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    'When our Faith is Tested...'


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    'When our Faith is Tested...'

    Post by Alexa de'Crux on Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:55 pm

    "I look forward to your next visit Alexa! I'm so happy that they're occurring far more frequently now."

    The trouble was, they weren't. Alexa had been denied any visitation, until she had purposely mentioned Lady Sakakibara's orders to the desk sergeant. When she had finally been allowed to visit, Naomi had been a virtual blank slate, devoid of the spark and love that they had shared.

    As Alexa stepped from Naomi's jail cell, she found herself growing more and more upset -- upset with herself, upset with her inaction, upset to discover that the Empire that she had pledged to serve and protect saw nothing wrong with turning someone into nothing more than a Sansha-esque puppet.

    As she made her way out into the crisp autumn air, she began questioning everything that she had been raised to believe. This wasn't like before; she wasn't in a conflict over her ideology, any more.

    The Empire has become corrupt. Its own nobility turns its back on true justice, in the name of self-preservation. The very idea grated on her mind, but she couldn't deny its truth.

    Naomi had admitted her guilt, and had been punished. That much, Alexa accepted. What she refused to accept was that justice was only doled out to the few that somehow 'deserved' it.

    Approaching her shuttle, Alexa reached the only conclusion that was possible, under the circumstances: the Empire she had served for so long had lost its way, and in the process, betrayed its people.

    Alexa entered her shuttle's cramped living quarters, sat down at her desk, and contacted the one person that she knew she could absolutely trust.

    "...Dr. Nemzik. We need to talk...."

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