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    Maria Daphiti

    Lunarisse Aspenstar

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    Maria Daphiti

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Sat Apr 30, 2016 1:33 am

    Her Bio as said by herself:

    I am Maria Daphiti.

    I am Captain of Recruitment with the Praetoria Imperialist Excubitoris.

    I am 21 years old. I am unmarried. I  am a graduate of Hedion University, and also took classes at St. Rose's Finishing School for Young Ladies run by the Little Sisters of the Most Holy and Blessed Sword on Mehkios (Sarum III), my birth world, to supplement my education.  

    While there must be some  genetic suitability in my bloodline, as my mother Lunarisse Aspenstar Daphiti is a capsuleer, I am the only one of my siblings to be capsuleer.

    I am a young militia pilot with slightly over two years of experience in small fleet and solo operations.
    I like the rush of capsuleer versus capsuleer combat so my vocation is to fly as a combat pilot in FW low sec to serve and protect the Empire.

    My mother tried to place me in a convent with Holy Mother Benedicta Sechah the Little Sisters of the Most Holy and Blessed Sword on Mehkios and then as a nanny with Knight Stephanie Saissore's orphanage project, both of which didn't suit me, so I ran off and joined Imperial Outlaws (ILAW) and Lady Shalee Lianne Cerra.  

    My mother eventually grew to accept my vocation and after ILAW disbanded I ended up joining the Praetoria Imperialist Excubitoris (PIE) because I was really impressed by what I saw of PIE in the warzone and the professionalism of its pilots when I had a chance to join them in fleet ops .   I was impressed when PIE in a businesslike and quiet way just took out one of the Butcher's  facilities (at the time) with a minimum of fuss and drama.  I've learned from the debacle at Huola when some of the other Militia sacrificed slaves to "celebrate their victory"  how important a strong moral grounding is to a pilot, along with combat skills, and wanted to make sure I am serving the Empire and not its enemies.  So I joined PIE where I've stayed ever since!

    I like music, especially rock n roll, and I like activities on the beach and the ocean, like volleyball.

    P.S. if you are interested in learning more about PIE and applying, contact me!

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