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    Lord Kailethre

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    Lord Kailethre

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Fri Mar 27, 2015 7:49 am

    ((Source - Ingame Bio))

    "I give to you the destiny of Faith,
    And you will bring its message to every planet of every star in the heavens:
    Go forth, conquer in my Name, and reclaim that which I have given."
    - The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 22:13

    "Face the enemy as a solid wall
    For faith is your armor
    And through it, the enemy will find no breach
    Wrap your arms around the enemy
    For faith is your fire
    And with it, burn away his evil"
    - The Scriptures, Amarr Askura 10:3

    Name - Ismaile, Kailethre
    Title - Lord
    Age - 38
    Date of Birth - 18/03/YC79
    Gender - Male
    Bloodline - True Amarr
    Height - 183cm
    Weight - 88kg
    Eye Colour - Blue
    Hair Colour - White/Blonde
    Personal Address - <REDACTED>
    Birthplace - Planet VIII, Kamih System (0.2), Afinoo, Aridia
    Education - Imperial Academy, <REDACTED>
    Occupation - Capsuleer

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