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    RP - The Knight and the Lady

    Lunarisse Aspenstar
    Lunarisse Aspenstar

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    RP - The Knight and the Lady

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Tue Mar 03, 2015 12:29 pm


    The Holy Grape

    Steffanie Saissore > /emote stops at the entrance
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote is seated at a table with two empty wine glasses and a bottle of wine which she carried in with her.
    Steffanie Saissore > /emote after assuring the bouncers she has nothing in the form of weapons on her, enters and approaches Lunarisse
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote glances up and says "Hello Saissore, have a seat"
    Steffanie Saissore > /emote quietly sits at the table
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "How have you been? Last I saw you was at the Star of Otelon""
    Constantin Baracca > /emote enters soon after, at least tonight clad in more casual fare than last night. Waving at Lunarisse, he walks to the bar and leans against it to place his order.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote is looking neutrally at Steffanie.
    Steffanie Saissore > I've been keeping busy starring at the details of how various modules interact differently on different ship hulls...or not doing much of anything. How have you been?
    Gottin > /emote squints at Baracca as he enters the establishment. She looks down at her hookah, back up at Baracca, then takes a long drag on the tip and goes back to stabbing at her melon balls with an umbrella toothpick.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote says it "It has been a difficult and expensive week."
    Steffanie Saissore > /emote nods "I am sorry to hear that."
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote says evenly "between losing my retainer and weekly stipend with the Contessa as I am doing her next event for free to make amends... that's an impact of roughly 500 million isk or more"
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "making amends to PIE for the lack of hospitality shown to them at an event I organized..... that's cost me roughly 100 million isk so far.. excuse me... 125,000,000 now"
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "and ensuring that vile crone gets hers... well.." *chuckles*
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "technically the 500 million bounty on her head isn''t from me"
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote says dryly "rather expensive social mistep, wouldn't you say for me?"
    Steffanie Saissore > It does sound that way.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote frowns slightly and plays with her napkin as if thinking.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > Would you agree with me that it is more than a social mistep?
    Steffanie Saissore > You'll have to forgive my...short answers...I haven't really been feeling myself lately.
    Steffanie Saissore > As for a social likely went a step too far perhaps.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote purses her lips slightly and glares a waiter who came up to touch the wine bottle.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "I would say so. I have upheld my honor debt to those who trusted me to host a safe and pleasant event. I am curious if you feel any need to do so as a guest who was trusted enough to be among a very select few invited from outside the EMpire."
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote fidgets with a bag in her pocket and sighs faintly.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Put differently, I invited you because you were a Knight of the Ebon Rose and trusted you on that basis with respect to bringing Jude and Kohiko along"
    Steffanie Saissore > I...was somewhat under the impression that part of the duel with Aldrith was regarding that. And if I have not said it, I do apologize for what happened. If you are looking for me to provide recompense..I have no idea how, but I can find a way.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote places a bag on the table.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "If you truly feel that way... I have a modest proposal. This goes beyond ISK really... I blow 1.5 billion isk all the time, I suppose."
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote gives a self-depreciating grin.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "But I do view it more as a matter of Honor. Now I am not a noble" *mutters yet*
    Steffanie Saissore > /emote nods, head tilted slightly to the side
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "But I am a Lady.. and don't knights pledge themselves to a Lady and carry her tokens and protect them and uphold their honor?"
    Steffanie Saissore > They do.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "I want to trust you again Steffanie... but I need that pledge. Would you be willing to do it for a year?"
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Be my knight?"
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote opens the bag.
    Steffanie Saissore > /emote looks a little surprised and leans back in her chair, lips pursed slightly
    Lunarisse Aspenstar /emote places some tokens on the table that look like shiny Dynasty Ring s.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote looks evenly at Steffanie.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > I would have 3 expectations...
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > One that you carry one of my tokens with you at all times....
    Steffanie Saissore > /emote listens, sitting forward slightly
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > Two that you be availlable when needed to protect me or uphold my Honor or act as my champion.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > and Three, in public formal setting, you refer to me as My Lady Aspenstar. Not here mind you.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > Or in private...
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote studies Steffanie, still with a neutral look but perhaps a slight twinkle.
    Steffanie Saissore > /emote nods slightly "I can agree to these conditions and would be willing to pledge myself to be your knight."
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote lets out a smile.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "I am glad to hear that Knight Saissore... thank you Steffanie.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "How do the old forms go? The Lady holds a sword?"
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote glances at the suit of armor and sword in the room.
    Steffanie Saissore > Typically the knight was the Lady's sword.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods and giggles "to do the pledge"
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > we must do it right I think!
    Steffanie Saissore > /emote blushes slightly "Ah, that...from what I recall, a knight would kneel before the Lady, sword pointed down, hilt up and tilted towards the lady while making the pledge."
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods "then you may use my old sword from my old ceremonial uniform" and gets up and walks over to the Suit of Armor.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote removes the broadsword from it and holds it thoughtfully for a moment, then walks over towards where Steffanie is.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Are you ready and sure Knight Saissore that you can freely give me your pledge?"
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote holds out the sword and looks.
    Steffanie Saissore > /emote stands up quietly, hands clasped in front of her as she watches. Looks down at the sword and slowly places a hand around the hilt "I am."
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods "then you may do so" and stands before Steffanie.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote looks with her own blue eyes directly into Steffanie's eyes.
    Steffanie Saissore > /emote kneels, bowing her head slightly, one hand on the hilt, the other covering the pommel of the sword "I hearby swear myself to be Lady Apenstar's knight for a...lunar year, to serve as her Champion and Protector."
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote lets out a breath and smiles slightly "Thank you, My Knight Saissore."
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote takes one of the rings and hold Steffanie's hands.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > With this Token, I accept your pledge of Honor.
    Steffanie Saissore > /emote watches as the ring is placed.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > May you be reminded of your pledge, and wear this with Honor.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote smiles "now.. can we sit and chat? Please have a seat."
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote gestures at the waiter to take the sword and put it back and another to open the bottle of wine.
    Steffanie Saissore > /emote smiles and takes a seat at the table
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote notes the waiter has poured a glass of wine for each of them.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote realizes Constaintine and Gottin were in the room all of a sudden..... and blushes since she had been so focused on matters.
    Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Oh come and have a seat with us"
    Steffanie Saissore > /emote blushes a little as well
    Gottin > /emote exhales

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