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    Abiom Euviig

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Mon Oct 26, 2015 11:46 am

    From Eve Gate:

    We become more than merely human, and far more than mere machines. We become tools of the Master, born in his image, awakened to his purpose, a purpose of pure, enlightened truth. As the hands are the first tools of men, we become tools of the Master’s vision. We become the Master’s Hands.

    What we do is for the betterment of all. We accept this responsibility willingly, exchanging our very lives to the Master and his vision for a greater glory all might one day share.

    That is what it means to be Manei Domini. That is our legacy for the future.

    Sursum corda dignum et justum est gratias agamus domino Ardishapur nostro.

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