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    A brief introduction to the Imperial Succession Trials (Ahman Nahrid)

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    A brief introduction to the Imperial Succession Trials (Ahman Nahrid)

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Mon Oct 26, 2015 12:21 pm

    Posted September 10, YC 117 on the IGS by Ahman Nahrid
    I thank Lieutenant Samira Kernher for her assistance to Neophyte Nahrid

    A brief introduction to the Imperial Succession Trials

    Authored by Ahman Nahrid
    Reviewed by Samira Kernher

    This article seeks to serve as an introduction into the proceedings of the Imperial Succession Trials, and their historic context.

    The Succession Trials are an ancient tradition, decreed by Imperial Law. Upon the death of the Emperor, the Succession Trials provide an opportunity for the Royal Heirs to prove their loyalty to the empire and their ability to govern. The Trials themselves usually take place across several weeks, and could theoretically take any form as decided by the Theology Council. Due to the contemporary challenges faced by the Empire, the Succession Trials have in recent generations taken the form of a martial tournament.

    While historically such martial Succession Trials have involved the Royal Heirs directly, dueling to the death or committing Shatol’Syn immediately upon defeat, it has since become common practice for the Heirs to choose a champion to represent them during the trials. Indeed, the selection of a Royal Champion takes great consideration on the Heir’s part, for a champion must not only display exceptional prowess in combat but also true loyalty, piety and decorum, as the champion’s words and actions reflect directly on the Heir himself. Even if his champion earns him the Imperial Throne, a champion who did so by cowardly or underhanded means, or who has displayed behavior unfit for one chosen to represent a Royal Heir, is likely to start the new Emperor off with a considerable penalty in political capital. As such, the selection of a Royal Champion is considered an indicator of the ability and prestige of the Heir.

    The Succession Trials themselves vary greatly in execution and rules. Highly controversial at the time, though fitting the liberal policies of the late Emperor, the Heidaran VII succession trials allowed each Amarran citizen to vote on the selection of Royal Champions. The trials themselves centered around organized frigate duels. Each Heir selected a champion and three wingmen to enter an arena of 40 cubic km, bordered by warp-scrambling and stasis webifier pylons, while forbidding the use of sensor dampeners and energy neutralizer modules. There they engaged in a tiered elimination tournament.

    To be chosen as champion of a Royal Heir is an exceptional honour. While mere participation in the succession trials often sees a champion rise to the height of social standing, at least for some time, to earn an Emperor his throne yields exceptional rewards. For example, in honour of his victorious champion, Ecliptical, Doriam II renamed the fourth planet of Kor-Azor Prime “Eclipticum”, and likewise renamed the planet's moons after Ecliptical’s wingmen.

    While the cluster awaits the decision of the Theology Council on the exact rules of the coming Succession Trials, it is thus far known that loyal capsuleers shall be allowed to offer their service as champion to the Heir of their choosing. Though the exact rules in terms of ships, modules and tactics permitted remains open to speculation, perhaps a greater question lies within the development of DUST implants and the templars it has spawned. Will the Theology Council follow previous Trials and base the Succession Trials as a starship-based tournament? Or shall the Council seek to determine the Heir’s affinity for this new form of warfare and instead decree a planetary tournament? Or perhaps a combination of both?

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