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    NEWC entry : On the faith and the holy practice of Self Flagellation (by Shaddam Daphiti)

    Lunarisse Aspenstar

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    NEWC entry : On the faith and the holy practice of Self Flagellation (by Shaddam Daphiti)

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Mon Oct 26, 2015 12:22 pm

    The flesh is like unto a wayward child. It seeks pleasures and seeks only after it's wants and needs, making no distinction between the two. Therefore like a wayward nation the flesh too must be mastered for the glorification of and to be a suitable tool of the Lord. Therefore hear the wisdom of the ages passed down the generations.

    If your foot causes you to sin, strike it... a moments pain in walking is nothing to the eternal suffering of separation from God.
    If your eye leads you astray, pluck it out. So that you may focus on His true light.

    It is by pain that the flesh learns it's reflexes, therefore train the flesh with pain.

    Do not do so like the Matari shaman.. who lets his scars be shown for his own glorification among his tribe! Your suffering is for your own betterment, it is for no ones eyes but God!

    You and God together are responsible for the mastery of your flesh! Do not seek to correct the flesh of others when your own is vile and depraved! The Holder is not correcting the slaves flesh but rather his spirit when the lash must be applied.

    Finally apply mercy when correcting the flesh, as God has shown Amarr mercy by allowing them to be His messengers in a fallen universe. Cutting off the hand leaved one crippled, striking it corrects it's ways.



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