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    Endings, and Beginnings...


    Alexa de'Crux

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    Endings, and Beginnings...

    Post by Alexa de'Crux on Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:58 am

    Whatever happens to you, I hope you continue to be the best person you know how to be.  Brush your teeth, brush your strong.

    I love you.

    Dr. Nemzik's image flickered away, and the screen of her data-pad switched off.

    Alexa wanted to rage.  She wanted to find something to be angry at.  She wanted to do anything but lay in a hospital bed and pretend that she would heal.

    Her family -- the family she had fought so hard to build -- had been destroyed.

    Her mother was dead.

    Because of politics.

    The word left a bad taste in her mouth.  Holders had been fighting among themselves for centuries, would be doing so for centuries more, but this had been personal.

    She had been a fool, she reflected.  Naomi had used her naivete -- her emotional vulnerability -- and manipulated her into betraying everything she believed in.

    Alexa replayed Dr. Nemzik's message, from the beginning.

    'Hello, Alexa.  If you're seeing this message, I'm probably dead, or about to die.

    You're seven years old, as of this recording.  There's so much I want to tell you, but I haven't the time...'

    Alexa felt tears rise again, spill down her cheeks and fall onto the pillow under her head.  She didn't know if she had anywhere to go; she didn't know if anyone would trust her again.

    She only knew that, one some level, she would always be alone.

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