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    Luna's OOC Summary of SFRIM

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    Luna's OOC Summary of SFRIM

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:48 pm

    SFRIM is a fellowship of non-pvp pilots engaged in mining, industry, missioning, incursions and exploration.  We do not have formal, regularly scheduled corporation ops, but oft tmes we will run missions or do mining together.  There will also be rp opportunities both in space, sometimes involving pvp!, and in channels.  

    While we are not, strictly speaking, pvp, shooting reds is permitted - defined to include also gallente/minmitar militia even if the corp or pilot is not specfically flagged as such.  We also have ships in the hangar for pvp training and talk to luna about scheduling.  We've had some fun rp involving pvp - both between corp members and outside corp - or combat scanning for mystery sites and such.

    IC Expectations are that you pass an IC interview, and (i) To not bring shame to us.  We Honor the Empress and the Faith and abide by the laws of Scripture and the Empire and (ii) To be part of the fellowship.  One we can trust and who is sociable and willing to associate with hers in a pleasant, or at least civil, way.

    OOC Expectations are:
    (1)  play nice, be nice.  Any ooc issues stay off corp channels.  Any issues with people's rp stays off corp channels.
    (2)  fly smart, rp smart - no ALODS and remember we're an amarr faithful corp.  We do not have mandatory activities, rp or gameplay, after the interview but if you do, it has to be consistent with what we are
    (3)  corp channel is always IC.  We do have an ooc channel.  Once you are in corp. you can hang out in it and it is mandatory that you do when the corp char is on.

    A history of corporation activities in the last 8 months, both in space and in channels:

    Interview examples can be found at:
    Along with a corp faq on the philosophy underlying them:

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