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    RP - Mystical visions of the Sephrim, or too much Dryweed?

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    RP - Mystical visions of the Sephrim, or too much Dryweed? Empty RP - Mystical visions of the Sephrim, or too much Dryweed?

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:43 pm

    The Good Word is a channel for those interested to learn about the Amarr, the Empire and its culture. It's goal is to further international understanding in the spirit of the Pax Amarria. All discussion is encouraged as long as it stays civil and largely friendlyWhile generally open to the larger public, any behaviour that breaks the bounds of civility and good mores or is disrupting reasoned dialogue will not be tolerated.

    [22:27:45] Che Biko > It would appear so, but we can not see beyond the boundaries of spacetime.
    [22:28:35] Che Biko > The beginning of time would always look like a start from our perspective, even if it was not.
    [22:29:25] Omarian Semah > No, we can't. We can only look upon what we can see and it speaks loudly to me. Of purpose. The Scriptures teach us to make sense of the universe, in that regard.
    [22:32:51] Che Biko > I don't mean this too seriously, but from my perspective, the belief in purpose is akin to arrogance.
    [22:33:57] Omarian Semah > I can see how it might look like that. It elevates the faithful and those who profess to follow that purpose. It makes the universe exist for man, in a way. However...
    [22:34:31] Omarian Semah > Don't forget how humbling it is to also recognize our place in the universe. Our service to God. Our place, in relation to our creator.
    [22:35:00] Omarian Semah > And in relation to each other.
    [22:37:25] Che Biko > Hmm, I find it hard to come up with philosophies that are more humbling than thinking you are but a tiny speck stardust drifting on the winds of causality.
    [22:38:27] Omarian Semah > Simple. Consider what lies beyond those winds of causality and beyond reality as you know it. An even greater existence and mind that goes beyond that understanding.
    [22:40:18] Che Biko > Hmm, simple for you perhaps.
    [22:41:20] Omarian Semah > My apologies, I sometimes forget it's taken a lifetime of education and pondering to come to this standpoint. It is not so easily communicated in a few sentences.
    [22:43:34] Che Biko > That's alright. Philosophical views rarely are.
    [22:45:13] Omarian Semah > If you are interested in learning our viewpoint on these matters, there are many places of education within the Empire for it. I am certain a capsuleer student would be very welcome.
    [22:45:47] Omarian Semah > I'm afraid it might prove a little too disruptive in my own holdings' facilities, but I can make inquiries of others.
    [22:47:07] Che Biko > Currently, I'm satisfied with the knowledge I gleam from this channel and some of my aquiantances.
    [22:47:37] Che Biko > But thank you for the offer.
    [22:48:23] Omarian Semah > Then I hope I can contribute to it, occasionally.
    [22:48:38] Che Biko > So do I.
    [22:48:47] Che Biko > So far so good.
    [22:52:20] Che Biko > Do you believe in the existence of sefrim?
    [23:03:49] Omarian Semah > I don't know. Sometimes it's hard to say what is allegory and what is not. I certainly believe in taking the moral guidance and lessons from them.
    [23:05:37] Che Biko > Hmm. Well, make of it what you will but...I have encountered sefrim-like beings.
    [23:06:19] Omarian Semah > /emote remains carefully composed, but there's a twitch to his eyebrow. > Is that so?
    [23:06:58] Samira Kernher > "Do tell."
    [23:07:55] Che Biko > What would you like to know?
    [23:10:00] Samira Kernher > "Typically when people say they've encountered angels they have some kind of life-changing story to tell about it."
    [23:10:11] Samira Kernher > "You don't just walk by a sefrim on the street."
    [23:11:20] Che Biko > I'm not saying I encountered angels. The beings I encountered are more mundane than wat you might expect from sepfrim. For one, you could actually walk by one on the street and not notice anything peculiar.
    [23:11:30] Samira Kernher > "Then they weren't sefrim."
    [23:12:02] Che Biko > They had sort of...ephemeral wings though.
    [23:12:45] Samira Kernher > "You need more than just wings to be a sefrim."
    [23:12:46] Omarian Semah > Sounds like you've been to the Federation. They have all manner of surgical deviants there, as I understand it.
    [23:14:02] Che Biko > I lgrew up there, mister Semah, and these wings...they're sort of...otherwordly.
    [23:14:58] Che Biko > They were there, yet they were not.
    [23:15:53] Omarian Semah > Then I will not judge as I have not seen what you have. If we give the Sefrim their due, I am certain they can appear differently from scripture if they so choose. I must admit I retain some skepticism, though.
    [23:15:59] Samira Kernher > "Did this experience change you?"
    [23:17:11] Che Biko > did make me think there may be more truth to the scriptures than I originally thought.
    [23:17:36] Samira Kernher > "Then perhaps they may have been."
    [23:18:23] Samira Kernher > "The sefrim do mask themselves, because they are too beautiful to behold. What is the most important about their appearance though is that their work is the work of God. You cannot see one and not be changed by the experience."
    [23:24:54] Che Biko > Just before one of them revealed its wings to me, I thought I was losing my mind, I was distressed. He took me apart and the conversation we had brought some peace of mind.
    [23:28:32] Samira Kernher > "Well, none of us can say if they were or were not, but it sounds like whatever it was was doing the work of God. It may have been a sefrim, it may not have been. But God's work was being done through them, regardless."
    [23:29:21] Omarian Semah > Well, possibly. Let us see what it brings before we claim certainty at who was doing the work.

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