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    Correspondence: Conclave

    Lunarisse Aspenstar
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    Correspondence: Conclave Empty Correspondence: Conclave

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Sat May 28, 2016 7:35 am

    Conclave Report
    From: Garion Avarr
    To: Lunarisse Aspenstar
    TO: Office of The Directrix, SFRIM
    FROM: Garion Avarr, SFRIM Observer to Providence Conclave
    RE: Initial Summery of Providence Conclave

    As you may be aware, the Conclave of Providence was called to discuss three areas: firstly, the scope and status of Operation Deliverance, including such things as if to expand it, to declare the primary mission concluded, to begin a greater push for annexation by the Empire, or to change stated objectives and means of the project; secondly, the status of slavery with Providence, formalizing of rules regarding who, if anyone, with Providence may own slaves and how they are to be treated, with Holders from the Empire and citizens of the Kingdom exempt from all laws that might be passed on this subject; third, the question of titles for holders within Providence and the possibility of the creation of a peerage within Providence.

    We are currently nearing the end of the first week of the Conclave. During this first week is when the proposals that shall later be discussed and voted upon will be made. Currently, the proposals as they stand are:

    Within the area of the status of Operation Deliverance, three proposals have been made. One of them, regarding the terminology used for 'Proviblock,' was vetoed as not being in the scope of what the Conclave was called to discuss. The other two proposals, summarized, are thus:

    The first proposal is to declare Operation Deliverance successfully concluded, and to then refocus efforts on a second phase of reclaiming the area, with a council dedicated to the spiritual well-being of the area, a renewed push to bring more industrialization to the area along with more fortification, and a renewed commitment to aiding the Empire, but no longer any attempt at seeking eventual annexation by the Empire.

    The second proposal seeks a path towards full annexation of Providence by the Empire. It attempts to first establish Providence's right of self-determination, and then, over a period of time, seek to begin negotiations for a formal allied status with the Empire with a view towards a gradual annexation.

    Within the area of the status of slavery, there is one proposal seeking to outlaw slavery. It is unclear as to the intended scope of this, I have requested clarification. There is another proposal that seeks to affirm the status quo.

    Within the area of the status of holders and the question of a peerage, there was a proposal to give PIE a council seat, this was ruled out of order. There is one actual proposal, over which there currently seems to be a great deal of confusion. The original proposal seems to have been to create non-noble ranks and titles within Providence as both a form of honoring those who deserve it and instilling responsibility for certain areas in those who are given these titles. Some seem to have thought this proposal was intending to create a nobility, which to my eye was not the intent, there was much outcry among some who thought that for Providence to create its own nobility would infringe upon Amarr nobility and be heretical, however, that is of course ridiculous. Lt. Kernher of PIE attempted to correct them, but not all listened to her.

    This is the current status of the Conclave, I will send regular reports as it progresses.

    For the Empire!
    Lunarisse Aspenstar
    Lunarisse Aspenstar

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    Correspondence: Conclave Empty Re: Correspondence: Conclave

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Sat May 28, 2016 7:35 am

    Re: Conclave Report
    From: Lunarisse Aspenstar
    To: Garion Avarr
    Lord Avarr,

    Thank you for the update. As an observer, I assume you do not get a vote? if you do, i appreciate a chance to discuss with you, but I will not seek to impinge on your conscience or ultimate decision.

    I am concerned that a right to self-determination, express or implied, in both proposals is a thinly disguised attempt at succession with the rest of the "Golden Path" easily forgotten once that right is declared and acted upon. What protections are being suggested to ensure that Providence remains in the fold and true the Empire and the Faith?


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