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    RP - Entrance Interview of Braeyon Cussier

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    RP - Entrance Interview of Braeyon Cussier Empty RP - Entrance Interview of Braeyon Cussier

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:20 am

    Location: SFRIM Offices. Bar. Nahyeen VII, Zoar & Sons Factory

    Setting: The main gathering area of the Society, the bar sports plush leather couches centered around a long coffee table. Low music plays songs from around the galaxy. The soft blue lighting is easy on the eyes, but still light enough to see what you're doing and where you're going. The shelves are filled haphazardly with bottles of spirits, clearly labeled. The whiskeys shelf label has been taped over by Freya and Lucas, each bidding for ownership. There is a shelf with rum on it, with a fresh label reading 'Alexi'. Above that, is Nicoletta's shelf, with juice mixes and exotic wine, with a few bottles of absinthe here and there. Cocktail mixers and a jar of little umbrellas wrapped with a piece of tape reading 'Gottin's Dont Touch!!' is on her shelf. A long line of bottles of Quafe are on a shelf with a "DON'T TOUCH!" sign by Rhoxy. Johanes has a shelf with brandies and cognac and a lone bottle of smurgleblaster. One shelf labeled "Lord Anderson's" has three bottles of brandy from Gallente space, along with other liquors. Another shelf labeled "Lord Tash-Murkon" has a secure black metal container with a biometric lock with a Sapidum Distillery Emblem - 'Sapidum 255' from a Khanid small batch distillery on Oris. Lunarisse's shelf has spiced wine and other vintages from around New Eden, with a few religious texts leaning against the bottles. New to her collection is one tall, elegant bottle with amarrian scrollwork of Cream Liqueur, one tall elegant bottle with amarrian scrollwork of Chocolate Liqueur, one stout, wide bottle with amarrian scroll work of Chocolate sauce with added black tea all wrapped in a secure richly coloured, dark wood box. A shelf labeled "Alizabeth" has several boxes of teas.There are a few other shelves that hold overflow for now, waiting for new corp members to claim them.

    There is a Small Grey Puppy named "Quark"

    Exits: Gottin's Lamp - Kitchen, Gottin's Lamp - Sleeping Area, Gottin's Lamp - Library, and Gottin's Lamp
    [ 2016.01.09 04:48:49 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote is seated waiting for her guest to arrive and to be shown to the capsuleer portion of the Society's offices.
    [ 2016.01.09 04:51:28 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote enters the area which he was shown to. He walks in and stops by the entrance, looking around for the individual he's supposed to meet. Braeyon fiddles with the collar of his coat and clears his throat.
    [ 2016.01.09 04:52:41 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote rises and smiles brightly. "hello Mr. Cussier, thank yuo for coming."
    [ 2016.01.09 04:54:22 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote couldn't help but smile as he turns his gaze to Lunarisse, he approaches her. "Good day, Ms. Aspenstar, and thank you for receiving me", he said.
    [ 2016.01.09 04:54:44 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Of course, we can always use another miner." She gestures "Have a seat. Can I get you a drink?"
    [ 2016.01.09 04:57:14 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote sits down and says "Yes please, I'd like to have a glass of water". When he finally sat down he puts his clasped hands on the table with his back straight, looking at Lunarisse with a warm, polite smile.
    [ 2016.01.09 04:57:50 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods slightly and makes her way behind the bar. She asks casually "so how did you end up finding out about us?"
    [ 2016.01.09 04:59:53 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote clears his throat before he spoke. "Well it's because of my father, really. I wanted to explore the Amarrian side of me and I got lot of help from various people who serves the Empire. I made an application to become an Amarr citizen-
    [ 2016.01.09 05:00:26 ] Braeyon Cussier > and afterwards I was refered to you because of my line of work, mining."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:01:10 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods slightly. "Well our mining operations can always use another miner. We have a POS that will help you with your refining needs."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:01:39 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote returns with a glass of water. She gives it to Braeyon and takes a seat.
    [ 2016.01.09 05:02:14 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Altough I am curious. What do you mean,. the Amarr side of you?"
    [ 2016.01.09 05:02:29 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "We are the Faithful here." She smiles slightly.
    [ 2016.01.09 05:03:21 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote takes the glass with his right hand and lifts it to his lips for a sip and swallows before lowering the glass to the table. "My mother is-.. was a Gallentean and my father was of the Amarr. I felt the need to find out who I really am."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:05:30 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods slightly. She leans back into her chair as she takes a seat. "How curious. Was your father a missionary?"
    [ 2016.01.09 05:05:49 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote lowers his left hand to one of his pockets and lays a note on the table, sliding it over to Lunarisse. 'To know the true path, but yet, to never follow it. That is possibly the gravest sin', is written on the note.
    [ 2016.01.09 05:06:00 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote shrugs. "I honestly don't know, I never knew him."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:06:14 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote glances at the Note, then at brayeon's comment. she purses her lips. "Why?"
    [ 2016.01.09 05:07:25 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote shrugs once more, swallowing after he raised the glass to his lips. "According to my mother, he had to do something for the Empire."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:08:03 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote glances curiously at Braeyon "Have you tried to find him?"
    [ 2016.01.09 05:08:36 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote nods briefly. "I did but it's impossible to find him without a name to go after."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:08:59 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote's pursed lips turn into a frown "Surely your mother knows his name"
    [ 2016.01.09 05:09:22 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote looks at her. "She passed away before I found out."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:10:19 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote's expression softens "I see. I am sorry to hear that."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:11:11 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote smiles faintly. "Well.. all shall pass away eventually", he said, raising the glass again to have a drink.
    [ 2016.01.09 05:11:26 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "You mentioned you applied for Amarr citizenship. How come and what happened with that?"
    [ 2016.01.09 05:12:05 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote murmers "Yes, even 'immortals' I suppose." She glances at Braeyon with respect to her pending question.
    [ 2016.01.09 05:13:55 ] Braeyon Cussier > As I said earlier, I wanted to know the other part of me and I felt this.. need.. to become an Amarr citizen. It felt right by me. And I managed to pass the citizenship so I am officially an Amarr citizen.
    [ 2016.01.09 05:14:13 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods "You are then, by definition, an adherent to the Faith?"
    [ 2016.01.09 05:14:55 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote leans forward at the table with his hands clasped together and the glass in the middle of his arms. He nods briefly. "I am an awakened believer of our Lord and to the Faith, yes."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:16:02 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Good. Because besides being engaged in mining and other activities for agents and industry, we are a Society for the Faithful. In fact, my main questions revolve around the candidate's faith." She gives Braeyon an appraising look.
    [ 2016.01.09 05:17:37 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote smiles as he takes notice of Lunarisse's appraising look upon him.
    [ 2016.01.09 05:18:26 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Given your background and a convert, I am curious as to what you'd say the essence of the Amarr Faith is for you?"
    [ 2016.01.09 05:21:44 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote takes hold of the glass with his right hand. "For me, it's unity. When I started on studying the Scriptures I felt myself in the right to read it and I felt this.. inspiration.. to go on reading. I feel - and I know - that the Faith is my calling...
    [ 2016.01.09 05:21:49 ] Braeyon Cussier > "
    [ 2016.01.09 05:22:16 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote takes a sip from his glass of water.
    [ 2016.01.09 05:22:18 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods slightly.
    [ 2016.01.09 05:22:31 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Unity in what sense?"
    [ 2016.01.09 05:24:47 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote clears his throat before he spoke, "Faithful unity. Where our Lord unifies us as a people, his chosen ones, to do his bidding and to spread his word and the teachings of the Faith."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:25:59 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods. "of course, the word can be spread in many ways. Missionary, preaching, slavery." She gazes at Braeyon as she says the last, mindful of his Gallente roots. "And what do you feel the role of slavery is in today's Empire?"
    [ 2016.01.09 05:26:15 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote gazes evenly at Braeyon.
    [ 2016.01.09 05:29:23 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote looks at Lunarisse for a while before answering. "If memory serves, Empress Jamyl freed a great number of slaves with her emancipation Decree, as I understand it, many Holders didn't like it."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:30:13 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods slightly. She does not comment. however, assuming Braeyon has more to say.
    [ 2016.01.09 05:32:10 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote continues on. "And when it comes to my point of view of slavery in the Empire today, well.. Plainly speaking, I don't know what to make of it but if Jamyl's emancipation decree strengthened the Empire, then that's a positive thing."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:33:06 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "It did in a variety of ways. Nonetheless, the institution itself, persists. Those of less than nine generations of Matari, the Ealur, criminals, heretics, and the like. Will you be able to accept this despite your Gallente roots?"
    [ 2016.01.09 05:34:16 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote nods briefly, agreeing.
    [ 2016.01.09 05:37:24 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote clears his throat once more. "I have also heard that each Holder are different than the other, some treat their slaves well and some doesn't."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:38:29 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "That is true. Given that their roles as sovereigns and as slave owners are dual. Unless the abuse is truly... public or beyond the pale, well.. they are the Lords and Ladies of their Holdings."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:40:20 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote exhales slightly.
    [ 2016.01.09 05:40:46 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > ""The other question I usually ask" She smiles lightly "Is it more important to simply be True Amarr or to live a rightous life in accord with God's Will."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:43:45 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote 's smirk turns in to a smile as he leans back in his seat. "To live in God's Will and to be in his shining Light is more important. As long as I have our Lord in my heart and that I say my prayers before going to bed makes me feel comfortable."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:45:44 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "I think you'll fit in." she muses. "Of course director Emerita Mithra is available if you need spiritual guidance."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:45:56 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "There are also some clergy among the Amarr capsuleers, such as Holy Mother Amalath."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:47:25 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Do you have any questions of me?"
    [ 2016.01.09 05:48:54 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote leans forward at the table, drinking up the water in his glass and puts it beside his left arm. He looks at her with a smile and says, "When can I begin?"
    [ 2016.01.09 05:49:46 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote smiles brightly. "Now. I will invite you as an Aspirant. After a month if you show yourself to be faithful and dedicated, I can admit you as a full member as a Neophyte."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:50:35 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote eyes glaze, then she refocuses and smiles. "Welcome, Mr. Cussier."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:51:11 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote 's smile widens. "Thank you, Ms. Aspenstar, I will not disappoint you."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:51:38 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "And.. in our offices in the capsuleer section, feel free to call me Lunarisse. On official channels, I do appreciate your continued use of formalities."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:52:14 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote smiles. "Do take the time to explore and get to meet your fellow capsuleers, Braeyon." She pauses "oh! and let Velarra know of your dining preferences."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:53:33 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote nods. "I'll inform her when I meet her, Lunarisse. My name is Braeyon, by the way."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:56:10 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "I need to run now for another meeting, but it was a pleasure to meet you and welcome again, Braeyon."
    [ 2016.01.09 05:58:04 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote rises

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    Lunarisse Aspenstar
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    RP - Entrance Interview of Braeyon Cussier Empty Re: RP - Entrance Interview of Braeyon Cussier

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:21 am

    [ 2016.02.09 01:45:27 ] EVE System > Channel MOTD: A surprisingly comfortable space in the Emperor Family Station in the Amarr system.The walls are paneled with dark wood. Periodically there are cross-hatched sections that serve to store wine bottles horizontally. The temperature is cool. There are multiple tables and booths with sumptious velvet red cushions. Stained glass lanterns and lights providing soft lighting. Each table has a wine & beverage list with a range of wines, ales, liquors and non-alcoholic drinks such as tea. A simple menu is also on each table that indicates that complimentary bread and assorted cheeses and fruits are provided to those who order by the bottle. Along one wall is a suit of golden armor with ceremonial sword and a tabard for the theology counsel that is cut for a femine figure along with a Picture. A square parquet dance floor is in the center of the room. The proprietor Vincentus Azizora and attentive wait staff are all baseliners. The manager Charm Meson works for TIPS.A dinner menu is available. Besides, an elegant dinner, an array of standard bar foods from throughout the Empire are available at other times (but no fried critters).A small sign on the bar says "Proudly serving Lodovica's Vitae."A small model of a Silver Magnate hangs above the bar.

    [ 2016.02.09 01:49:57 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote enters and heading straight to a vacant seat, somewhere he can be in private. The same waitress from before walks over to him, taking his order and returns to him with a glass of Caldarian whiskey. He nods with a smile and has a sip.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:00:56 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote enters. She glances at Braeyon and gives him a polite smile. "Hello Inititate." She makes her way to the bar.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:01:51 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote looks up from his glass of whiskey to Lunarisse, he smiles and raises his glass in a hello before taking a sip.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:03:54 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote settles in at the bar and orders a salad and a glass of sparkling fruit juice.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:07:59 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote swallows some of the whiskey and make a slow, twisting motion with his hand, to make the ice blend with the whiskey. His face expression became slowly blank.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:08:51 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote sips her glass. She gives Braeyon a quizzical look.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:11:16 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote seems to be in a deep thought, a thought which makes him lower his eyebrows and his gaze fix upon the glass. A faint sigh escaped him through the nostrils.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:13:47 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote twitches slightly. She assumes Braeyon wanted privacy hence his seating, but.....
    [ 2016.02.09 02:16:21 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote is watched by the waitress not far, she looks at him as if she's studying him, but with a faint smile. Braeyon's gaze breaks for a moment as he raises the glass for a sip.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:17:06 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote takes a piece of lettuce with her fork and munches it. Watching.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:18:43 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote dives his hand in one of his pockets and picks up a note, laying it on the table and stares at it, raising his glass for a sip. His gaze won't seem to leave it.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:23:38 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote gives Braeyon a casual glance. She asks politely "Everything ok?"
    [ 2016.02.09 02:25:07 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote lifted the glass nearly to his lips to take a sip. "Could be better", he said in a low, yet friendly tone.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:25:26 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote takes the sip and lowers the glass as he swallows and looks at the note.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:34:02 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Alright." She pauses. "Well if you need someone to talk to...." she lets the question linger.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:34:40 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote finishes the question directly "I would love that".
    [ 2016.02.09 02:43:32 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote motions Lunarisse over.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:46:47 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote makes her way over and slides in. She carries her drink and salad.
    [ 2016.02.09 02:47:26 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote lets her sit down before he spoke. "You remember me telling you about that I wanted to find my father?"
    [ 2016.02.09 02:48:53 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods. "Yes"
    [ 2016.02.09 02:50:50 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote slides over the note for her to read. A name. 'Caedin Rebucanus'. Braeyon looks at her. "I digged in at Tash-Murkon's public archive and used my father's writing style to triangulate him. This is ninety-nine procent chance that this is him."
    [ 2016.02.09 02:52:35 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Oh?" She nods. "Writing style can be a good marker."
    [ 2016.02.09 02:53:23 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote nods briefly. "So I've been told."
    [ 2016.02.09 02:53:37 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "I assume its just word choice and not handwriting?"
    [ 2016.02.09 02:54:40 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote picks up another note, the one he showed to her with the phrase from Book of Missions, it was in handwriting. "Handwriting."
    [ 2016.02.09 02:57:02 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Between those two, then yes you should get a good match."
    [ 2016.02.09 02:57:27 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Have you tried the galnet or Book of Records to see if he is of record with that name and where?"
    [ 2016.02.09 02:57:52 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote smirks faintly. "It has crossed my mind. But..."
    [ 2016.02.09 02:59:22 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote raises his glass for a sip and swallows. "I just needed a glass first."
    [ 2016.02.09 03:01:30 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote chuckles. She says softly "it must be a big step,mentally.'
    [ 2016.02.09 03:01:50 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Maybe you should.. think about it a few days and make sure you feel ready to find out if he's alive or dead?"
    [ 2016.02.09 03:03:11 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote nods. "I intend to get it over with, I've been waiting for so many years to find out who he is. I don't intend to wait any longer."
    [ 2016.02.09 03:04:29 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Have you thought about what you'd do.. yet?"
    [ 2016.02.09 03:05:11 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote looks at Lunarisse questioningly. "What do you mean?"
    [ 2016.02.09 03:06:20 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Well.... it's one thing to locate him. it's another to meet him."
    [ 2016.02.09 03:07:11 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote nods silently.
    [ 2016.02.09 03:08:32 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Do you know if he even knew he had a son with your mother?"
    [ 2016.02.09 03:09:21 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote looks at Lunarisse "He knew, because my mother told me that he left when I was about two years old."
    [ 2016.02.09 03:12:13 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods. "That is good. So it won't be .. well.. it shouldn't be a total shock"
    [ 2016.02.09 03:12:36 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote looks slightly relieved actually.
    [ 2016.02.09 03:14:11 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "When you decide to contact him, that is."
    [ 2016.02.09 03:14:49 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote looks down at the note with the name. "Contact him? I intend to visit him", he said, taking another sip. The glass nearly empty now.
    [ 2016.02.09 03:18:09 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "of course. But.." she pauses "You might want to contact him first. make sure your visit is welcome... and expected."
    [ 2016.02.09 03:21:37 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote looks at braeyon "It's been a long time.'
    [ 2016.02.09 03:25:52 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "I find.. its best not to surprise people when it comes to..emotional situations."
    [ 2016.02.09 03:26:00 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote sips her drink.
    [ 2016.02.09 03:28:33 ] Braeyon Cussier > You speak out of experience, Lunarisse?
    [ 2016.02.09 03:28:45 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote looks at her with a questionable look once more, yet with a smirk.
    [ 2016.02.09 03:31:06 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote says lightly "Life experience, yes."
    [ 2016.02.09 03:31:40 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote stares coollly at Braeyon. "But do as you will, of course. As I am sure you will."
    [ 2016.02.09 03:32:13 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote keeps that smirk. "Hey, you know me", he said and winks.
    [ 2016.02.09 03:39:43 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Well.. if you need assistance, let me know."
    [ 2016.02.09 03:44:46 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote chuckles lightly. "You'll be the first person to know, I promise."
    [ 2016.02.09 03:45:34 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods. "Well.. I wish you, God's Blessings. Have a good night Breayon. I have errands to tend to." She smiles.
    [ 2016.02.09 03:46:05 ] Braeyon Cussier > /emote bows his head. "God's speed, Lunarisse."
    [ 2016.02.09 03:47:57 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote rises and exits.

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