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    RP - Membership Interview of Nirr'ti Kala

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    RP - Membership Interview of Nirr'ti Kala Empty RP - Membership Interview of Nirr'ti Kala

    Post by Lunarisse Aspenstar on Fri Feb 20, 2015 6:02 pm

    Location: SFRIM Offices. Bar. Nahyeen VII, Zoar & Sons Factory
    Setting: The main gathering area of the Society, the bar sports plush leather couches centered around a long coffee table. Low music plays songs from around the galaxy. The soft blue lighting is easy on the eyes, but still light enough to see what you're doing and where you're going. The shelves are filled haphazardly with bottles of spirits, clearly labeled. Luna's name is by the spiced wine and other vintages from around New Eden, with a few religious texts leaning against the bottles. The whiskeys shelf label has been taped over by Freya and Lucas, each bidding for ownership. There is a shelf with rum on it, with a fresh label reading 'Alexi'. Above that, is Nicoletta's shelf, with juice mixes and exotic wine, with a few bottles of absinthe here and there. Cocktail mixers and a jar of little umbrellas wrapped with a piece of tape reading 'Gottin's Dont Touch!!' is on her shelf. There is a shelf with a pair of bottles, one full of Absynth and the other full of Chocolate Irish Cream and etched "Lady Anise Tig'res of the Khanid Kingdom." A long line of bottles of Quafe are on a shelf with a "DON'T TOUCH!" sign by Rhoxy. Johanes has a shelf with brandies and cognac and a lone bottle of smurgleblaster. One shelf labeled "Lord Anderson's" has three bottles of brandy from Gallente space, along with other liquors. There are a few other shelves that hold overflow for now, waiting for new corp members to claim them.

    [ 2015.02.21 02:04:25 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote *connects to new network channel*
    [ 2015.02.21 02:05:04 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote takes a seat at a chair. She waits for Kala to arrive and the servants to escort her in. Lunarisse pulls over a warm blanket and is cradling a cup of hot cocoa.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:06:45 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote is escorted into the room. The servent waves Nirr'ti Kala to take a seat at the table with Lunarisse Aspenstar
    [ 2015.02.21 02:07:05 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote nods "May I take a seat?"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:07:26 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote smiles brightly "Yes, by all means Ms. Kala! Can I call you Nirr'ta?"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:08:13 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote nodding politely "Yes, please. I am more of a first name person, anyways. If I may ask, how should I best address you?"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:08:28 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Luna is fine."
    [ 2015.02.21 02:08:30 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Unlike out there" she waggles her hands slightly in the vague direction of the rest of the station "we tend to be informal in the Society's sanctum. We're all capsuleers here."
    [ 2015.02.21 02:09:05 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote relaxes further into her chair "Well, that is nice to hear, a place with friends."
    [ 2015.02.21 02:09:51 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Can I get you something to drink?"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:10:25 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote waves to a nearby servant "Thank you; may I please have a cup of coffee, with some cream too?"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:11:27 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote reddens in face "My apology, I am used to being more assertive... Looks as if I should have been more patient, instead."
    [ 2015.02.21 02:11:47 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote gets up, cutting off the servant with a wink. She slides behind the bar. "Not a bad characteristic in a capsuleer"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:12:40 ] Nirr'ti Kala > It has proven to be a reliable and safer lifestyle, it seems. For me, I am used to being a very solo-pilot more.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:13:23 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods. "For the most part, we are as well. But having other members around does mean one can get used to calling for help from time to time"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:13:37 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote begins to brew coffee as she talks.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:14:18 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote nods "Yes, I think it is somethig I need to get used to. Though I frequent many social networking channels, I don't fly with many others physically. However, it is something I should adapt to going forward."
    [ 2015.02.21 02:15:01 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote smiles. "Is that you applied to us?" She leans on the edge of the bar.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:15:51 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > *why you applied
    [ 2015.02.21 02:16:54 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote voice becomes strained "Well... to be honest, I need a place that I can call home with loyal friends, who are also loyal to the Empire. It is tough, though many others fly - it is nice to have a class of closer friends to connect with."
    [ 2015.02.21 02:18:14 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote takes a cup of coffee from brew machine and adds some cream. "Well we can offer that. We are as I said mostly like-minded independent pilots, but it will be a start for you."
    [ 2015.02.21 02:19:14 ] Nirr'ti Kala > I am a very simple pilot: I don't ask for much except for advice, I am very self-reliant, and simply... friendship. *recieves cup of coffee and drinks down a thirsty gulp* Ummm, that is nice and hot. Thank you.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:19:48 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote returns to her seat. "I have noticed you've flown with many corporations. Can I ask why?"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:20:50 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote sits up "Yes, absolutely. I get this question frquently since my resume is a bit tinge with employment. My history is mostly based on corporation creations of my own, in a time that I felt I could provide a good mentorship for other pilots in New...
    [ 2015.02.21 02:21:26 ] Nirr'ti Kala > Eden, and other employment opportunities were expirements in areas of New Eden, and also with friends who have now found other business opportunties that I didn't feel I would fit in with.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:22:09 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods. "I did notice you seemed to have a key role in many of those short lived entities. The hazards of entrepreneurship I suppose!"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:23:28 ] Nirr'ti Kala > Yes, *nodding*, but it was mostly thinking based on short-sighted hope. Being I lack strong dedication to fulfill strong mentorship roles while also tending to my own personal needs, I found I couldn't establish the strong role required....
    [ 2015.02.21 02:23:47 ] Nirr'ti Kala > So, before I opened many of the doors I closed them as quickly to protect others
    [ 2015.02.21 02:24:05 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Well, we can hopefully offer a stable home while you get your footing and comfort level."
    [ 2015.02.21 02:24:28 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote sips her cocoa "We are also as you know a religious Society. We are not merely capsuleers, we are of the Faith."
    [ 2015.02.21 02:24:45 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote tilts her head slightly to study Nirr'ti's reaction.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:26:01 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote nods in agreement "That is good to know and very pleasing to hear. Returing from a long overdue vacation, more less taking care of tax documents I needed to certify with the Caldari State over docking..., I am returning to the Empire with the...
    [ 2015.02.21 02:26:27 ] Nirr'ti Kala > my focus being towards the Theology Council work and working to help with faith education in the Ammatar Mandate.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:26:46 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote smiles.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:27:04 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Well then I am sure you will be fine answering Director Mithra's four questions she has me ask allapplicants"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:28:03 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > You've already answered the first one, why are you interested in us." She giggles softly.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:28:13 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote places down her cup and assumes more professional stature
    [ 2015.02.21 02:28:25 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote smiles
    [ 2015.02.21 02:29:13 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote asks "Alright, What do you think the essence of the Amarr Faith is?"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:30:27 ] Nirr'ti Kala > This is an area that I believe is questioned by almost all of the truely faithful, but through meditation and dedication to the Empire find the same conclusion: the focus of the Faith is to create people through sharing of our faith and bringing the...
    [ 2015.02.21 02:30:47 ] Nirr'ti Kala > Faith to those in need and those who wish to live lives based on sin.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:31:25 ] Nirr'ti Kala > ***create peace***
    [ 2015.02.21 02:32:04 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods slightly as she sips her cocoa. "And how can the Faith be brought to those in need?"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:33:27 ] Nirr'ti Kala > Within the Empire, we just remind those in need of our unity to our faith and its great stability it provides. To those outside, such as those who wish to create harm against the Empire - we punish if required, but provide peace if possible, always.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:34:08 ] Nirr'ti Kala > However, *interjects* ...
    [ 2015.02.21 02:34:21 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote tilts her head slightly at the "However"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:34:51 ] Nirr'ti Kala > In my line of security duty to the Empire, I have found that a blunt stick is better than an open hand when it comes to our need of keeping our great Empire peaceful.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:35:57 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote murmers 'I see.' After pause "what do you mean?"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:37:31 ] Nirr'ti Kala > In my experience providing security to the borders of the Ammatar Mandate, I have found that heretics from the Minmatar Republic do more reaction than diplomacy and thinking, so though I have tried to reason more than fight, I have found that a more....
    [ 2015.02.21 02:37:49 ] Nirr'ti Kala > aggressive approach has solved some of the issues the Republic has had with the Mandate and Empire.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:37:56 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote says "Yes, the Minmitar are difficult to reason with at best." She wrinkles her nose.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:38:41 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote nods in agreement
    [ 2015.02.21 02:38:50 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "They don't keep their treaties and linger on to old grievances like queurulous old men"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:39:03 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > Well.. moving to the third question..
    [ 2015.02.21 02:39:23 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote smirks and then straightens
    [ 2015.02.21 02:39:25 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "is it more important in the eye sof God to simply be True Amarr or to live a rightous, God-fearing life in accord with his Word?"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:40:50 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote rolls in upon her arms and closes her hands together "Judgement day will resolve all our answers to that question, I fear... Though the faith is true, the word of God is set, when you punish others for crimes against God only God will tell how he...
    [ 2015.02.21 02:41:04 ] Nirr'ti Kala > percieves your actions as justified or not.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:41:12 ] Nirr'ti Kala > I feel I can not answer for God.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:41:40 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > That may be so, but how do you feel?
    [ 2015.02.21 02:42:54 ] Nirr'ti Kala > Though I feel for those who see the True Amarrian ways of old as the truest way moving forward in all times, I feel being righteous is the most reliable need we can share from our faith.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:43:50 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:43:58 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Alright, the fourth question"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:44:02 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote sips her cocoa.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:44:17 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > ""What is your view of slavery and the purpose of it today?"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:45:41 ] Nirr'ti Kala > Of those of traditional faith, it is a tool to be used with compassion to educate. For me, though I have had slaves, I do not own any. I do not judge others for owning slaves, but for myself I do not see a reason for a need. I am self-reliant and...
    [ 2015.02.21 02:46:05 ] Nirr'ti Kala > share the faith through meeting with others and educating them through me rather than through physical actions such as slavery.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:47:03 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods slightly "of course, slavery still has a purpose?" Her eyes give a questioning look.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:47:54 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote breaths deep "This, to me, is an area that I can hardly provide good advice, but for my own personal use slavery yields no purpose."
    [ 2015.02.21 02:48:13 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > Yes, as is the case for many an independent capsuleer I am sure.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:48:40 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote nods
    [ 2015.02.21 02:48:50 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > Are you uncomfortable with the notion of strict guidance of those who need it, either due to their criminal actions or wilful blindness, to be guided to the Light?
    [ 2015.02.21 02:49:51 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > People sometimes misunderstand our stance as a Society as anti-slavery. We are not. However, we believe in the humane application of the institution for its intended theological ends - not for self aggrandizement, lust, brutality or power."
    [ 2015.02.21 02:50:12 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote shakes her head "In this area, I feel it justifies the means of education. We shouldn't assume that mearly jailing, such as we find in other states, will solve the problem. Instead, we shoudl teach, and slavery will teach where it is needed.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:50:30 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods, looking re-assured.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:50:51 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Well, that is it for my questions. Do you have any for me?"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:50:53 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote smiles "Sorry, I didn't mean to give off a misunderstanding.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:51:40 ] Nirr'ti Kala > For me, I am just curious - what are my expecations as a member of this Society?
    [ 2015.02.21 02:51:50 ] Nirr'ti Kala > Sorry...
    [ 2015.02.21 02:52:13 ] Nirr'ti Kala > I mean, what are the expecations of me from the Society. *hits head* My apology, long day... *smiles*
    [ 2015.02.21 02:52:36 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > I would say two. To not bring shame to us. We Honor the Empress and the Faith and abide by the laws of Scripture and the Empire.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:53:11 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > And
    [ 2015.02.21 02:54:08 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > To be part of the fellowship. One we can trust and who is sociable and willing to associate with hers in a pleasant, or at least civil, way.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:54:46 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote smiles big "Well, those expecations are fantastic, and ones I hoped.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:55:23 ] Nirr'ti Kala > I know over time I will be more known member of the Society, but I hope later to really engage in friendship with many of the members.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:56:22 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote nods and smiles.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:57:24 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote yawns "Please, I apologize for that... The paperwork was so thick. For being less government, the State is high in their paperwork still..."
    [ 2015.02.21 02:57:39 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Oh it is alright. I appreciate your time."
    [ 2015.02.21 02:57:54 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "I'd like to invite you now if you are willing still?"'
    [ 2015.02.21 02:58:02 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote reddens "My deepest apology, I should be thanking you for yours.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:58:29 ] Nirr'ti Kala > Also, your kindess in addressing me today, inviting me into your gathering here, and your hospitality. Thank you so much for all of this.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:58:34 ] Nirr'ti Kala > Yes, thank you.
    [ 2015.02.21 02:58:55 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote smiles. "have a Blessed Night. And as a corporation member you can use this facility whenever you wish for you and your guests"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:59:11 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "I assume you have a place to stay?"
    [ 2015.02.21 02:59:48 ] Nirr'ti Kala > Yes, I do, thank you. But, I believe I will take a rest in the Mandate. A little flight back, but a nice place to rest there. It has been my home for years.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:01:16 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote places her fist over her heart "From this day forth, I will do what I can not to ruin the name of SFRIM and do what I can to bring honor to all of our members.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:01:27 ] Nirr'ti Kala > Also, I pledge to assist our fold where I can.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:01:45 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote rises, acknowledging Kala. "Thank you. Your Pledge is accepted with Honor/"
    [ 2015.02.21 03:02:52 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > "Have a Blessed Night." She indicates that the servant can show Kala out.
    [ 2015.02.21 03:03:17 ] Nirr'ti Kala > /emote takes a bow and then takes her leave
    [ 2015.02.21 03:03:59 ] Lunarisse Aspenstar > /emote returns to her chair. She pulls out her datapad to see when her next appointment is. She frowns as she sees her reflection and goes to the powder room.

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