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    RP - Maria runs into Nauplius

    Lunarisse Aspenstar
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    RP -  Maria runs into Nauplius Empty RP - Maria runs into Nauplius

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Thu Sep 10, 2015 5:41 am

    Maria Daphiti > You've really sunk low this time!
    Nauplius > No.
    Nauplius > I am really glorifying God this time.
    Nauplius > Want a tour?
    Maria Daphiti > Even Concord actually did somethng. The didn't for the drifters.
    Maria Daphiti > No.
    Maria Daphiti > Not unless it involves seeing them let go.
    Nauplius > No, I wouldn't let them go.
    Maria Daphiti > Your own little harem?
    Maria Daphiti > Didn't that go out with the Ni-kunni when we <i>reclaimed them?</i>
    Nauplius > I do not use them for <i>that purpose</i>. I will be breeding other slaves with them.
    Maria Daphiti > Uhuh
    Nauplius > I am trying to get dates with pilots so I do not use my slaves for <i>that purpose</i>.
    Maria Daphiti > /emote smiles sweetly.
    Nauplius > I wouldn't mind getting a date with you, actually.
    Maria Daphiti > I;m at the undock honey.
    Maria Daphiti > Come and get me. [[he undocks, gets blapped and barely lives as he redocks]]
    Maria Daphiti > That was quick. I thought you'd ... be longer?
    Maria Daphiti > /emote exhales. "So you're not gonna let em go? [[he undocks in a new ship and gets exploded]]
    Maria Daphiti > '((gf))
    Nauplius > gf
    Nauplius > That wasn't a very good date.
    Maria Daphiti > /emote says brightly "I thought it was exhilirating"

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