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    Lorcan Orphrey

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    Lorcan Orphrey

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:46 am

    (Source - Backstage)

    Editor's Note - Information pre-dates membership in the Society.

    Holder Orion Ardishapur is a minor Holder from a distant cadet branch of the Ardishapur family. He became the governor of a provincial, rural Dukedom on Radonis in Ardishapur Prime in Y102, inheriting the Holdership from his father, Marius II. Rather than leveraging his position to further his own power he used his status to improve the living conditions of his subjects funding many public improvements and charitable initiatives from his own pocket. In Y111 he, along with a number of other small holders, came together to form the board of an corporation called Radonis Retail and Procurement Consortium to put what small capital they had to use cooperatively in interstellar markets and to avoid unnecessary competition in the system’s export market. He is the chair of the board and continues to see to his philanthropic activities and the day-to-day running of his estate. While he has not made any comments on the legitimacy of Jamyl I’s ascendance to the Imperial throne, it is public knowledge that he opposes the militaristic stance of her house and believes the Empire’s attentions would be better focused internally.

    Lorcan Orphrey, descended from an educated, mercantile line of Ni-Kunni, began his career as a clerk managing the accounts of Orion Ardishapur’s various charitable interests in Y105. He developed a personal friendship with the Holder showed enough aptitude in his work to rise quickly through the ranks and by Y110 he was administrator of the Holder’s entire estate allowing it to remain profitable while Orion focused his attention on public works. When the Radonis consortium’s board came together and elected Orion as chair Lorcan proved a natural choice as chief executive officer. As part of a long term investment in the future of the corporation the board sponsored Lorcan’s enrolment in Hedion University’s business capsuleer program in Y112. Now he is made busy overseeing the corporation’s transition from purely planet-based activities to the wider cluster.

    Less readily available information: examining the records of the Ardishapur Family will reveal that Lorcan Orphrey has flown on a handful of security detail missions as an electronic warfare operator. His performance is evaluated across each as being satisfactory.

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