maria Daphiti > "Yeah well... sort of helps the scales I guess..." she looks seriously at Aria "Maybe you need to do more to tilt it more"
    [ 2016.06.25 03:41:52 ] Aria Jenneth > *quietly* It's what I'm for, though.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:42:29 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote looks at Luna, then back at Aria. "Well.. ditto. But.. I try to make sure it's for a reason."
    [ 2016.06.25 03:42:52 ] Maria Daphiti > "I don't want to have to explain myself to.. God and say I did it... for kicks..."
    [ 2016.06.25 03:45:09 ] Maria Daphiti > "You.. try to for the Society right?"
    [ 2016.06.25 03:46:04 ] Aria Jenneth > ... for your mother.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:46:20 ] Aria Jenneth > I like the society okay, but ... that's not what I owe my loyalty to.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:46:25 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote glances at Luna "Well.. she's usually not.. too much of a hot head."
    [ 2016.06.25 03:47:00 ] Aria Jenneth > ... yeah ...
    [ 2016.06.25 03:47:25 ] Aria Jenneth > ... if I'd been serving someone else ... like Desiderya ...
    [ 2016.06.25 03:47:37 ] Aria Jenneth > I'm not sure I would have ... tried to save those people from Nauplius at all.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:48:10 ] Aria Jenneth > ... I'd have ... treated them as someone else's business. And left them.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:49:10 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote looks troubled by that. "Well.. I am glad you were with Mom then." She looks at the stones "Even these peeps got some dignity in te end"
    [ 2016.06.25 03:49:16 ] Aria Jenneth > ... so ... I don't think ... I deserve any credit for this. Even if the universe really does ... care what people deserve.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:49:54 ] Maria Daphiti > "Don't sell yourself short Aria. You did do it. That's what matters."
    [ 2016.06.25 03:51:41 ] Maria Daphiti > "Even if the universe doesn't care. Those people .. surely do."
    [ 2016.06.25 03:53:30 ] Aria Jenneth > ... *faint, teary smile*
    [ 2016.06.25 03:54:11 ] Aria Jenneth > ... I ... did a lot, in the name of saving ... lives.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:54:17 ] Aria Jenneth > Made a lot of trouble for us.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:54:40 ] Aria Jenneth > And I can't ... even figure out ... whether I really regret it.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:55:35 ] Aria Jenneth > And all the while ... I can't help wonder what right someone like me has ... to act like life is something important. Something worth sacrificing for.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:55:46 ] Aria Jenneth > ... mostly, I'm in ... the business of sacrificing life for other things.
    [ 2016.06.25 03:58:38 ] Maria Daphiti > "Well.. I think " she glances at Luna "you're still with her.. so I'm guessing .. you shouldn't regret a lot."
    [ 2016.06.25 04:00:12 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote noticed that Luna at some point also laid down, looking at the sky. She seems lost in herself.
    [ 2016.06.25 04:00:31 ] Aria Jenneth > *quietly* I wanted to be someone who never ... failed her.
    [ 2016.06.25 04:03:59 ] Maria Daphiti > "I.. think there's.. perfection.. and there's.. doing a good job. I think the second.. is human. I think the first.. is a fantasy for anyone."
    [ 2016.06.25 04:04:06 ] Maria Daphiti > "i wanted to win every solo..."
    [ 2016.06.25 04:04:55 ] Maria Daphiti > "I think you did a good Job Aria"
    [ 2016.06.25 04:06:22 ] Maria Daphiti > "I'm sure Mom did too.. or .. well.. I wouldn't see you as her shadow anymore."
    [ 2016.06.25 04:09:07 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote says "Hey take it easy." She looks over at Luna. She leans over squeezes her shoulder and then gets up.
    [ 2016.06.25 04:09:12 ] Aria Jenneth > .... *smiles, just a little*
    [ 2016.06.25 04:12:00 ] Aria Jenneth > ... you, too, Ms. Daphiti.
    [ 2016.06.25 04:12:06 ] Aria Jenneth > And ... thank you.
    [ 2016.06.25 04:12:53 ] Maria Daphiti > /emote smiles a little. "Sure" she makes her way out of the cemetary, walking slowly through the rows and glancing at the bell tower and the readers, who are still reading. She leaves.

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    RP - The 5,270 Empty Re: RP - The 5,270

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:16 am

    Pre, During and Post Service Chat - Luna and Aria

    [ 2016.06.25 00:44:12 ] Aria Jenneth > Um. Directrix? ... He doesn't seem to be on hand, but ...
    [ 2016.06.25 00:44:19 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > Who?
    [ 2016.06.25 00:44:19 ] Aria Jenneth > Would it be okay ... for Utari to come?
    [ 2016.06.25 00:44:22 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > Yes.
    [ 2016.06.25 00:44:39 ] Aria Jenneth > ... thank you.
    [ 2016.06.25 00:44:55 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > if Literia is on, the same goes for as well.
    [ 2016.06.25 00:45:21 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > I.. invited Samira.
    [ 2016.06.25 00:45:24 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > Some days ago.
    [ 2016.06.25 00:45:26 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > She declined.
    [ 2016.06.25 00:46:05 ] Aria Jenneth > ... Her ... view of the world ...
    [ 2016.06.25 00:46:12 ] Aria Jenneth > ... it's grown ... so dark.
    [ 2016.06.25 00:46:54 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods.
    [ 2016.06.25 00:47:50 ] Aria Jenneth > ... watching her and Miz ... the affinity is so strong, it's frightening.
    [ 2016.06.25 00:48:05 ] Aria Jenneth > ... I'm worried ... what's going to become of her.
    [ 2016.06.25 00:49:00 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > I. am hoping... that a chance to help the surivivors.. move on.. will help her.
    [ 2016.06.25 00:54:02 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > I will be heading down. Are you ready?
    [ 2016.06.25 00:54:57 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > Nahyeen VI - A Memorial Garden
    [ 2016.06.25 00:59:22 ] Aria Jenneth > ... I'm ready ...
    [ 2016.06.25 01:09:11 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote has departed, with Aria, as requested.
    [ 2016.06.25 01:22:34 ] Aria Jenneth > ... five ... thousand, two hundred ... seventy.
    [ 2016.06.25 01:23:00 ] Aria Jenneth > ... It's ... a statistic. Too ... many to grasp. Unless ...
    [ 2016.06.25 01:23:27 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote says quietly "Unless you are standing here in the middle of them"
    [ 2016.06.25 01:45:11 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote falls quiet. Her Avatar goes dark.

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