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    RP - SFRIM Night at the Aethion

    Lunarisse Aspenstar
    Lunarisse Aspenstar

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    RP - SFRIM Night at the Aethion Empty RP - SFRIM Night at the Aethion

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Wed Oct 21, 2015 1:51 pm

    Channel Name: Aethion

    [ 2015.10.20 01:11:20 ] EVE System > Channel MOTD: Built for formal function rather than fighting, the lines and appointments of the Aethion are subtle and rich. Velvet lined couches ring a central sitting area appointed well for recieving guests while a beverage station and powder rooms wait just adjacent to the space on the right and left. Forward there is a hallway leading to various passenger cabins and to the aft a corridor leads to an elaborite dojo in the ancient Nipani fashion and full length pool and spa.Soft instrumental music with a strong downbeat drifts across the space mixing with the various golds, silvers, and Imperial reds that bring forth a very Amarrian sort of zen. Two young crewmen wait patiently tasked with the service and keeping of any guest. Aethion's Dojo Aethion's Pool and Spa

    [ 2015.10.20 01:12:42 ] Ahliya Wryn > *looks about the hastily cleaned room and shrugs* Guess it will have to do... makes a silent bet as to who will show up first*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:17:17 ] Karmilla Strife > /emote enters and looks around.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:17:46 ] Ahliya Wryn > *smiles* Well Hi Karmilla, and by the way, thanks for the help just a bit ago.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:18:37 ] Karmilla Strife > /emote smiles. "It was my pleasure. Feel free to ask anytime. I get bored flying alone."
    [ 2015.10.20 01:19:16 ] Ahliya Wryn > *grins and gestures into the room* My throughs exactly, please.. come in!
    [ 2015.10.20 01:19:51 ] Karmilla Strife > I'm surprised that you were able to find so much space for this!
    [ 2015.10.20 01:21:26 ] Ahliya Wryn > *giglles* well, I don't exactly use the ship for fighting these days. And it's not as big as it seems *bites her lower lip slightly as she surveys the room*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:22:51 ] Karmilla Strife > I have a few ships that haven't undocked in years. Maybe I should repurpose a few?
    [ 2015.10.20 01:22:54 ] Ahliya Wryn > Hmm, I hope everyone else didn't get lost *glaces at the door as she moves about getting refreshments out of a hidden cupboard*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:22:59 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote enters. She glances around the room. She is decidely not dressed up, in her casual Amarr flight jacket, slacks and flight boots.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:23:49 ] Ahliya Wryn > Sis! *ingraciously leaps to the door and gives her big sis a hug*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:24:20 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote returns the hug "Hey" She glances around, overlooking the hasty cleaning "nice place"
    [ 2015.10.20 01:25:05 ] Karmilla Strife > /emote smiles. "Hello again Lunarisse."
    [ 2015.10.20 01:25:11 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote walks in carrying a large bottle. "Sorry, it took me three tries to find the right berth."
    [ 2015.10.20 01:25:29 ] Shal Novastorm > *Smiles as she enters after a bit, dressed simply in a short black vest and a white long sleeved shirt with black pants* Hello all, sorry if I'm late.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:25:32 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Hello Karmilla" Lunarisse is in a decidely informal mood.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:26:10 ] Ahliya Wryn > *blushes at Ibrahim* I'm glad you did find it. And hello Shal, welcome.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:27:10 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote adopts the informalness of atmosphere gladly. "Anyway, I brought some red."
    [ 2015.10.20 01:27:40 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Wonderful." She gives an approvng nod to Ibrahim. She finds a comfortable spot to sit.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:27:46 ] Ahliya Wryn > Ooo *gently glides to Ibrahim's side to view the wine*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:28:17 ] Shal Novastorm > *smiles, relaxing a bit in the more casual tone of the visit* Lovely setup you have here
    [ 2015.10.20 01:29:20 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote politely passes the bottle to the hostess. "Nothing special. Khanid Red. Short notice."
    [ 2015.10.20 01:29:22 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote smiles.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:29:23 ] Ahliya Wryn > *Glances up and around* Oh, and if you happend to enjoy a dip, the pool is located just down the hall. *She gestures to the Aethion's Pool and Spa to the right at teh end of the hall*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:31:03 ] Ahliya Wryn > Thank you Shal *beems and moves to stand where she can see most people as they settle* Ibrahim, my gentleman can take the bottle if you would like. *nods to an unobtrusive servant who steps from an alcove to offer to handle the wine*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:31:35 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods at Ahliya with respect to the pool.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:32:33 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote hands the bottle to the servant, "I won't say no to a glass while you make the rounds."
    [ 2015.10.20 01:34:09 ] Ahliya Wryn > *the servant bows and moves to poor into nice glasses, offering the first to Ibrahim, and then so-on*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:34:26 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote raises her glass and clears her throat.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:34:34 ] Karmilla Strife > /emote politely takes a glass when offered one.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:34:41 ] Ahliya Wryn > *acepts her glass last and turns to Luna*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:34:49 ] Shal Novastorm > *smiles, taking a glass and noding politely to the servant, remaining quiet for Luna*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:35:04 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote says lightly "To our new fellows, Abiom Euviig Shal Novastorm , and old friends who've returned, Karmilla Strife "She raises her glass and sips.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:35:23 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > "Cheers."
    [ 2015.10.20 01:35:51 ] Shal Novastorm > *smiles, taking a rather large drink* Cheers.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:36:22 ] Ahliya Wryn > *raises ehr glass* "Of course, welcome" *sips* Oo, and eccelent vintage.. what did you say this was Ibrahim?
    [ 2015.10.20 01:36:45 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > 'As both of you have been members for more than a month in good standing, i am please to promote you each to Neophyte" She smiles warmly at Abiom Euviig and Shal Novastorm .
    [ 2015.10.20 01:37:07 ] Karmilla Strife > Congratulations!
    [ 2015.10.20 01:37:29 ] Ahliya Wryn > *raises her eyebrows as she sips, lowering her glass* Congratulations!
    [ 2015.10.20 01:37:39 ] Lucas Raholan > /emote slowy wanders into the area still dressed in his captains fatiques carrying some rather odd looking pieces of 'rock'
    [ 2015.10.20 01:37:57 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote "cheers" again and takes the oppurtunity for another drink.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:38:21 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote sips again with a smile "And with that out the way, relax."
    [ 2015.10.20 01:39:09 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "hello Lucas"
    [ 2015.10.20 01:39:25 ] Ahliya Wryn > Welcome Lucas... *cuts off noticing his rocks* Ibrahim brought wine, but I'm not sure I could drink whatever youahve there.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:40:15 ] Shal Novastorm > *chuckles* doing some mining?
    [ 2015.10.20 01:41:02 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote sits down on a couch.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:41:11 ] Lucas Raholan > Oh, sorry, my apologys, not much wine to collect from Drifter space i'm afraid, I'll be sure to have some of my own vintage sent over you when possible
    [ 2015.10.20 01:42:01 ] Lucas Raholan > Also, I do like this place you have set up, rather cosy
    [ 2015.10.20 01:42:03 ] Ahliya Wryn > *chuckles* While I would be happy to sample your wine any day, there is no rush. Please come in.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:42:16 ] Ahliya Wryn > THank you! *slight blush*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:43:38 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote sips her wine. "I've seen reconverted ships like this, But this seems very well done"
    [ 2015.10.20 01:43:50 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote glances at Lucas curiously, at his rocks,.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:44:00 ] Ahliya Wryn > *glances about the room* Personally I think the Pool is her true gem. But Its nice ot have some home as I travel
    [ 2015.10.20 01:44:35 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote tries not to look interested in the rocks. "It is certainly nice to have home travel with you."
    [ 2015.10.20 01:44:45 ] Lucas Raholan > I've seen to much of home recently, it will be good when it quietens down again and allows me to take to the space lanes again
    [ 2015.10.20 01:46:00 ] Ahliya Wryn > Ok, thats it. *she speaks loudly enough to catch attention* What on Amarr is with the rocks!? *her tone is playful but clearly curious*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:46:16 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote perks up, as someone has asked about the White Furrier in the roo.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:48:04 ] Lucas Raholan > Oh these?, curious things, I do believe there some form of Drifter technology, what they do exactly I'm not able to determine
    [ 2015.10.20 01:48:25 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote frowns "Are they inert, safe?" She looks slightly tense.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:48:28 ] Ahliya Wryn > *shudders visibly*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:48:30 ] Shal Novastorm > "Oh lovely, unexplained Drifter technology is a wonderful housewarming present"
    [ 2015.10.20 01:48:59 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote stares intently at them in case he gleans anything interesting or new.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:49:01 ] Shal Novastorm > "They'll go well with the large active warhead I'm having shipped over."
    [ 2015.10.20 01:49:05 ] Lucas Raholan > I have no idea really
    [ 2015.10.20 01:49:30 ] Lucas Raholan > though they do have this perculier effect when you look at it for to long
    [ 2015.10.20 01:49:51 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote puts forward a hand politely, "May I? If that's alright?"
    [ 2015.10.20 01:49:52 ] Ahliya Wryn > *smothers a look at Shal* I think I quite prefer the wine after all *offers her glass which is promptly refilled*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:50:01 ] Lucas Raholan > I get this feeling you usually get when you know you need to do something but cant remember what
    [ 2015.10.20 01:50:10 ] Karmilla Strife > I'm sure it will be all right. I'm absolutely riddled with Sansha nanites from my time in PYRE. I think Sansha and Drifter tech cancel out.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:50:33 ] Ahliya Wryn > *smiles at Karmilla from behind her glass*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:51:15 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote twitches, she is getting the feeling people are pulling her leg.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:52:17 ] Ahliya Wryn > Well, whatever it is, I would ask that you not bring it into the pool when and if we retire there.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:53:34 ] Lucas Raholan > /emote snaps his attention from the Element and passes it to Tash
    [ 2015.10.20 01:54:32 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote nods a thanks and inspects the alien rock. He puts on a faux zombie tone, "Must collect biomass."
    [ 2015.10.20 01:54:43 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote twitches again. She then glares at Ibrahim.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:55:31 ] Shal Novastorm > *snickers loudly as she motions for a refill in her glass*
    [ 2015.10.20 01:55:37 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote smiles weakly, his joke had been prepared before he asked Lucas to hold the rock but, now that he considered it in his hand, he did feel almost uneasy.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:55:38 ] Karmilla Strife > /emote laughs.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:56:00 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote passes it back doing his best to show no discomfort. "Odd."
    [ 2015.10.20 01:56:17 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > "You all do a great service with your work."
    [ 2015.10.20 01:57:03 ] Lucas Raholan > /emote laughs slighty
    [ 2015.10.20 01:57:19 ] Lucas Raholan > I do hope so,
    [ 2015.10.20 01:57:33 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote says lightly "I thjink i shall go for a swim" She makes her way to the pool and spa.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:58:55 ] Ahliya Wryn > *glances as her guests and then nods to Luna* As I find that room even better than this, I htink I will join you. You are each welcome to join if you like.. there are amenities as well if you need them to change.
    [ 2015.10.20 01:59:24 ] Ahliya Wryn > ((Aethion's Pool and Spa if you missed the post))
    [ 2015.10.20 01:59:39 ] Karmilla Strife > I'm afraid I have to take my leave. Goodnight everyone. God be with you.
    [ 2015.10.20 02:00:12 ] Ahliya Wryn > Thank you for comming Karmilla. It was a pleasure *she smiles and rises to walk ro the door in parting*
    [ 2015.10.20 02:00:17 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote stands and gives a respectful bow to the departing woman.
    [ 2015.10.20 02:00:45 ] Lucas Raholan > /emote nods towards karm
    [ 2015.10.20 02:01:00 ] Lucas Raholan > Good to see you back from the void of PYRE
    [ 2015.10.20 02:02:37 ] Karmilla Strife > /emote stops in her tracks.
    [ 2015.10.20 02:02:55 ] Ahliya Wryn > *turns to the others in the room and smiles* before following her sister down the hall. As she leaves a few servants move out to offer refils to anyone remaining in the room or take glasses from those traveling to the pool who don't wish to take them*
    [ 2015.10.20 02:04:48 ] Karmilla Strife > /emote turns to face Lucas. "I just got here, and I really don't want to fight with my corpmates. So maybe you should focus on your exploration of the unknown before making statements about that which you know nothing about?"
    [ 2015.10.20 02:05:17 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote just drinks his wine.
    [ 2015.10.20 02:05:48 ] Abiom Euviig > /emote moves as silently and inconspicuously as possible to the dojo.
    [ 2015.10.20 02:06:47 ] Ahliya Wryn > *the servants step unobtrusivly back intot he alcove*
    [ 2015.10.20 02:08:13 ] Lucas Raholan > Oh my retainer filled me in plenty, but fighting is not a action I wish to commence so soon on my return to known space'
    [ 2015.10.20 02:09:58 ] Karmilla Strife > /emote leaves the Aethion.
    [ 2015.10.20 02:18:47 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote stands and sets his glass down on a table where a servant silently swoops by to remove it. Ibrahim looks at the attendant, "Would you please give my thanks to Miss Wryn. I was only able to visit a little while."
    [ 2015.10.20 02:19:14 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote bows to Lucas, "Praefectus. A good evening to you."
    [ 2015.10.20 02:19:28 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote motions to the Drifter element, "And, maybe keep that in a box."
    [ 2015.10.20 02:22:35 ] Ibrahim Tash-Murkon > /emote departs.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar
    Lunarisse Aspenstar

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    RP - SFRIM Night at the Aethion Empty Re: RP - SFRIM Night at the Aethion

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Wed Oct 21, 2015 1:51 pm

    Channel Name: Aethion's Pool and Spa

    [ 2015.10.20 01:31:38 ] EVE System > Channel MOTD: The door opens to a panoramic view of space and a floor that seems of serene water. Many floor-length windows surround an infinity pool that stretched almost right up to each window which are currently showing the space surrounding the ship. A small ramp to either side of the space directly in front of the door curves down along the wall into a walk-way around the pool. With only a meter between cascading water and space, the walk gives the impression of being on the very edge of time. At the far end of the room the walkway curves back to a second infinity pool, this one kept at a balmy 38c. The cascading water from the pool above provides a half-moon backdrop to the spa with a comfortable cushioned ledge between for sitting out of the water. Against the wall on either side of the entrance is an entrance to a sauna and to a shower and restroom facility. Soft music plays inside the room and the windows can be energized to show a rolling thunderstorm, a vast ocean at night and during the day, or a volcanic beach of obsidian sand. Aethion

    [ 2015.10.20 02:00:38 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote finds a changing room and vanishes.
    [ 2015.10.20 02:05:01 ] Ahliya Wryn > /emote slips into a personal door then apears a few moments later in her Swimwear having atented the reception alreayd wearing it*
    [ 2015.10.20 02:05:34 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote returns. She is wearing a one piece with a sun shawl. Parts of a a tattoo can be seen peaking out from one side.
    [ 2015.10.20 02:08:46 ] Ahliya Wryn > Ohh, I really like that one!
    [ 2015.10.20 02:09:59 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote smiles brightly at Ahliya. She slips off her shaul and quickly dives without hesitation into the left end of the pool, leavinly only a small series of ripples. She swims underwater to the other side and pops out of the water and giggles.
    [ 2015.10.20 02:11:02 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Oh gosh this is wonderful" She treds water.
    [ 2015.10.20 02:13:03 ] Ahliya Wryn > *quietly starts to slip into the water when a slight whisper is heard from down to the right of the pool* Oh great... Sorry sis... I'll have to be back in a moment. Someone decided to make a fus the moment we left. I promise. I will be back as quickly..
    [ 2015.10.20 02:13:07 ] Ahliya Wryn > I can
    [ 2015.10.20 02:14:06 ] Ahliya Wryn > *She takes her just wet toes back out of the pool and quickly steps inot another alcove, audibly arguing with a servant..* "I don't care who he is.. if he can't be nice to my other gue......"
    [ 2015.10.20 02:16:31 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote shakes her head slightly. She decides to swim from one end to the other, enjoying the water.
    [ 2015.10.20 02:27:44 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote finishes her laps and steps out of the pool. She walks over to the spa and descends in with a sigh.
    [ 2015.10.20 02:33:24 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote having enjoyed the dip. She goes to change, and sadly, return to her usual mundane affairs.

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